IL019 VINEYARD GREEN Softened - 100% Linen - Middle (5.3 oz/yd2)

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VINEYARD GREEN linen is the color of energy and growth, suggesting fleshy leaves and dense meadows of wild grass cast into an oasis of cool shade. French Impressionist painter Claude Monet saw the rich, vital potential of this color, returning to it again and again throughout his career to convey the depth and variety of the French landscape.

At a medium weight of 5.3 ounces, this 100% linen is versatile enough to be referred to as an All Purpose or Do it All linen. With its smooth look and tighter weave, this linen is neither sheer or heavy, but just the right in-between weight you will need for a variety of projects.

The cloth is Softened so we have added a softener to give it a silkier hand. The fabric has not been laundered so shrinkage will still have to be taken into consideration (shrinkage depends on fabric weave and laundering method).

Fabric specifications:

Article : IL019 Multi Purpose
Content : 100% Linen
Type : BASIC
Thread size warp : 17.9
Thread size weft : 17.9
Thread count warp : 46
Thread count weft : 37
Weight : 5.3 oz/yd2
Width : 59 inch
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Linen colors
Reviewer: Lynn

Linen colors I received not true to online pictures. Both the deep ultramarine and the vineyard green were off. The ultramarine is a dusty blue and not as vibrant. I rate both as a 3.

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So perfect!
Reviewer: Katie

I absolutely adore this fabric!! Such a pretty green and just the right weight for the dress I wanted to make with it.

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Beautiful Color
Reviewer: Carrie

I have not completed a project out of this material but the "Vineyard Green" is a beautiful color and will be perfect for a shirt, dress, or shorts. I bought it trying to match an olive/military green garment that I am replicating but it is not quite the right shade. BUT such a perfect green color that I just had to keep it! :) FYI - the Olive Branch shows to be brown on screen but is a true "olive" and the match I actually needed.

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Reviewer: Cindy

Beautiful shade of green, perfect for autumn.

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Reviewer: Alexandra

Love the colour. And superfast delivery to Australia.

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Kirsten profile image a very good "goes with a lot" shade
Reviewer: Kirsten

i love all the linen i have ever ordered, so this is pretty much a review of the COLOR. it is definitely in the yellower green (not a blue green like Evergreen) BUT is no where near as yellow as some, so this puts it in the warm bordering on neutral family. i wear cooler colors usually and i can wear this as long as its not up against my face. its a very good "go with a lot" green and will coordinate with all but the bluest greens in a print, so if you have a floral print scarf or something i can guarantee that unless its ALL blue greens? this color is going to go with it. So a good neutral green for people who d well with warmer tone green. also a good background for doing applique floral or something.

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Beautiful color
Reviewer: Denise

Perfect weight for this child's dress!!!

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Super Absorbent
Reviewer: Marina

This linen is pure luxury, has a wonderful hand and stands up like a workhorse. I have made dozens of towels for Christmas gifts, everyone loved them. From bath, hand and kitchen towels, nothing beats linen. No other store can come close to the quality, or pricing! Will post a pic of some finished products!

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Absolutely beautiful linen
Reviewer: Loretta

I love love this color and the IL019 softened linen. The color is as shown, so vibrant and lush without being too cool or too warm. The hand of this fabric makes it my all purpose go-to linen, perfect weight and texture, tight weave gives it strength and a nice smooth finish, with very little shrinkage. This IL019 softened fabric has been simply perfect for all of my linen projects, I only wish there were more colors and variety of shades.

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Reviewer: Ashley

The fabrics are just beautiful. I'm happy I stumbled across this company. Only sad when I have to return back to Europe or Asia due to the higher shipping cost.

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Perfect Weight!
Reviewer: Robin

I bought this to use as lining for my pilgrim bodice. I have used this weight for ten faire skirts as well, & it is perfect. Hangs nicely, sews smoothly, lovely natural color.

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Ivy profile image Gorgeous
Reviewer: Ivy

After using IL019 for a sheet set for myself, I made a set for my son out of this color. I'm going to put up a pic of the bottom sheet (at close to completion), but the color doesn't look like the color IRL, which is a wonderful woodsy, mossy, olive green. Actually, it looks different in different lights. It was lovely to work with.

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Balsam Fir Green
Reviewer: Janet

I used this medium weight Vineyard Green to make a simple gathered skirt with pockets. It was easy to work with, beautiful drape. I am very happy with it. The color is the same green as the balsam fir trees that grow around my house. On my screen the sample and photos of other customers' work appear more muted, grayish blur-green.

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Beautiful shade of green
Reviewer: Juliana

As always, your linens are a delight to work with. I used this to make a nice hand smocked front jumper for my etsy store

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Great Muted Green
Reviewer: Elizabeth

Most of my clothing is made from linen. Vineyard Green is one of my most versatile colors to use in layering because it has cool and warm elements in the color-- almost making it a neutral. It works with the full range of cool and warm browns, cream, black, navy, burgundy and gold in my wardrobe and several of my scarves. I made a Vineyard Green over-sized top with a bias cut, draped cowl collar several years ago. I was able to find a matching thread so I finished near edge of the cowl with a narrow zigzag and left it raw. I usually wear it over a longer cream linen tank top or long sleeved ice-dyed t shirt. I can wear it with different colored pieces: wrap, jacket, and bottoms and still look coordinated.

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Sherrill profile image Worked up beautifully
Reviewer: Sherrill

I was tasked with making 2 outfits for friends in the Society for Creative Anachronism. They wanted clothing that would be similar yet different from each other. He has a tunic made with the Vineyard Green trimmed with black linen and a purchased embroidered trim. She has an undertunic, with a Viking Apron dress with the same black linen trim and embroidered trim. Over it is a semi-sheer white linen piece with machine embroidered Celtic knots.

