IL019 NATURAL Softened - 100% Linen - Middle (5.3 oz/yd2)

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Natural is the earth made, not dyed, color of the flax plant once it is made into thread. No dyes, no bleach. The only thing that impacts the color of the cloth from one production to the next ( if it is more beige or grey) is the amount of sunshine and rain that particular flax harvest had.

At a medium weight of 5.3 ounces, this 100% linen is versatile enough to be referred to as an All Purpose or Do it All linen. With its smooth look and tighter weave, this linen is neither sheer or heavy, but just the right in-between weight you will need for a variety of projects.

The cloth is Softened so we have added a softener to give it a silkier hand. The fabric has not been laundered so shrinkage will still have to be taken into consideration (shrinkage depends on fabric weave and laundering method).

Fabric specifications:

Article : IL019 Multi Purpose
Content : 100% Linen
Type : BASIC
Thread size warp : 17.9
Thread size weft : 17.9
Thread count warp : 46
Thread count weft : 37
Weight : 5.3 oz/yd2
Width : 59 inch
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Amazing linen
Reviewer: LEIGH

Perfect for my Elizabeth Bennett dress. Washed nicely. The color is very close to the color swatch though perhaps a bit lighter. The weight is perfect for a dress. Drapes like a dream. My only concern is I didn't purchase enough!

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Beautiful linen!
Reviewer: Pamela

I have never bought fabric online before because I really need to see and feel it in person. However, I couldn't find any decent linen in stores! So after reading reviews of the fabrics-store linens I decided to take a chance, and I am so glad I did. I love this linen! Loved the natural color, the feel, the drape, and the way it performs.

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Soft though not without issues
Reviewer: Natalie

I was surprised by how soft this fabric is (even after washing!). The one issue that I did notice is that is has a lot of slubs. After washing, there were flax pieces poking out of the slubs, making the fabric scratchy in places. I used this fabric to make a shirt for my partner, who often wears wool, and he didn't mind the scratchiness much. Just something to note in case you're sensitive to that sort of thing.

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Sara profile image Beautiful, I love the natural color
Reviewer: Sara

This linen is lovely. I'm relatively new to sewing linen after being confident with knits after many years. This linen is affordable and beautiful and I'm working on lots of new garments for myself and my boys.

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Perfect weight and texture
Reviewer: Mary

I bought this to make a pair of loose trousers (actually I'd made a pair already in a different color - Insignia Blue - and loved them so much I had to have another pair) for summer. It's perfect. I love the feel of it - substantial but not at all stiff and light enough for a hot day.

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Perfect Color!
Reviewer: Jan

I received 12 yards of L19 and was delighted with the color and the hand. After washing the fabric it got a bit softer which will be perfect for the duvet I am going to make. I highly recommend this fabric.

review star review star review star review star review star
France profile image Beautiful color and texture
Reviewer: France

Very happy with my purchase, the color is wonderful, that natural grey tone which I love and long staple makes a big difference in the fall of the fabric. Will definitively buy again!

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Beautiful Fabric!
Reviewer: Olesya

Used this gorgeous fabrics for interior decorating! Made drapery that looked exactly the way I wanted them to look! Quick delivery! Just perfect!

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Linen bread bag = happy bread!
Reviewer: Helen

Purchased the natural linen to sew a simple bag. Bread stays nice and soft for about three days. By the forth day the crust does get a little hard, but by then there's not much left. :) Also, it looks very 'Martha Stewart' sitting on the kitchen counter.

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Christmas Surprise
Reviewer: Pauline

My husband has always wanted a set of linen sheets. Using your pattern, I made a set of sheets and pillowcases, which I've wrapped up for Christmas. This fabric was a pleasure to sew on, and look LOVELY on the bed. I am so excited to see his face when he opens this gift!

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Love this fabric!!
Reviewer: Karen

Made curtains out of this and bought enough to use the leftovers in a quilt. This fabric is the best- once it has been washed, you really just want to curl up in it....may have to make sheets next!

review star review star review star review star review star
Reviewer: Eyleen

I really love this fabric. It's the second time I have ordered it in a different color. So soft.

