Zina Linen Shirt & Shirt Dress Sewing Pattern (Premium Paper)

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Size Guide and Yardage Requirements


Zina is that timeless, classic linen shirtdress that everyone loves. We loved it so much, we've included a shirt version for this pattern as well. Make it your own with pocket and belt styling options. Slightly dropped shoulder for a "casual" tailored look. Semi-fitted with room to move.

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  • 1:1 fit and pattern consultation with our in-house pattern maker and fit expert.
  • The latest in sizing. We use up-to-date technology and body shape data to get you a better fit.
  • Professional clothing construction techniques. Developed by industry insiders with 100 years of shared experience.
  • Illustrated instructional booklet to get you from start to finish. Written with the beginner in mind.
  • Comes printed on crease-free, rolled plotting paper. Professional quality.
  • Your pattern comes with only the sizes you requested printed in vibrant colors. Less clutter for easier cutting.
  • Complimentary pattern storage tube and pattern hook.
  • Pattern card for easy reference.
  • Sew for your business? The pattern license is free with purchase.


Type: Paper Pattern
Skill Level: Intermediate
Design Variations: 2
Sizes: 0/2 to 12/14, 16/18 to 28/30
Illustrations: Yes
Instructions: Yes

Zina Linen Shirt & Shirt Dress Sewing Pattern (Premium Paper)

Customer Questions and Answers


What size grouping do you suggest for these measurements? Bust — 41.5" Waist — 38" Hip — 40.5"

Kathryn • June 17, 2024
Lauren profile image F|S Team

If you like a looser fitting blouse and dress I'd recommend the size 16/18, for a semi fitted look, go down one size to the 12/14. please see the finished garment measurements and compare to a similar item of clothing you already have to help you visualise your desired finished garment size.

Lauren • June 17, 2024

How much is it possible to alter the collars on this pattern? I'd like to make them a bit larger and longer. Thank you!

Kathryn • April 3, 2024
Lauren profile image F|S Team

The collar is adjustable. If you're looking for a specific look, please feel free to email our in-house seamstress and we can take a look at the deign you are looking to achieve and we can give you some guidance. email is askfabrics-store.com

Lauren • April 3, 2024

Can I buy in Australia? Patterns and your fabric? Can I buy zena in pdf?

Mary • September 12, 2023
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Yes, we ship to Australia. The Zina pattern is only available in paper format.

Lauren • September 12, 2023

Would this dress look good at mid-calf or ankle length? Also, would it be hard to change the sleeve length?

Teresa • July 10, 2023
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Hello, the length of this style on the sleeve and the dress can be adjusted to your liking. As for how 'good' it will look will depend on your own personal style and preference.

Lauren • July 10, 2023

I also misplaced my booklet. I bought this pattern several years ago and just got around to starting it. Thank you.

Laura • June 11, 2023
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Please send our customer service team an email and they can help out. email ask[at]fabrics-store.com or use our contact link at the bottom of the web page.

Lauren • June 11, 2023

Is there a link to the instructions? I have misplaced my book. Is there a video too? Thanks

c • April 20, 2023
Maureen  profile image F|S Team

Please see the email sent to you from our main customer service area to confirm address to send a replacement booklet to you as we do not have a video at this time.

Maureen • April 20, 2023

Would the lightweight linen be too thin/fine as a shirtdress with all the buttons?

Erin • March 1, 2023
Lauren profile image F|S Team

We recommend our IL019 and 1C64 medium weight linen for this pattern. It can also work with the IL020 lightweight, just be sure to add fusible interfacing to match the weight of your garment and light buttons.

Lauren • March 1, 2023

Where do you tell yardage for a pattern

Diane • December 17, 2022
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Hello, All yardages for each view and size are listed in our Size guide. You can find the size guide at the right hand size of the web view, near the add to cart button.

Lauren • December 17, 2022

Can you help me understand why this pattern is so expensive in relation to other paper patterns?

Trish • December 15, 2022
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Hello! Our Premium Patterns are printed on a roll of pattern making paper and delivered to you rolled up, so you don't have to wrangle with the pattern like traditional tissue paper patterns! All of our patterns come with a full color, comprehensively illustrated instructions booklet. We pride our selves in our depth of instructions in contrast to other pattern companies which only give very brief instructions and simple illustrations. And finally, our pattern team is brimming with industry experts, so you know the construction techniques we suggest will give you the best chance of creating your own high quality garment without the 'home-sewing' shortcuts which reduces the quality and longevity of your garments. If you need help finding your size or help with sewing, our in-house seamstress is available to help there too! Give send us an email to get started.

Lauren • December 15, 2022

How fitted or loose is the shirt? I noticed it has no darts. I've laid out an 8-10 for a slender person who wears a medium shirt as an over shirt. I can't measure her - she's across the country (and this is a surprise). Should I cut a 12-14, if the idea is for her to wear as an over shirt? Thanks.