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Vineyard Green IL019
Reviewer: Brian

This was an example of the color variance of the actual fabric from the appearance on the computer. This was a much more blue green than I was looking for, but it is still a beautiful fabric. I will just need to find a new project to use it for.

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Wonderful Drape
Reviewer: Nancy

I wanted to make some of the loose, comfortable styles in linen by Esk*nder and Zor*n that go for rather too high a price. I also wanted a high quality of construction and to flatter my short waisted figure, in colors I like. After washing, tumble drying several times, I cut out the vineyard green (color exact on my monitor)for a long, sleeveless tunic and the ginger in flat-front one-seams and a SW San Diego Jacket. Wow! I was expecting a softer hand due to the treatment and the washing, but it has a drape unlike any linen I have ever worn. It was beautiful to sew and press. It does not stand out stiffly away from my body adding pounds. Easy care (no ironing) as I took extra care with seams and hems. This is the best wardrobe for the high desert. Thrilled.

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beautiful olive green
Reviewer: Anonymous

I purchased this linen for the construction of a shawl.. it is more olive green than the picture online but is beautiful and soft.

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Great color, good gown weight
Reviewer: Penny

I used this to make a 16th century kirtle using Kass's reconstructing history pattern. The weight is perfect for this kind of project. The color appears to be a bit less kelly and a bit more olive than the picture above, but all in all I would highly recommend both color and fabric as usual great job in offering this, fabrics-store!

IL019 Vineyard Green & Weeping Willow. Simplicity vintage pattern 8173 This is my 1st "color block" shirt. I will make the collar smaller and maybe a tad shorter on the length. I fixed that little puffy corner in the collar point but hey........there is a learning curve. LOVE the fabric!

Posted by Martha

Sewtinagivens Porsche dress

Posted by Cindy

Feet up relaxing in my comfy dress. I get so many compliments on this color. I wear this dress any time I want to feel at one with nature.

Posted by Amber

Colorful towels!

Posted by Marina


Posted by Marina

I used IL019 VINEYARD GREEN softened-middle linen to color block a shirt for my husband. The "terra-cotta" shade used in this shirt is IL019 SANGUINE softened-middle. VERY pleased with the affordable price, color & quality of the linen and the care that was taken with regards to packaging and shipping.

Posted by Ro

Marianne Jacket

Posted by Lindsey

I used 3 coats of spray starch and no-show mesh stabilizer. There is also a layer of light batting under the design. I have a long way to go as the finished quilt will be 40 X 80"!

Posted by Jean

This is a bottom sheet before I finished off the elastic. The color is really richer than it looks here.

Posted by Ivy

medieval gown with white on white embroidered linenunderdress

Posted by J. ann

I made a Ranch Shirt from Victoria Jones Collection pattern #110, using IL019 Vineyard Green with 3.5 oz. IL022 scarlet accents.

Posted by Victoria

I made a pouch for one grandson with a deer on the front - lined with vineyard green linen. Another grandson saw it and said he wanted one with an arrowhead on it, so I had to oblige. Great green!

Posted by Teresa

Posted by Juliana

Slightly better picture of the dress posted previously (sans horse). As mentioned, I just love this color and this fabric.

Posted by Tiffany

Love this vineyard green. I did not make this dress (a 14th Century Cotehardie), but I LOVE wearing it. The color is just perfect, especially when working with Kacey. :) Because as we know, everything looks better with my pony. This vineyard green is a nice natural color and the IL019 linen washes up to the most comfortable fabric. It is great to work with and even greater to wear!

Posted by Tiffany

Vineyard Green linen, trimmed with Black linen and embroidered trim. White semi-sheer linen overpiece with machine embroidered knotwork.

Posted by Sherrill

I made this short-sleeved tunic out of this linen, and I was extremely satisfied. Beautiful color, beautiful texture, and very soft. Some of the best linen I've ever bought, and perfect for historical costuming.

Posted by Michael

This is lovely linen. It was the perfect color for an 18th century petticoat to match my Williamsburg cotton print. Great weight for this purpose. I have another petticoat underneath made from your handkerchief linen as well. I'll definitely be buying more of this. The color is nice--a little toward olive green but not as brown which was what I needed. Very rich tone of green!

Posted by Vicki

great for dresses and the color

Posted by Martina

Beautiful color

Posted by Martina

Love love love this color and softness

Posted by Martina

This fabric is fantastic! I used Vineyard Green for my 9th century Irish leine (with hood!) and it was simply a joy to work with, and even nicer to wear - even in the Florida sun! And I just love love love the colour. You've found a customer for life!

Posted by Alyson

The inspiration for this lap quilt came from a digital piece of artwork my daughter created. I had ordered around 10 different colors from the IL019 line to play around with to determine whether or not I wanted to start making quilts with it. It works wonderfully! ~Lisa

Posted by Lisa

This is a picture of the Sheriff at the Central Coast Renaissance Faire, that just took place this past weekend (July 16 and 17, 2011). I made the outfit from a medium weight green linen doublet with a pleated yoke and brown heavy weight linen pants and hat.

Posted by Ariane

16th c. German dress, inspired by the Augsburger Monatsbilder, done with Vineyard Green in 5.3oz weight. The color was exactly what I wanted and the linen is wonderful to sew!

Posted by Kris

I made a mid-18th century "work" gown with the vineyard green linen, lined with the natural color linen. It was a nice heavier weight for a working class gown, and the color is wonderful!

Posted by Kristel

Posted by Penny
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