Jade — Jade Relaxed Linen Shirt Pattern

In a closet full of different styles, the white linen shirt is the very definition of a wardrobe staple. The shirt we imagined combines traditional tailored features like button bands, sleeve cuffs and a yoke with a minimalist styling, relaxed fit and a stand up collar. It falls perfectly, looks sharp and feels luxuriously soft in our linen. 

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- Step-by-step instructions on The Thread blog.
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Rita profile image Placket confusion
Reviewer: Rita

I have the pattern all cut out and ready to lay out on my material. But, I always read the instructions thoroughly before doing so. Now my confusion is in how to cut out the sleeve placket. The pattern piece is overlapping itself, I think, and there's not instructions in what to do with it. Can anyone help?

FS Team profile Image F|S Team

Good afternoon! I've reached out to our tutorial writer to help with your question. It is always best to email us questions to ask@fabrics-store.com so we can email back with the solution - the comments don't give a lot of space to write. They will email you soon :)

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Pat profile image Jade shirt
Reviewer: Pat

I cant find the pattern When I click for pattern it takes my back to the begging for the down load . I have have the linen fabric that I can wait to use but want this pattern HELP Please

FS Team profile Image F|S Team

Good afternoon - I just sent you an email with the steps to access the pattern file. Hope this helps and have a great day.

review star review star review star review star review star
Rachel profile image Could this work on a man?
Reviewer: Rachel

Any suggestions on how to alter this pattern to fit a man?

FS Team profile Image F|S Team

Hi! I've reached out to the pattern drafters to see if this can be done and will email you once I hear from them :)

review star review star review star review star review star
Fabrcis-store buyer profile image How does this pattern verses the Genia?
Reviewer: Anonymous

I don't see much difference between this pattern and the Genia at least visually or in construction. Can you explain how the patterns differ? Thanks!

FS Team profile Image F|S Team

Good afternoon! These two shirts are not as similar as they might look. Jade has a more relaxed, ample fit, a back yoke and more tailored sleeves with sleeve vents and cuffs. Genia has simple straight sleeves, no front patch pocket and the hem is just straight and not curvy as on Jade. Basically, Jade is more tailored and features all those details that you usually see on traditional shirts. Genia is a simplified version of Jade. Hope this helps and have a great day.

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Diana profile image I object to Adobe Acrobat
Reviewer: Diana

PDF files can be read by all computers. I use Preview on a Mac to do the same thing (and more) as Adobe Acrobat. I can view the tutorials on your website but cannot get the pattern because I refuse to sign into Adobe to use Acrobat (which I did download but did not make it my default PDF reader.) This is really aggravating and makes me unhappy that the Fabrics-Store allows a third party software company to hold your customers hostage to their file reader. I have signed in to your website, bought your fabric, can read your tutorials, but the final step getting the pattern is denied to me because of some arrangement you have made with Adobe software company. It's unnecessary, unless you really don't want anyone but PC (Windows) users to use your fabric and patterns. I compute and I sew. I don't see any reason for there to be a conflict between the two.

FS Team profile Image F|S Team

My apologies for your frustration with this issue. We have no arrangments with Adobe. In 1991 Adobe created the PDF and anything other than Adobe Reader is actually a "third party app" and as such will not always be a reliable means for opening/viewing/printing and certainly will not have all the robust features that our PDF patterns have. For example, our patterns have a "size layering" feature that allows you to choose which size(s) you would like to print if you do not want to print all of them. The other issue is that we are able to give customer support to any printing issues you may have with Adobe Reader... it would be impossible for us to be knowledgeable on all the "third party" apps out there... and some may not work at all. What you have described with your Mac app as a "preview" is just that.... a preview that just lets you take a peek. It does not have the functionality to view/print the included attachments, which in our case are the printable pattern pages. Adobe Reader is not a "PC" program. Adobe Reader works reliably across all platforms and devices, including tablets and phones. The best part is Adobe Reader is FREE. Please understand that we are not denying you the use of our patterns, it is the limited function of your preview app. Please feel free to email me directly to Ask@Fabrics-Store.com and I will be happy to help you further. :) -Catina

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Rae profile image LOVE IT
Reviewer: Rae

I love the lines and simple elegance of this pattern. Comfort is key in my wardrobe and this will be one of my "go to" everything shirt, time and time again. Easily dressed up or down to fit the occasion. Thanks so much for adding a new favorite to my closet !

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