IL002 ROYAL CREST IVORY-NATURAL - 100% Linen - Canvas (9.4 oz/yd2)

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Jacquard cloths are created by weaving different color threads to create intricate patterns - or paintings that are woven with thread. These are harder to weave and are considered an "heirloom" fabric due to the craftsmanship involved in their creation.

This fabric is super fun to work with - making every project look like a work of art.  The trick? Just throw it in the wash!

When you receive it  - the cloth will be flat and 2-dimensional. After the wash and dry - the design will "lift up" giving the fabric a 3 dimensional appearance.

In order for the fabric to "lift up" it is woven in a way that when it is washed and dried - it will shrink more than plain weave linen giving it the volume needed to be 3 dimensional. This cloth you can expect 18% shrinkage weft (width of the fabric); and 16% warp (length of the fabric). Shrinkage is based on a warm wash and low-heat dry.

Fabric specifications:

Article : IL002
Content : 100% Linen
Thread size warp : 17.9
Thread size weft : 17.9+9
Thread count warp : 51
Thread count weft : 60
Weight : 9.4 oz/yd2
Width : 65 inch
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Perfect for a throw!
Reviewer: Robin

My first time buying this fabric and watching the 3-D magic that happens after washing! From stiff and flat to soft and three dimensional with a lovely fluid drape. The colors are beautiful! I got 1.5 yards as a doggie bag item and it is the perfect amount for a throw to keep on the sofa. Your fabrics never disappoint!

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Very disappointed
Reviewer: Eileen

This is NOT heavy in the least, Not lofty, Not thick, Planning on gifting towels. These aren't "towels", these are not soft, no matter how much you wash/dry them. Beware!

FS Team profile image F|S Team

Hello Eileen, I am sorry to hear that you were disappointed with this linen, I will reach out to you directly via your email to see if we can find a way to salvage your project.

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I love this texture!
Reviewer: Susan

I used this as a blanket in our guest room and family guests loved it. So I bought more and made a King-sized blanket for the master bedroom. Now I am buying more to make pillow shams for our bed.

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Love this fabric!
Reviewer: Joyce Ann

I washed it and as was expected, it shrunk, but looks LOVELY! I love the puckering and the pattern is elegant! Highly recommend! :)

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Tip for Drying Fabric once Sewn
Reviewer: Monica

I am still sewing bath towels from this fabric and wanted to add a tip that worked for me. ( For prepping the fabric for sewing, I still like to air dry it either on some sort of clothesline or dining room table padded with towels.) Once the towel is sewn up and possibly given as gift, many people will not want to air dry or it may not be practical. I put the towel in a large sweater bag (Honey Can Do sweater bag purchased on Amazon) and tumbled on medium for ten minutes. This time/setting does not get the towel "bone dry" but still quite dry and can then be finished hanging over shower rod, etc. Shrinkage was minimal (about 2" in width) and there was less dryer lint, although still definitely present. I think "linting" is a feature of these jacquard fabrics. They don't really like to be put in the dryer but sometimes it can't be helped.

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Still loving this fabric
Reviewer: Monica

I am making bath towels and ordered some of this lovely fabric on sale which was a nice bonus. My "prep/wash" procedure is to 1) agitate fabric in a basin of warmish water for 5 minutes; and then 2) speed wash in machine on cold (20 minutes). Because I will be gifting some towels to others, I decided to try tumbling the fabric in the dryer on #2 setting (from bottom) for 5 minutes. When I did this, the lint screen was full. I really do believe this and most pure linen fabric prefers to be air dried. I then transferred the fabric to the patio and air dried using Mrs. Pegg's Handyline. I can hang 4 yards of fabric (cut in two 2 yard increments) on the line. Once done, fold up and put away your clothesline and no one is the wiser:) I know the Handy Lines are expensive but I have had mine ten years and still going strong (I do take care of it) . If you sew with linen, a clothesline (portable or otherwise) is a good friend!

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Makes a beautiful bath towel
Reviewer: Monica

I am surprised this fabric has not received more reviews. It makes lovely bath and hand towels! Will try to post a picture later. I followed other reviewers' suggestions and ordered two yards which made two bath towels and two hand towels (Note: I wash on cold, not warm, and very briefly machine dry with the bulk of the time air drying) In sewing this, I used a size 16 jeans needle and my #8 Jean foot (for Bernina) and this worked perfectly. I also had some labels made to be inserted in my bath towels -- I think this gives a professional look. Check out Wunderlabel online -- excellent product and customer service!

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Love Love Love
Reviewer: Deborah

I have purchased quite a bit of linen from you, and this is by far my favorite. It may be a heavier weight, but sews like a dream. I definitely want more of this luscious fabric. I used it to make hand towels for a wedding gif t. The bride loved them.

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Reviewer: Sherri

As with some of the other heavyweight jacquard linen fabrics offered by F/S, Royal Crest arrived as a rather stiff canvas, both in appearance and hand. However, after machine washing and drying Royal Crest became a soft to the touch and lofty fabric perfect for towels & washcloths, bathrobes, duvet covers, bedspreads and more. The reversible crest pattern and two-tone colors of this fabric in natural and ivory become more pronounced after washing and drying. Machine drying produced very little lint. Superb fabric!

