Cora — Half Sleeve Linen Dress Sewing Pattern (Free PDF)

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A great dress to wear. Comfortable and loose, yet elegant and charming. Wear this half sleeve dress on a warm day out or lounge at home in comfort. Sew this pattern and share your work below!

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Type: PDF Pattern
Skill Level: Beginner
Design Variations: 1
Sizes: 0/2 to 12/14, 16/18 to 28/30
Illustrations: No
Instructions: No

Qty: Digital Download

Sewing Pattern Instructions

Free digital patterns are available for registered customers only.

Customer Questions and Answers


Est il possible d'avoir le patron en français ?

EVELYNE • June 10, 2024
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Sorry, only available in English

Lauren • June 10, 2024

Hello! Can you, please, tell me how much of a fabric is necessary for this dress?

Zane • May 3, 2024
Lauren profile image F|S Team

As listed on page 2 of the pattern: 3.5 yards for sizes 0 to 14. 4 yards for sizes 16 to 26.

Lauren • May 3, 2024

hello, is it possible to get the measurements for the skirt so that I don't have to print it out? I know someone shared measurements for the size 0/1 but wondering if we could get the measurements for the other sizes please? would really like to save trees! thank you.

Denise • February 19, 2024
Lauren profile image F|S Team

I'm sorry, we don't have the measurements on hand, You may like to try asking in the comments section on the blog, or even on our Facebook sewing group to see if someone in the community has that handy.

Lauren • February 19, 2024

Hi! Have you heard of anyone making the skirt less bulky? I am thinking of reducing the gathers by about 30%.

Carol • February 12, 2024
Lauren profile image F|S Team

You can reduce the gathers to your preference without any issues to the fit of the dress.

Lauren • February 12, 2024

Hello!What kind of fabric can I use besides linen? I was thinking something autumnal. Thanks!

Maria • October 18, 2023
Lauren profile image F|S Team

HI! This pattern is designed for our linen fabrics but you could totally use another similar woven fabric for this dress. We haven't tested this in any other fabric, so we can't recommend specifics.

Lauren • October 18, 2023

Hello Do you guys ever make patterns in A0 file ? I only have a projector and no printer :(

Madina • October 10, 2023
Lauren profile image F|S Team

At this time we only offer our free pattern in the A4 and Letter formats. We hope to eventually offer the A0 file in the future, so thank you for letting us know your interest.

Lauren • October 10, 2023

Hi, I was wondering if there is a mistake in the pattern or the skirt should be really made out of two pieces 86x58cm cut on fold? Or just one piece? It says: SKIRT:CUT 2 (on fold). Thank you :)

Andrea • August 2, 2023
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Hello, it is definitely cut 2 on fold for the skirt. This gives you two pieces, one for the skirt front and one for the skirt back. This also leaves you enough fabric to gather neatly as well.

Lauren • August 2, 2023

Hello! I am trying to find the step by step photo instructions and am having a hard time. Might you be able to send a link or point me in the right direction?

Kelly • May 31, 2023
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Hello, If you go to and search for "Cora" you will find the tutorials. Here is our current link:

Lauren • May 31, 2023

Hi! Wondering if anyone has the formula or measurements for the skirt piece - I'd rather not have to print out 15 pages just to cut a rectangle! Thanks :)

Danielle • August 16, 2022
Lauren profile image F|S Team

One fo our customers have let us know: "My size is 0/2 and the measurements for the skirt piece is 56×84(cut on fold)cm. I live in Korea hence the metric system. Hope it helps!!"

Lauren • August 16, 2022
review star review star review star review star review star
Perfeito / perfect

Eu fiz o vestido do molde em viscose e deu super certo! ficou lindo e com a saia bem cheinha, exatamente como eu queria! Para as brasileiras, basta tirar as medidas e converter para polegada que dá certinho. Já quero fazer um de cada cor

Luiza • September 15, 2023
review star review star review star review star review star
Pascale profile image beautiful

I love this model, I adjusted for my size... I think I did well, here is the result of my tests, it is not yet the final fabric, since I did two tests, one like the proposed model and another by removing 10 cm from the bottom of the bodice and the shorter sleeves, I no longer had enough short, I made half sleeves that I have by the assembled suite... it worked well... thank you for all the models it's fantastic to find beautiful patterns

Pascale • June 24, 2023
review star review star review star review star review star
Lovely, fabulous pattern - and you'll need to buy extra fabric if you want to add pockets

This pattern is really well designed (as are all the FS patterns). The curves at the bottom and sides of the bodice prevent the dress from feeling too boxy or shapeless. I love it. Just a side note on how much fabric is required - I made the size 10/12 (?) and realized after I cut out the bodice pieces and sleeves ... and pockets... that I didn't have enough fabric for both skirt panels because the pattern doesn't include pockets. You'll need to buy more than 3 yards if you want pockets in the same fabric. I went ahead and ordered more, and I'm so glad I did because this dress is beautiful!

Martha • September 16, 2022
review star review star review star review star review star
just a minor adjustment

I love this dress but have to say the 'waist' hits at the worst spot for me--the skirt gathers make my hips look even bigger than they are. I shortened the bodice so the waist hit about 3" higher and it's perfect. The original has become my work-around-the-house/yard garment

Nancy • April 23, 2022
review star review star review star review star review star
Debbie profile image Look forward to making it

Not sure where to ask. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE FREE PATTERNS. I found this website that prints patterns in actual size [ so no need to print at home and make a collage :) ) but I need the actual dimensions. I am using a macbook and it just appears differently. What are the pattern dimensions?

Debbie • December 5, 2021
FS Team profile image F|S Team

Hello, You can use the test square in the pattern to help your printers ensure the pattern is printed to the correct dimensions :)

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I had a few issues with the length of the bodice and ended up redoing the join 3 times to get it just right. I ended up removing about 10cm off the bodice as others have also suggested as well as used french seams. I also added pockets and ties at the side to cinch in the back. Overall pretty cute and simple, but contemplating shortening the sleeves 2cm still...

Jacqueline • May 25, 2024

I have made this Cora dress from rough gray 90% linen and 10% polyester fabric. I have shortend the skirt about 20 cm. The top is about 7 cm shorter. And on the sides is gumi added and also pokets. I usually wear size 44 but here is 40 ok. Thank you for this cut, I enjoy the sewing a lot and I'm going to sew another one from muslin.

Mia • April 20, 2024

I will test by removing 5 cm on the bodice... I think I would be good for the next project...

Pascale • June 24, 2023

here is the second test

Pascale • June 24, 2023

made this one much shorter and did it in a cotton lace. just added some pockets to

wendy • May 9, 2023
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