IS010 CERULEAN Softened - 54% Linen / 46% Cotton - Middle (6.2 oz/yd2)

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Dazzling shades of blue like CERULEAN Linen were a hallmark feature of Pablo Picasso’s late art, coloring it with the fresh light of the Mediterranean Sea. In his later years Picasso settled in the South of France, and, much like his contemporary Henri Matisse, the vivid, intense colors he encountered there ignited his artworks with sparkling, joyful vitality. 

But there is another reason, perhaps, why Picasso’s late art is so forcefully bright; he knew, by now that his name would be cemented in history, and this breezy, effervescent confidence fizzes and sparkles through his late art, shaping its colors and forms.

Fluffy, dimensional, and simply a joy to live with - you’ll feel like a sewing maestro when you pull this cloth out of its first dry cycle.

The fabric arrives flat with a subtle basket-like weave. This weaving technique comes with a delightful surprise once it goes through its first wash and dry.

The threads that are woven to make the outside of the squares - they “lift up”.
The threads that are used to weave the inside of the squares - those “drop-down”.

You get a cloth that looks like squares of a freshly made waffle deliciousness. It is just that yummy!

This cloth is wider than our usual selection at 84" wide.  Once it is washed - the cloth will shrink to get that dimensional waffle surface.
Approximate shrinkage - the width of cloth shrinks 17% (weft of the fabric) and 28% on the length ( warp of the fabric)

Waffle weave cloth is great for:
- Bath towels
- Robes
- Throws
- Duvet covers
- Pillow shams
- Lounge garments
- Decorative pillows
- Curtains
- Beach towels
- Picnic blankets
- items that need to have dimension and softness

The cloth is Softened so we have added a softener to give it a silkier hand. The fabric has not been laundered so shrinkage will still have to be taken into consideration (shrinkage depends on fabric weave and laundering method).

Fabric specifications:

Article : IS010 Waffle
Content : 54% Linen / 46% Cotton
Thread size warp : 20
Thread size weft : 17.9
Thread count warp : 52
Thread count weft : 49
Weight : 6.2 oz/yd2
Width : 84 inch
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Fabulous Texture
Reviewer: Gail

I am simply delighted with this fabric. It has been purchased to make a man's bathrobe & it will be perfect for this project. I will post a photo once it's finished. I also bought the companion 019 for pajama pants & they are an exact match. I've washed & dried the yardage 3 times & simply adore the texture. The shrinkage was as stated in the description, so I'm happy about that. I don't find it to be scratchy at all.

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Great for dish cloths etc.
Reviewer: Maureen

I ordered this fabric before Christmas to make "thick" dish cloths and towels for my daughter who was tired of the thin commercial grade ones on the market. It sewed beautifully, and the color is gorgeous. Even though the description says how much it will shrink, I was blown away by how much this fabric does shrink. Be sure to take this into account before cutting. The best part of using this fabric for dishcloths, is it doesn't stink when used for washing dishes. So many other fabric dish cloths get stinky after several days of use, and no matter how many times they are laundered, they get smelly faster and faster. This fabric stays fresh for days and days of use. I love it!

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So fun to work with
Reviewer: Stephanie

I really had fun making a throw for my guest room. It was easy to sew and washed up great. The color is fantastic and really anchors the room. I can't wait to do more projects and I already have some ideas for gifts.

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love this fabric!
Reviewer: Renee

when I saw the write-up for this fabric I just had to try it. so last year I bought two different colors and made bath towels. They are fantastic! The combination of the soft "puffy" linen and the size makes them so luxurious! I had to make another set! It's the perfect gift for someone who likes quality and doesn't sew themselves!

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Posh Towels
Reviewer: Teresa

I've made baby towels of 2 colors and hand towels for our main bath of a third. Everyone has loved them! No, they aren't thick terry towels and they do feel different. I would never say scratchy though.

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Interesting fabric
Reviewer: Sandra

I bought a bunch of doggie bag pieces in different colors, not knowing what I would do with them. After washing the fabric was so crinkled up that I needed to iron it. Even after ironing it is a lovely waffle texture. I ended up sewing all the strips together and doubling it over, so it became a large beach or picnic blanket. It could also be used as a summer weight blanket on a bed. I think this fabric would make a lovely bedspread, or shower curtain.

review star review star review star review star review star
Reviewer: Kim

I bought 3 yds to make towels. I LIVE the fabric but I want my towels to be softer. I'm going to repurpose this fabric into a different project, not sure yet, but possibly pillows. Love the color!!!

review star review star review star review star review star
Reviewer: Amanda

I bought a yard of this fabric to make some hand towels and I love the color, but these do not work as towels. The waffle knit makes it scrunch up so nicely, so it looks like it's going to be a soft, plush towel kind of texture and instead you get a thin, scratchy piece of fabric. It's really disappointing. It seems like there must be some way to use this fabric, but I wouldn't recommend it for towels. I prewashed the way I usually wash my linen. I've tried repeated washing and drying to soften and I only succeeded in fading the color, there hasn't been any improvement in the feel.

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Beautiful fabric with texture galore
Reviewer: Elo

Just purchased a yard of this blended (linen/cotton) material. Did a regular warm wash and low heat tumble dry (a typical wash) to see how it would affect the product. What came out in the dryer is a linen cotton blend gorgeous texture and beautiful drape, that will lend itself to many projects. There was a lot of lint in the dryer, not so much in the washer. The color stayed true and the sizing as expected did change quite a bit. The original one yard measured in at 36" long by 84" wide (app). After the wash and dry the fabric measured 30" long by 74" wide. Great fabric! Will be ordering more.

Newest grandson enjoying his towel. Cut and hemmed pre wash. Washed and the magic happened as promised.

Posted by Teresa

Many colored beach/picnic blanket made from doggie bag pieces. The color of the cerulean is not quite accurate in this photo. I think the color shown in the swatch is quite accurate.

Posted by Sandra

Close up of material.

Posted by Elo

After machine wash and dry

Posted by Elo
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