4C22 REED Softened - 100% Linen - Heavy (7.1 oz/yd2)

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Moody, sombre and filled with suspense, the silvery blue tone in REED linen was entrancing for British painter Walter Richard Sickert, allowing him to convey scenes lit by a soft, diffused light. From the murky waters and metallic skies of Venice to delicate, intimate interiors, Sickert conveyed a spectrum of subjects with this color throughout his career, filling his work with a quiet, ghostly sense of anticipation.

At a heavier weight of 7.1 ounces this 100% linen is referred to as Rustic due to its more textured look and feel. Durable and perfect for projects that require just a bit more substance.

The cloth is Softened so we have added a softener to give it a silkier hand. The fabric has not been laundered so shrinkage will still have to be taken into consideration (shrinkage depends on fabric weave and laundering method).

Fabric specifications:

Article : 4C22 Rustic - Bortovka
Content : 100% Linen
Type : BASIC
Thread size warp : 11.6
Thread size weft : 11.6
Thread count warp : 38
Thread count weft : 32
Color : REED
Weight : 7.1 oz/yd2
Width : 57 inch
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Reviewer: Rita

4C22 Reed is a wonderful color. Used two yards to make a large bath sheet. Linen dries so much quicker than terry cloth towels.

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Starr profile image Sara trousers in Reed
Reviewer: Starr

I made oversized trousers for a sit-down comfort, relaxed look WITH contrast pockets. Nice drapey yet neat look and the pockets fit my cellular. No place for a pic or I'd send one.

FS Team profile image F|S Team

Hi! you can always email us your photo and we can add it on your behalf :)

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Carolyn profile image So comfy
Reviewer: Carolyn

Dress no. 1 from 100 Acts of Sewing in Reed. So comfortable. Great drapes and i can just toss it in the wash when i need to. Great everyday type of dress, with POCKETS

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Morgan profile image beautiful
Reviewer: Morgan

the color is identical to the color on the site. It's a gorgeous dusty blue. my only complaint? I wish I ordered more of it when it was on sale. hehe

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Gorgeous fabric to work with A +++
Reviewer: Elo

Am planning to make some curtains with this material, but first, a throw blanket for the couch. As any seamstress knows, one must first serge the raw ends together prior to washing and cutting. Once that step is done, you will see very little shredding of fabric. A light ironing of the washed and now slightly shrunken fabric will facilitate any cutting issues- its a dream to work with. Fabric has a beautiful hand and drapes nicely- very easy to create your special projects. Ignore the naysayers- try a yard first and experiment for yourself.

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Kim profile image Beautiful
Reviewer: Kim

Steely blue color & like all the fabrics on this site, really nice to work with!

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A joy to wear
Reviewer: Sherry

Made an Olivia jumpsuit from untitled thoughts- lined the top in bleached. Wore it yesterday- it was roastingly hot& humid out, but this fabric is so comfortable, breathes, sways, holds its shape throughout the day, even after I slept in it for an hr- it looked fresh, cool, & perfect. The color is soft but distinct, great summer color-also would look great as pants with a loose weave sweater for later in the year. Pants are next, with a boxy top- can feel it drape on the skin- just so wearable.

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Reviewer: Laura

I purchased this specific color linen to make towels as a birthday gift- two bath towels and two hand towels. The recipient said that the color was absolutely perfect! I used the pattern/instructions from this site, but I finished the edges with a 3/8" double turned hem for a clean look (recipient is a minimalist and would not like fringe). Took a bit more time, but with a lot of patience and starch, the towels came out amazing! I washed the towels twice prior to gifting so they were soft And ready to use.

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Became a fantastic pair of Yanta Overalls!
Reviewer: Asya

Reed is a lovely medium greenish blue and I am enjoying wearing my overalls with all sorts of colors underneath. The fabric doesn't loosen up excessively, hangs GREAT, and was awesome to sew. I like to sit with my knees tucked up under me while I work and it doesn't bag out very much!

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Beautiful Fabric
Reviewer: Deana

I love this fabric, made Moroccan Capri's and the raglan sleeve top out of it. Love how they came out. This is my first foray into sewing with linen, can't believe I waited this long...

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Beautiful color, a nightmare to cut
Reviewer: Emilie

I'm a novice seamstress, so there might be a better way to handle things than what I know. I purchased several yards of the 4C22 linen in REED: it's a beautiful color, a fantastic linen to the touch. I laundered the fabric, it shrunk some, which was expected, and frayed a ton, also expected. Today, I went to cut it, and spent over 5 hours trying every single sharp tool I own: 2 rotary cutters with brand new blades couldn't cut through it, 3 pairs of sharp fabric scissors barely cut it. Everything I did is wonky because everything moved since I had to try to cut it so many times. Trying to hold it down would cause the fabric to slip... I'll see what the result will be, but I have very little hope it will look good. I was going to purchase another 10 yards to make curtains for my living room with this same color and texture, but after today, I'll look for something else. I'm terribly disappointed. I seem to be the only one with this problem on the site, so this is likely my lack of experience, but it's not changing how I feel about this fabric.

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Reviewer: Maryjo

 have yards and yards (and yards and yards) of linen from the Fabric Store.  It is all awesome.  The Reed yardage i just received is  THE BEST  I serged a small piece of it 1.5 yards and through in the washing machine ...2 times...very little debris...tiny tiny bit ....no wrinkles... I air dried it for a few hours then threw in the dryer..came out PERFECT...no wrinkles just beautiful linen texture.  Color is beautiful too

I fashioned this jacket after one I purchased in Greece. I love the way the fabric feels, handles, looks and sews.

Posted by Kathleen

Great color and weight for a linen coat. I used Simplicity pattern 8554. I love the way it turned out. Great for Spring or Fall.

Posted by Karin

The Sara Pleated Pants ( made in Reed heavyweight) is our modern take on the classic pleated pants style. Designed to sit on your natural waist, It has two small pleats at the front, back darts for shaping, useful hip pockets, a zipper front fly and belt loops. The legs are slightly tapered and hit right above the ankle bone. You can find the sewing tutorial and pattern PDF here: blog.fabrics-store.com/2021/02/04/sara-pleated-pants-tutorial/

Posted by Rima

Sewing a zipper fly when making pants or trousers can be quite an intimidating task for a lot of people. There are many different methods and techniques for installing zippers, some more confusing than the others but none are truly difficult. Once you learn all the right steps and practice a couple of times, you'll see how easy it actually is to sew a perfect zipper fly. In this tutorial, we are using our 4C22 REED and you can find the sewing steps here: blog.fabrics-store.com/2020/07/26/sewing-glossary-how-to-sew-a-zipper-fly/

Posted by Rima

FS CAMERON Pattern in Reed and jazzed it up in my own fashion.

Posted by Warlene

My first order from Fabrics-Store.com and picked up this midweight linen for a cropped Ashton top from Helen's Closet. I love it! Excited as the weather warms up. Hoping this keeps me cool in Colorado.

Posted by Courtney
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