Joyce • September 2, 2022
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Hello, This shirt is designed to be semi-fitted with a relaxed look, so it can be worn over t-shirts as an over shirt nicely. But if they prefer their clothing a little more loose fitting and you cannot measure them, its always safer to make something a little larger than smaller :)

Lauren • September 2, 2022

On the Hana dress, the collar looks like it disappears at the shoulder esam. Is it just being pulled back by the wearer? Has anyone lengthened the collar in their version? Thank you.

Marianne • August 25, 2022
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Hello, The collar on this design begins at the front of the shoulder seam.

Lauren • August 25, 2022

How much fabric is needed for dress and/or shirt?

Jennifer • August 18, 2022
Lauren profile image F|S Team

All yardages for each size and version is located in the size chart, which you can find under the size selections and add to cart button.

Lauren • August 18, 2022

What does the back look like? Does it have a yoke?

Sue • August 15, 2022
Lauren profile image F|S Team

HI Sue, This has a plain back without a yoke. I'll post a photo in the reviews section in a moment for you.

Lauren • August 15, 2022

What color blue is the model wearing?

Martha • August 2, 2022
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Our Model is wearing the color Insignia Blue

Lauren • August 2, 2022

Is this pattern suitable for other woven fabrics, such as silk?

Carolynn • July 31, 2022
Lauren profile image F|S Team

The Zina, and all of our premium and free patterns are designed for our linen fabrics. It may work in other woven fabrics, but we recommend you make a mock-up in a similar fabric to your silk to check the fit and drape.

Lauren • July 31, 2022
review star review star review star review star review star
On to 3rd, 4th, 5th make of it!

I'd been coveting Frank+Eileen $397 version of this but Zina came out so close and with a few tweaks for sizing, back placket, etc., Plus followed an online tutorial to add a yoke to a shirt like this. You can essentially copy any basic button down shirt dress or shirt. I've just ordered 3x white linen to make 3 shirts after making 2 dresses. Pro-tip, I like to use extra light interfacing and only on one side of the inside of the cuffs. Instructions are spectacular.

Rachael • May 30, 2023
review star review star review star review star review star
Zina Blouse

My go-to early morning wear before the day gets hot is this shirt. I have yet to make this pattern, but I have several fabrics ready to go. The ultramarine blue linen, a flowered paisley rayon challis. and maybe a luxery rayon I brought back from Bali to dye. I imagine it will follow other Fabric-store patterns and be a gem to work with.

Christina • August 29, 2022
review star review star review star review star review star
Perfect so far

I am in the middle of another project at the moment, but the pattern is a really good next one. The pattern and instructions arrived in super quick time as usual. Every purchase from fabric store is faultless which is why I return as often as possible and my brother gifted me a 15 yard stretch of white medium weight linen as a birthday gift. The imagination reels. Chemises, petticoats, blouses...

Adrian • August 27, 2022
review star review star review star review star review star
I learned so much

The collar intimidated me at first, but the instructions were awesome- I was shocked I didn't mess it up! The project came out so clean with all French seams.

Dianne • August 18, 2022
review star review star review star review star review star
Great Tailoring Details

I made the Zina shirtdress in mid-weight grey linen and it turned out lovely! I have never made a proper collar before but the instructions were so helpful. (By comparison, the instructions for the free downloads are more hit-and-miss). I used a light-weight (not sheer) interfacing and it made a soft collar with some structure. I think this is perfect for the mid-weight linen. My daughter claimed the dress as soon as I showed it to her. She styles it without the buttons, button-holes, or belt, and wears it as an open coat. In the grey linen it looks a bit like a lab coat that way, but she is so happy with it! Now I have to make another in a colour I really like. I am also dying to make the shirt version in a white linen. I highly recommend this pattern if you are looking for a project that is made to last and will live a long time as a classic in your closet.

Cherie • August 3, 2022
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The fabric is a really lovely middle to light weight cotton that would be great for dresses, shorts, pants and obviously for one of my favorites... the FS Zina Top!

Alisha • May 11, 2023

A few seasons ago, a certain slow fashion brand had designed a long sleeved, slightly oversized white shirt dress with multi-colored buttons — it was outside my budget but I COVETED it. (Shout out to #statethelabel!) Simple but whimsical, the style I like to strive for. Classic without being on the nose, veering a little left of centre. I waited for it on resale sites, but it never popped up in my size. When I saw the Zina Shirt Dress pattern, I decided to pay homage to the original and sew my ow

Joann • September 7, 2022

I chose to make the Zina shirt in a softened black linen. The pattern features a dress and shirt version and offers button cuffed sleeves and front pockets. I made the shirt version with two front pockets and added a little extra flair by including buttons on the pockets hems as well. I also shortened the length by 2.5" as I fell just below the lowest size range and knew the shirt would be long on me.

Leila • September 7, 2022

Back View of the Zina

Lauren • August 15, 2022

I made this for my wife, but it's for her birthday so she hasn't seen it yet. I really, really hope she likes it.

Dave • March 27, 2022
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