Cora — Half Sleeve Linen Dress

A great dress to wear. Comfortable and loose, yet elegant and charming. Wear this half sleeve dress on a warm day out or lounge at home in comfort. Sew this pattern and share your work below!

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Debbie profile image Look forward to making it
Reviewer: Debbie

Not sure where to ask. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE FREE PATTERNS. I found this website that prints patterns in actual size [ so no need to print at home and make a collage :) ) but I need the actual dimensions. I am using a macbook and it just appears differently. What are the pattern dimensions?

FS Team profile image F|S Team

Hello, You can use the test square in the pattern to help your printers ensure the pattern is printed to the correct dimensions :)

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Fantastic Pattern
Reviewer: Joanne

Though I can't get the tutorial to open it comes up as "502 bad gateway" are you able to help please ?

FS Team profile image F|S Team

Hi! The tutorial link is fixed and working: Thank you for pointing out it was going to an error page.

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Amazing Pattern!
Reviewer: Dominique

I'd never tried one of Fabrics store patterns before so I was a little nervous about how difficult they would be to understand and follow (from previous experience with other big brand patterns). And I was so pleasantly surprised, this pattern was so easy and FUN to make and the result was just what I hoped to get! A comfy, flattering, easy to wear dress. I will be making many more of these in the future, thank you so much FS! (also quick question, for the larger sizes does the bodice measurement lengthen as well as widen?) Thanks again!

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skirt - one or two pieces?
Reviewer: donna

Sorry if it's a stupid question, but the pattern says "cut two on fold". I put the pattern piece on the fold and cut it out, that way i have the pattern piece "twice", as it's cut on the fold. Do i need to do this again (so i have two folded pattern pieces) or just stick with this? I already finished the bodice but the skirt is coming out a bit awkward as i gather so am starting to doubt myself!

FS Team profile image F|S Team

Hello, I have sent you an email. For others who are wondering the same, please cut two skirt pieces, on the fold. This will give you a front and a back :)

review star review star review star review star review star
Reviewer: Sam

Is the neckline large enough to fit your head through to not need the back opening at all?

FS Team profile image F|S Team

I would widen or deepen the neckline to fit it over your head if you want to remove the back fastening.

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Charming County Style Dress
Reviewer: ANNE

I enjoyed making and wearing this dress; I consider myself to be a beginner and had no trouble finding the pattern, getting my size, printing it out and constructing it, with the wonderful added bonus of the "tutorial". FS is #1 in my book. Most of these patterns are timeless in style, easy to wear...I just love them. Thank you so much for sharing these with everyone.

review star review star review star review star review star
Not enough info
Reviewer: Olivia

I have made this dress two times, in two different sizes. Both times the top of the arm was bigger than the arm hole in the bodice, resulting in a kind of weird boxy look. The instructions were extremely sparse, and didn't include basic information like how much bias tape you should use or what size (either store bought or hand cut). Also the pictures were so close up that it was sometimes hard to be able to tell what part of the dress you were looking at. The dress was very easy to construct, but the instructions were not nearly as informative as I had hoped.

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pretty good even for a novice
Reviewer: Julie

I am a novice, however, I managed to make this dress. The sleeves were a bit challenging but it turned out really well. I shortened the bodice slightly and the skirt is quite long but it looks great. Very happy.

review star review star review star review star review star
best linnen dress ever
Reviewer: Elena

I have made 3 versions of this dress in both linen and double cloth, and they always get commented on, I am constantly asked where I purchased my dress from. I found the pattern simple to construct and the instructions easy to follow. Can't thank you enough for the free pattern.

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Ignore last review
Reviewer: Anonymous

Please excuse last review, I've figured it out. For iPad users, don't press "OPEN IN..." on the bottom right hand side when you open the document link. Instead you must press the grey square with the arrow in the top right hand side of the screen to copy to adobe acrobat successfully.

review star review star review star review star review star
Cannot open
Reviewer: Anonymous

I have adobe reader on my iPad and have used it for patterns many times with ease. It will not open in adobe acrobat, or Evernote. I've tried multiple patterns from this site with no result. Very disappointed

review star review star review star review star review star
Sam profile image Great Timeless Dress!
Reviewer: Sam

I love this dress, easy to modify the front to add a button placket (nursing friendly!), add some bias ties to the side seams and cinch the waist, adjust length of sleeves or length of skirt. Really a great base pattern to alter and fit your style! Thanks again!

review star review star review star review star review star
Reviewer: pamela

Easy instructions and great pattern. Thank you for super website! I am so glad I found it! Keep up the good work! :-)

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A pretty dress
Reviewer: Vivian

I made this dress from stash linen, the instructions were clear and easy to follow. Just make sure that you have the latest pdf reader to access the pattern. I've already cut out a second one and will be trying more of these free patterns, thank you!

review star review star review star review star review star
It works but hard to find
Reviewer: Catherine

There are instructions on the 2 sheets on how to make it work in Adobe. Without reading this carefully I could not find it either. Open Adobe, look into files - find the file in your downloads, then open it. They say to look in the apps in Adobe for the actual pattern - for me I found it listed in the left portion of the Adobe window.

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I love this patten
Reviewer: Ntombenhle

Thanks so much for this lovely pattern. I downloaded the pattern on to my iPad and I was able to access the files and print all pages. I'm looking forward to making this dress and wearing it.