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I love this fabric!
Reviewer: Lisa

I have fabric texture issues, but this fabric feels so soft against my skin. I made a t shirt and a pair of loose pants and I absolutely love the look and feel. It's the perfect weight. I've always loved the look and the beautiful texture of linen but haven't always been able to wear it, some linen feels a little scratchy to me but that is not the case here, this linen is luxurious. I want more, I'm addicted!!

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If i could create a house of it i would
Reviewer: Catherine

Love it. Just want it for everything.

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Cute top
Reviewer: Kate

Would love to know the name or source of your tunic top tool!! Looks extremely comfortable and I have just the linen fabric for it as well!!!

review star review star review star review star review star
Another question for Judith
Reviewer: Mattie

I would love to know if there is a pattern available for the simple pullover top that you have posted here. It is SO PERFECT!

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Better in person!
Reviewer: Anonymous

The screen shows a yellowish undertone, but don't be fooled, it's not yellow in real life. This is a very nice neutral tan, perfect for many projects. I love this linen and this color!

review star review star review star review star review star
Reviewer: Susan

Judith, I love the design of the pullover top you made with this linen, and especially the pleated back. Was this made from an available pattern? If so, would you mind sharing the pattern company and number? Thank you so much!

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My fabric of choice!
Reviewer: Anonymous

I love this fabric!! I use the natural softened for a variety of projects. I have made bath sheets, hand towels, tea towels, pillow cases, sheets, shower curtain and a dress. I love how easy it is to work with and the durability! The color is the perfect neutral.

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Lovely fabric
Reviewer: Laurie

This fabric is beautiful, with a lovely drape. It's easy to work with and drapes beautifully.

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Ann profile image Drapery Panels
Reviewer: Ann

These are the first pair of linen panels I've made using the IL019 Natural Linen (softened). Gorgeous fabric to work with, will definitely be coming back for LOTS more :) Can be seen here-

review star review star review star review star review star
Andrea profile image So beautiful
Reviewer: Andrea

I bought 10 yards of this fabric and it arrived today. The colour is absolutely fabulous. I was worried that it might be too yellow, but it isn't. I am using all of the 10 yards to make a sheet, quilt cover and two pillow cases for a single bed. Wished I had bought more. Totally loving it.

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IL019 natural
Reviewer: Janet

Just received this, the colour is superb, more greyish than in the above picture, more towards that of 4C22 but not so dark and grey. Expensive looking colour. Weather--rain on the crop affects colour. The linen seems a better quality now, very nice, very smooth and after washing once at 30 degrees and line drying is still very smooth. I am making beautiful Vogue V113 pants by Mizono which will show the drape.

review star review star review star review star review star
Surprised, but still pleased!
Reviewer: Joanne

I purchased this fabric for a future reenactment sewing project. I had intended it for a shirt and was surprised that the color in person is darker than it appears in the swatch. While I may not use it for my original purpose, it is a beautiful brown color and the feel of the fabric is soft and fluid.

review star review star review star review star review star
Adorable linen
Reviewer: Helen

I have ordered this linen more than once and find it absolutely delightful for sewing and craft Amazed to draw the threads and find it runs true. This is so helpful for squaring the fabric I will be ordering it agin in the new year. I'm a linen addict.

review star review star review star review star review star
....from a linen addict.
Reviewer: Patricia

This was my first order from (It was very helpful to be able to get samples of the fabrics before ordering!) This is VERY nice fabric. I have already washed and dried it, and I am ready to make a pinner apron for one of my 18th Century living history outfits.

review star review star review star review star review star
Reviewer: Rosanne

I was pleasantly surprised with my first purchase. The quality, color, it washed up great the weave tightened slightly to my satisfaction and ironed with ease. PERFECT! Now I can make my quilt. I look forward to more projects using your linen. Thank you.

review star review star review star review star review star
Heavy duty sheets
Reviewer: Jenny

