IL098 LOIRE NATURAL / AUTUMN GOLD FS Signature Finish - 100% Linen - Canvas (8.1 oz/yd2) - 2.00 Yards

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Lying in a haphazard pile at a Parisian flea market was all that remained of a glorious collection of textiles that once graced the halls and environs of Loire castle.

A remnant, a pale silk cloth with burgundy velvet appliqué, hand-stitched with gold silk thread continued to shimmer even though it appeared to be on its last breath in history.

The design, an ornate Arboreal motif of velvet on delicate silk, stood out, not just the complexity of the design and texture, but also, the understanding of how many labored hours were spent creating it.


The remnant was pulled from that pile and brought to our studio where we were able to translate the complexity of design and texture to the Jacquard loom, and the Loire Collection was created exclusively for F|


To pay tribute to original craftsmanship (and test our weaving capacities), we had to use multiple Jacquard weaving techniques in one fabric to create just this one design.

The different weaving techniques utilized to create this fabric make it 3-dimensional - you have a textured cloth that communicates the motif visually and tactilely.

The engineering of this cloth allows the Jacquard to be read equally well from either side - you have a reversible fabric that changes its dominant color scheme depending on what side you pick.

The intricacy of the design also permits the cloth to be used in any direction, with the motif maintaining its representation regardless of the angle.


IL098 was constructed using long-staple wet combed linen. These quality threads were necessary to replicate the various shapes depicted in the decorative interpretation of the Arboreal motif made up of entwined foliage, flowers, acorns, and berries.
This cloth is light to the touch, but has a heavy weight to last generations. 


This 100% Linen Jacquard cloth is perfect for:


  • Table linens
  • Drapery
  • Decorative interior items
  • Any apparel (historical costumes or modern styles)
  • and Bedding will also be divine

Our FS Signature Finish was developed exclusively for us using a special process that makes this linen super soft with a comfy, classic look you'll love at first sight.
As a bonus, this process removes almost all of the initial shrinkage, giving you more fabric to get your projects done.
This finish makes the linen as soft as butter. Yep, 100% linen that feels and drapes and sews as no linen you have ever encountered. Because the fabric has been pre-shrunk for you - it will be less than the base cloth width.

Fabric specifications:

Article : IL098
Content : 100% Linen
Thread size warp : 17.9
Thread size weft : 12.1
Thread count warp : 55
Thread count weft : 42
Weight : 8.1 oz/yd2
Width : 61 inch

Customer Questions and Answers

Priscilla profile image

For this IL098, it states that it comes preshrunk, so does this shrink at all after washing and drying and if so what %? What is the washing and drying instructions for this fabric?

Priscilla • July 27, 2022

This linen will still need to be washed at least one more time to remove the residual shrinkage which will be approx 4% in the width and 4.8% in the length. We recommend a cool to warm water wash with a tumble dry low heat. Free and Clear products are recommended as well. For more tips on washing linen please visit our help center here :

Maureen • July 27, 2022
Priscilla profile image

What is the difference between Premier Finish and Signature Finish?

Priscilla • July 29, 2022

Our Signature finish has gone through a hot wash process with a softener added to give you a super soft linen. The process removes most of the shrinkage so you can expect a residual 3% shrinkage. Our Premier Finish is a special softening process that uses a mechanical technique with softener to achieve a very soft finish, the linen is not laundered so the expected shrinkage is 7-10%

Maureen • July 29, 2022
review star review star review star review star review star

More Beautiful than a computer screen can depict. Rich in Autumn Gold color, mixed amongst the enduring Beauty of the Natural Linen provides a blend that is exemplary in design and juxtaposition of richness. It is fabulous! And right now, I just want to look at it! Anything made, would be gorgeous and I'm thinking a Beautiful Scarf. The compliments would be never ending! Thank you Another Great Beauty!

A • February 7, 2022

1940's open arm rocker reupholstered. IL098 is loosely woven and very soft even without washing. Would use for drapes but not for upholstery again. Will have to be gentle with this rocker as threads can pull easily but really am happy with the look.

Katie • June 9, 2022

This fabric makes the most heavenly Table linens! Pictured here is one of my napkins. Easy peasy to sew up and super soft and silky.

Lauren • April 23, 2022
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