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Perfect Simple Summer Dress!
Reviewer: Katherine

This dress is adorable, the instructions are simple, and the pattern was easy to modify to fit me exactly. I am planning on making several, because it is so comfortable and still cute.

review star review star review star review star review star
Read Comments BEFORE Rating!!!
Reviewer: Dana

If you all would please read the comments thread BEFORE you rate this pattern, you will see that one of the awesome Customer Service people, Catina, has already provided the solution to the reading and printing issues that you are all having. If you are still having issues with the file, PLEASE contact Customer Service. They can, and will, help you with this issue!

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Catina profile image Pattern Download works reliably with Adobe Reader for all.
Reviewer: Catina

If you open the PDF in the free Adobe Reader, all the links and attachments are accessible and working. Adobe Reader works reliably across all computer platforms and even mobile devices. Internet browsers and third-party apps will only show you a limited "preview" of a PDF pattern and can even print with skewed results. Sewing instructions for this pattern are on The Thread blog by following the active link in the PDF. Need more help? Customer service is very friendly and helpful, even with our free patterns!

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Cute but long
Reviewer: Sophie

This dress is very cute and easy to but together. My only comment is that for someone as short as me (5'3), you'll probably want a much shorter shirt length.

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An Answer to Prayer!
Reviewer: Sarah

I'm so excited about this gorgeous pattern. I've been looking at similar dresses on Etsy and thinking how very easy it would be to sew up several in a weekend---if I just had the right pattern. I've searched high and low but, surprisingly, have not been able to find anything. After asking another sewing friend with no success, I gave up and resigned myself to purchasing the Etsy model and deconstructing it for a pattern. Just a couple weeks later, my sweet friend directed me to this pattern---exactly what I was looking for! I purchased some linen from this site last summer for a dress and now, with it being the source of my answer to prayer, is my best friend today! Ha! Simple, beautiful, artsy, creative pattern---thank you!

review star review star review star review star review star
Catina profile image Launch the authentic Adobe Acrobat Reader to reliably print
Reviewer: Catina

My fellow linen lovers... please kindly contact customer service if you are having trouble with printing your pattern. We love to help! Our patterns are formatted to reliably open/view/print in the authentic Adobe Acrobat Reader across ALL devices and platforms with a single download. One might assume that if they "double click" on a PDF file that is automatically opening up in Acrobat- this is not the case. To be certain, please LAUNCH Adobe Acrobat Reader, ensuring you have the latest version. OPEN the PDF from "within" Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not see the additional pattern files immediately, simply press the "F4" key in the upper left-hand side of your keyboard to reveal them. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free download for both PC and Mac computers, as well as free apps for Android and Apple devices. Please kindly consider letting customer service help you with these free patterns before rating "one star" over printing issue. :)

Did a few mods to this pattern: shortened the bust for a more babydoll/short torso fit, shortened the sleeves for comfort (I have thicker biceps), and shortened the skirt for a more playful length. This pattern works super well as a base for gathered skirt dresses, I've also made in a vneck, use the bust as a slighlty boxy top pattern etc.

Posted by Tiana

I cut the pattern top 1/4" shorter and edjusted the hemline as I desired. It turned out perfect!

Posted by Jiajia

Made this great pattern with mid weight linen "Drizzle". Turned out so lovely and so comfortable. Added in seam side pockets with your very helpful tutorial.

Posted by Hilary

Love this pattern so much decided to try and make a velvet you do! Long way to go yet!

Posted by Sue

4th Cora (love this pattern!) Longer length, (I'm tall!), inset pockets, long sleeves, less width in skirt front and back, (not enough fabric!), rounded neck at back, Laura Ashley vintage needlecord.

Posted by Sue

3rd one back of earlier duvet cover, added long sleeves, inset pockets, ruffles and yoyo's! Bear with me I'm learning!

Posted by Sue

2nd one rounded neck at back, added inseam pockets, long sleeves and longer length in skirt...made in flannel/winceyette (duvet cover)

Posted by Sue

first one in heavy waffle cotton, a bit stiff, but great for cooler weather. Rounded neck at back to simplify.

Posted by Sue

I used unbleached muslin on this, since I wanted to see if I liked it...I do, great summer dress, very loose and comfy. I had to take 12" off the skirt though to make it calf length...the pattern (12/14 at least) was down to the floor...not the look I was going for...just check length before you "cut".

Posted by ANNE

I used some quilting cotton I had to make this pattern (insert face of shame) and I love how it turned out! As another reviewer said, it is VERY long. I am 5' 3" and it is just above ankle length. I love a long dress though, so no complaints! I am thinking of making this even longer and with long sleeves for the winter in a heavier linen. I think that would be lovely! I made a 4-6 and weigh about 135 lbs.

Posted by Sashanna

This is the half sleeve linen pattern from Fabric I changed the neck from a boat neck to a scoop neck, widened and shortened the sleeves and shortened the body and length of the dress to make it a tunic and added pockets. I washed and dried the material twice to soften and shrink it. I then printed on the pockets and bib details with GAC 900 and acrylic paint

Posted by Pk

Dresses my daughter requested for her birthday. This pattern is very easy, even easier if you skip the keyhole neck in the back. The neck opening is large enough to accommodate your head. I also do a little roll hem on the neckline instead of using bias tape, which is not quite as nice, but acceptable. I still love sewing this linen after all these years.

Posted by Susan

This is a screenshot of how Adobe Acrobat Reader will "see" all parts of the download. It will say "Adobe Acrobat" in the upper left hand side after the file name. Adobe Acrobat Reader is free and available for all devices and platforms, including mobile apps. Please contact customer service if you need further help. :)

Posted by Catina
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