I bought this fabric to make sheets for our bed. We have had commercially made linen sheets in the past and while I love them my husband's feet destroy them. The natural linen sewed up easily and once washed is nice and soft. We have had pillowcases from this linen for a couple of years now and I am looking forward to seeing how the sheets work out.

review star review star review star review star review star
Might be nice for home dec
Reviewer: Sondra

This fabric is too loosely woven for my taste. I was expecting a tighter weave for garment sewing. I bought it to make a pair of pants. This would be appropriate for home dec. I probably won't order again.

review star review star review star review star review star
Reviewer: Raamyah

Shalom ahkotee Lona, Very impressive; the beged is beautiful! Raamyah Maamiyn

review star review star review star review star review star
love love this fabric
Reviewer: Susan

this is absolutely wonderful linen fabric for all sorts of sewing--clothes and general crafting, purses, totes. I only wish I could make pants as this would work for those as well as dresses, skirts, etc. Makes great tea towels and aprons too!

review star review star review star review star review star
17th century shirt
Reviewer: Steven


My husband was very happy to buy me a FS gift card for Christmas and I was very happy to use it to buy the Charlie pattern and FS linen. I was inspired by Morgann McCoy's posts on The Thread for the sleeveless top and trousers, so much so that I just totally copied her color choices and I have no regrets! I was also motivated by fellow Charlie poster, Sarah, who tackled the trousers as her first sewing project. I used the IL019 Agave Signature Finish for the top and the IL019 Natural Softened for the trousers. Before I started working on my outfit, I met with Lauren to discuss fit adjustments for my measurements—I'm 5'4" and short-waisted. She gave me great suggestions and encouraged me to make a muslin for the trousers, which was key to my success. I felt pretty swanky when I tried on my outfit for the first time, so of course I'm now hooked for all time. I am going to make another blouse (or the dress) in IL020 lighter weight linen, and maybe another pair of trousers in the 4C22 heavier weight linen for fall season.

Posted by Carolyn

My Lizzie Dress without the shirt. The fabric is a dream to work with.

Posted by LEIGH

Made a "Lizzie Dress" (Pride and Prejudice) and it worked out perfectly for my project. The color is a bit lighter than expected but I really love it. I will order more for a jumpsuit!

Posted by LEIGH

I used this fabric to make some double sided hand-embroidered napkins for my sister's birthday. The linen was fairly easy to thread pull and they came out beautifully. While the fabric itself has a decent amount of body, it also had a handful of odd plastic threads that looked to have been caught in the nubbly weave. Removing them took a bit of effort but scarring was minimal. I've never had that issue with other weaves or colors, only Natural. But overall the linen was simple and straightforward to work with.

Posted by Anna

A birthday present for my husband in IL019 natural linen, a great fabric for shirts, with black top stitching here and there to pull out the slight hint of black in the fabric. He loves the shirt.

Posted by Jeannette

Gorgeous natural colored linen that washes up beautifully. My son wore it so many times this past summer and it is still lovely and tucked away for another babe to enjoy.

Posted by Sara

These are my Cass pants (a free pattern from this site!) made with this linen. The Cass pattern is sure to be one of my future TNTs. I'm fairly short waisted, so I shortened the rise by a couple inches and they fit perfectly. If they look a bit wrinkly, it's because I wore them all day long in the car and walking around Cambridge. They are so comfy! I also bought some turquoise linen in the same weight/ the color and quality of that as well, but haven't made anything with it yet. So happy I found this source for linen.

Posted by Pamela

I absolutely love this linen! This natural color is gorgeous, and the weight is lovely. I made myself shorts and can't wait to make more! 2 yards got me these shorts and a romper for my 2 year old. More pics on my IG sara.borgeson

Posted by Sara

Beautiful linen, long staples makes a huge difference in the fall, to touch and flexibility ans how creases are looking. I love the grain, the texture, the feel, the weight and the natural color. This lovely little top for girls is inspired by the Taylor top pattern offers by Fabrics Store. I'm a photographer and a creator and this beautiful linen is just as lovely to sew as a pure joy to photography! I have a little all handmade linen things shop on my website Lin + Quotidien at

Posted by France

This linen is perfect for my punch needle pillows. I love the color and the weight.

