Charlie Collection - Blouses, Dress, Pants, Bermuda Length and Regular Shorts Sewing Pattern (Premium Paper)

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Charlie pattern collection takes 6 daily wear items and transforms them into aspirational garments with haute couture details and superior quality finishings.
Bottom pieces include pants, Bermudas and average length shorts. These tailored pieces are worthy of every woman's wardrobe. The garments come with a hidden side zipper, a wide waistband with belt loops, and a self-belt tie that creates a visual waistline one just wants to slide their arm around.
The tops also stay true to the simple classic design with their loose-fit and dropped shoulder cut.  Straightforward lines and uncomplicated fit leave all the attention to the placket details. Just like the self-tie belt, these plackets define understated elegance and are anything but subtle in the impression they will help you leave behind. 

What you get with your pattern:

  • 1:1 fit and pattern consultation with our in-house pattern maker and fit expert.
  • The latest in sizing. We use up-to-date technology and body shape data to get you a better fit.
  • Professional clothing construction techniques. Developed by industry insiders with 100 years of shared experience.
  • Illustrated instructional booklet to get you from start to finish. Written with the beginner in mind.
  • Comes printed on crease-free, rolled plotting paper. Professional quality.
  • Your pattern comes with only the sizes you requested printed in vibrant colors. Less clutter for easier cutting.
  • Complimentary pattern storage tube and pattern hook.
  • Pattern card for easy reference.
  • Sew for your business? The pattern license is free with purchase.


Design Variations: 6
Sizes: 2 to 8, 10 to 16, 18 to 24
Illustrations: Yes
Instructions: Yes
Type: Paper Pattern
Skill Level: Advanced

Customer Questions and Answers


I just received the Riva pattern and it's my first time using it. Does your paper pattern includes the seam allowances? Thanks

Sarah • March 30, 2024
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Yes, all of our premium and free patterns include seam allowance, as noted on the pattern pieces and in the instructions.

Lauren • March 30, 2024

Hi there, I'd love to buy this pattern, but I am a size 0 and sometimes even a 00. So many of your patterns don't have an option for me. Is there a way to modify this pattern for a 0? I'm a size 24 waist with small hips so even the pants need to be modified from a size 2

Molly • June 29, 2023
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Hello, If you would like to make our pattern smaller, you will need to grade them to your size. We have a tutorial on our blog about grading, and there are many methods out there for doing this.

Lauren • June 29, 2023

Hi. Like Shannon's question today....I'm in between sizes too.....16 - 18. And I'm only 5ft 2in. Is there an option for me? Which size should I order? I love your designs but sizing has stopped me ordering. I consider myself short and chunky in the torso but with fine arms and legs. I can sew but I'm not confident in making alterations to patterns. Help please. Judy

Judy • May 27, 2023
Lauren profile image F|S Team

If you would like individualised recommendations for the right size for you, please email us with your measurements and our In-house seamstress can recommend the best size to start with and list some adjustments you may like to make to the pattern.

Lauren • May 27, 2023
Shannon profile image

I really like this pattern. My issue is that my measurements put me between sizes 16 and 18. Do you have an option for me?

Shannon • May 27, 2023
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Hello! If you would like individualised recommendations for the right size for you, please email us with your measurements and our In-house seamstress can recommend the best size to start with and list some adjustments you may like to make to the pattern.

Lauren • May 27, 2023

Does the Charlie blouse have hidden buttons?

Ann • May 17, 2023
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Hello, No the blouse does not have buttons, but you can add them if you desire.

Lauren • May 17, 2023

The Charlie shirt first caught my eye because of the interesting pleating detail on both the back and front, and I was curious as to the construction method. Funnily enough, I initially misunderstood the front closure to be a covered button placket, but was pleasantly surprised to see that the same design aesthetic could be achieved without having to toil away at buttonholes. One thing I've noticed in working with Fabrics-Store patterns is that they always incorporate some clever trick or two, and the Charlie was no different.

Alyx • January 23, 2024

The shirt is quite easy to sew in my opinion, especially for beginners or easily frustrated seamstresses like myself, but there is enough detail to be a nice challenge. No serger is needed for this pattern, and I absolutely love it, and would actually prefer most of my clothes to have finishes like it! It makes the shirt look and feel more expensive, and it's a shame no one but me will ever see the inside (and you of course, if you end up making it

Jeandre • August 31, 2023

The Charlie Blouse is a tasteful top with fold-over lapels on the front and back, and a mandarin-style collar with a button. It features drop shoulders in a design that makes it almost "sleeveless" since there are no attached sleeves, as well as bias-bound armholes. It's a beautiful pattern, and it lends well to a hack for some extra flair!

ella • August 24, 2023

If you've made the Charlie shirt, you have essentially made the dress as well, and vice versa, since the top half of the pattern is exactly the same. The dress has slits up the sides as well as at the front and back which makes it super comfortable to walk in for the length and width of the skirt. I love the fact that I can just slip this dress on, tie the belt, put on some shoes and head out, and look and feel stunning! The sleeve hole is quite large, so the side of my bra was definitely visible to the world, but if you don't mind this, or if you don't mind wearing some kind of undergarment then it's no biggie.

Jeandre • August 3, 2023

Finished the dress last week! Love the linen. So comfortable to cut, sew and iron. Only thing is the arm cycle is quite low so when I slightly lift my arm you can see my bra/singlet. I am unsure if this is because I have a larger bust and sized down so it won't swim on my waist or it is just the style? I am glad I sized down to a 12 but maybe could have done size 10? As you can see in the photos - still a lot of ease around my waist. I might just alter the arm cycle and make it 3cm smaller. Overall, the instructions were easy to follow. The pattern was great. Are these pics ok? Happy to retake them

Zowie • May 17, 2023
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