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Ivy profile image LOVE!
Reviewer: Ivy

I bought 2 yards of this to make a towel-- because I don't have enough linen in my life! It looked stiff and upholstery-like in its new state, but after I washed it in hot water and dried it on high, it is just how I hoped-- gently puckered all over, soft but texture-y, perfect for the 2-sided towel I want to make. Later, I realized that it was actually a big enough piece to make a Spring blanket for my twin bed, so I slept with it last night as a blanket. Perfect! So now I need MORE of this fabulous stuff, plus a plain fabric for the reverse side.... I am so hooked on linen.

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Reviewer: Jarmila

beautiful linen i made towel from it. Love this fabric and will order more as soon as i finish my other sewing projects :)

I bought a half yard from doggie bag and made 2 kitchen towels. Before washing dimension of 1 towel was 30.75" x 19". Hemmed before washing cutting off selvedge with a 3/8" double hem. Measuements after 24.5" x 16.25"

Posted by Phyllis

I think I bought 2 yards as a doggie bag, wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. But when I washed it and it fluffed up I knew it needed to be a throw, so... Voila! I made a bias tape from another doggie bag purchase of ILO98 Loire/Graphite. I love the combinations of textures and patterns, especially the reverse double sided-ness of the Royal Crest!

Posted by JOAN

Amazing, handsome dishtowels. Once yard of fabric was divided into 4 future towels. Pre-wash I finished the long edges by pressing 1/2 inch and then turning again and sewing. Using a bit longer stitch makes it more attractive along with a slightly deeper contrast thread! After doing up the 2 long edges, I finished the short edges in the same way. Then on to wash and dry! Because we live in a dryer climate, I love drying these on a rack--but they have the same magic texture when using a dryer! Great gifts.

Posted by Kathleen

I bought two yards of this on a whim, not quite sure what I would do with it. Since most others had been making towels for their bathrooms, I figured that I may do the same. After it arrived, I realized that it just wouldn't look right in my house -- so I made a blanket/beach towel with it. I just washed and dried it once, hemmed the sides and put fringe on each end. I'm very happy with it, and I do love the fabric. It's very thick and has a great hand.

Posted by Bonnie

I love this fabric! I've made many pieces from this lovely heavy weight linen... This is a garden apron I made... Sees like a dream!

Posted by Raquel

Lovely pattern and just the right weight. I reupholstered my Queen Anne dining chairs. I washed it 1 time to softened it up bit and iron prior to cutting. Very elegant and neutral for a traditional dining room set.

Posted by Maria

I used 3 yards of this to make a light blanket for my twin bed. Two yards are the center, and the 3rd yard was cut into strips are applied around the edges to enlarge it a bit. And then I sewed bias tape of natural plain linen all around. It is wonderful to sleep under this blanket with my linen sheet sets.

Posted by Ivy

From two yards of this wonderful fabric, I made two hand towels and two bath towels. I call that a bargain! I just used a single piece of fabric for each towel hemmed on all sides with bias tape.

Posted by Ivy

This is the first hand towel. I have one mare hand towel to make and two bath towels from 2 yards of fabric, and lots and lots of bias tape.

Posted by Ivy

This fabric is wonderful to work with and perfect weight for covering chairs. I'm thinking of getting more to make curtains!

Posted by Amanda

This is a bread bag I made with this beautiful fabric! I am really impressed with the quality of this fabric.

Posted by Raquel

Here is one more view without the tree in the way. By the way, that tree was quite a stunner.

Posted by Kathy

Window valences for my 9 ft high windows with this beautiful jacquard linen. Fabric is elegant and understated. (It is heavy though.)

Posted by Kathy

I made 2 hair towels out of a yard of this 10 oz fabric a little over a year ago, and they have held up beautifully. This is one of them over a body towel made out of the IL090 Natural Basic (now sold out) and next to a dish towel made out of IL052 Natural-Ivory 823 Gingham. The fabric was prewashed on hot, dried on high, and ironed before cutting and sewing. Now, all of these towels are washed on warm, dried on low, then shaken out, gently stretched, and hung to dry the rest of the way. Wrinkling is minimal, and mostly happens near the edges. One of the other Jacquard fabric reviews mentioned that the two layers of fabric quilted up and became more three-dimensional with use, which you can kind of see here. This fabric makes a great hair towel, especially if you have long or thick hair, because it really soaks up a lot of water and doesn't put as much weight on your hair as a regular terry bath towel if you like to wrap your hair up. I don't recommend this as a starter project if you plan to bind the edges with a heavier weight linen like I did (see how wonky my binding is, especially on the corners? I had a tough time controlling feed on my sewing machine because of the thick fabric layers). If you use a lighter weight binding, hand sew the bias tape on, or have more experience than I did, then you may be just fine.

Posted by Nicole
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