Posted by Christine

Just the most delicious fabric. Amazing depth of color, made into a simple, self drafted work dress with deep pockets. Used two yards with barely any wasted fabric. More photos and other made things on my Instagram, ellaharp

Posted by Ella Dawn

Simple bread bag - wonderful for homemade bread!

Posted by Helen

Linen you want to swim in...making these pants for everyone I know and some people I don't. / satismulta

Posted by Leigh

This is our oatmeal linen baby journaling book from Way Cool Designs. If you are interested in looking over our website it is; Love the beautiful linen from Susie

Posted by Susie

This is one of the best linens. Looks rustic and well manicured all at once. Love making belt bags with it. Thank you.

Posted by Catherine

This photo makes it look a little washed out - but the "home is where the pants aren't" pillow is hand embroidered onto this fabric. It's a beautiful weight for embroidery and sewing was a breeze! Love these linens for bringing pillows to our shop!

Posted by Madeline

Don't let the yellowish tan color on the screen fool you! I was nervous to order, but after seeing other peoples' projects, I decided to trust my gut...and it's perfect! It's my best seller!

Posted by Carla

My first buying from F/S Fabrics-store. Medieval dress from 1300-1400 century

Posted by Liselotte

Casual Tote Bags, Beach Bags, Linen Tote, Natural Tote Bags, Tote Bag for Women. Made by Linen and Tailor.

Posted by Andrei

Another picture of the shams and coverlet!

Posted by Jeanette

I made this coverlet and shams about six months ago. They have been washed many times and do not need ironing. I love the soft feel and easy care!

Posted by Jeanette

Linen apron

Posted by Andrei

Roanoke Ring Slings uses only the best linen from! They have the best linen at the best price along with the most amazing customer service! Thank you! See more at !

Posted by Savanah

Oops! This is the back! Previous view is the front!

Posted by Judith

Back view of simple pull over top. Great fabrics! Drape really well!

Posted by Judith

18th century chemise for the working class woman. I just love it.

Posted by Barbara

Over jacket from a Butterick Katharine Tilton blouse pattern I had on hand. Made from softened Natural to go over the NICO maxi dress (made up in softened Ginger) freebie pattern your lovely website offered! I LOVE your linen!

Posted by Dee

I made this round, tailored table skirt with Kick Pleats for the table by my bed. I love it!

Posted by Ann

Machinist Apron. Black was done with the heavy weight. My son loved it...said the attached towel for his grimy hands was great!

Posted by Lisa

Linen Drapery Panels...wonderful draping!

Posted by Ann

I used light weight linen in melon and white to make my granddaughter this little summer dress.

Posted by Terri

Here's the 'you are my sunshine' pillow I create and sell in my vintage shop space. The IL019 linen is perfect to both send through my printer for the text and to sew into lovely pillow covers. The hand, weight, and color work well (shown with IL019 transparent yellow) for pillow covers.

Posted by Peggy

This is a (somewhat blurry) picture of a bleached white pillow case trimmed in natural that I made to match the natural duvet cover for our bed. I made the duvet reversible with silver blue on the other side, so the accent vine stitching is meant to match the silver blue. I had originally intended for the silver blue side to be the primary side, but I ended up liking the natural side just as much, if not more! Linen is so nice to sleep under, but I didn't want to have seamed sheets for our queen bed, so a duvet and pillow cases were the next best thing.

Posted by Jamie

Beautiful ILO19 for the dining room curtains. I washed the fabric first and it was very easy to work with.It is soft and has a wonderful drape. Thank you Fabrics-store!

Posted by Nathalie

Screen printed table runner with my fern design. This linen is a great weight for so many projects!

Posted by Amy

I love seeing the weave in my linen, and this natural color is just that...natural.

Posted by Kay

I love this linen! Luxurious and natural. I make patchwork wine bags with them. The natural is a grayish beige.

Posted by Kay

Mens Hebraic Tunic for everyday wear, ministry, or personal worship.

Posted by Lona
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