Riva — Linen Shirts, Pant and Short, Type - Premium Paper, Single Size - 10 to 16

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Size Guide and Yardage Requirements

Single Size:


The Riva pattern collection has the perfect balance of classic tailoring and casual ease.  We started with an iconic high-waist pleated trouser in a leg-lengthening silhouette and paired it with our creative take on the button-down shirt.  For a lighter look, we have included options for shorts and a sleeveless shirt.

What you get with your pattern:

- 1:1 fit and pattern consultation with our in-house pattern maker and fit expert.
- The latest in sizing. We use up-to-date technology and body shape data to get you a better fit.
- Professional clothing construction techniques. Developed by industry insiders with 100 years of shared experience.
- Illustrated instructional booklet to get you from start to finish. Written with the beginner in mind.
- Comes printed on crease-free, rolled plotting paper. Professional quality.
- Your pattern comes with only the sizes you requested printed in vibrant colors. Less clutter for easier cutting.
- Complimentary pattern storage tube and pattern hook.
- Pattern card for easy reference.
- Sew for your business? The pattern license is free with purchase.


Type: Paper Pattern
Skill Level: Advanced Beginner
Design Variations: 4
Sizes: 2 to 8, 10 to 16, 18 to 24
Illustrations: Yes
Instructions: Yes

Customer Questions and Answers


Do you offer in pdf form?

Nelly • January 7, 2023
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Hello, Our Premium Patterns are only available in hard copy format at this time.

Lauren • January 7, 2023
Jane profile image

I really would love to see a "flat front" trouser pattern. I altered this pleated pants pattern. It was a bit complicated!!

Jane • December 6, 2022
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Hello, Our Sol pattern features a pair of trousers without the pleats :)

Lauren • December 6, 2022

Hi I am looking for linen that is soft and somewhat opaque for shift dresses. Please suggest weight and finish styles for me.

Sheri • November 18, 2022
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Hello, Please look out for an email from us.

Lauren • November 18, 2022

Is this a one or two piece collar with stand?

Jenny • November 17, 2022
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Hello, The Riva pattern features a one piece collar (no stand).

Lauren • November 17, 2022

Why is there such a huge jump in size between the 16 and 18? I was very interested in buying this pattern, but going by your measurements, the 16 would be a smidge too tight. However, the 18 would be much too large. Why is the sizing so odd?

Elizabeth • November 17, 2022
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Hello, The size guide on this pattern has a large jump from the 2-16 from the 18-24 as they are drafted for two different size groups, traditionally know as 'misses' and 'plus'. If you would like some assistance finding the best size for you, please feel free to contact us directly with your body measurements and our in-house patterns consultant can help out. Please note our newly released patterns in 2023 won't have as much of a gap between sizes.

Lauren • November 17, 2022

Do you provide a pdf version for overseas customers?

Leslie • November 6, 2022
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Hello, Our premium patterns are only available in hard copy at this time. We do ship to most countries, but if you're unsure if we ship to you, please contact us.

Lauren • November 6, 2022

Is it possible to make this pant pattern w/ a flat front (not pleated)? Thank you, Druska

Druska • September 3, 2022
Lauren profile image F|S Team

The pleats form the waist shaping for this design, if you'd like to remove them, you may like to consider replacing them with darts if you are familiar with pattern alterations.

Lauren • September 3, 2022

The riva pants in size 12. How much material do i order?

Michaela • August 25, 2022
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Hello, the yardages for each size and variations are included in the size chart. To view the size chart, click the link above the add to cart button.

Lauren • August 25, 2022

Usually patterns come with fabric but it seems that this dies not apply in this case. Is this true?

Diane • August 23, 2022
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Hello, No our patterns do not come with fabric. If you'd like fabric recommendations and yardage for your size, please let us know and we would be happy to recommend our 100% linen fabrics.

Lauren • August 23, 2022

What weight linen do you suggest for a wide leg pant with a drawstring waist. Would I use light weight for a shirt ?

Marguerite • August 9, 2022
Lauren profile image F|S Team

We love our medium weight and heavyweight linens for pants. If you are new to working with our linen we recommend our IL019 Medium weight. You can use the very same medium weight fabrics for shirts too, or our IL020 lightweight linen is a great alternative!

Lauren • August 9, 2022
review star review star review star review star review star
Elise profile image Great

Matching button-down shirt and shorts sets have been dominating my inspo files since early spring, but I had yet to make one because I just couldn't pin down the perfect patterns to create the *exact* look I was dreaming of. Cue the Riva Pattern Collection. It's comprised of a button-down shirt with either long sleeve or short sleeve options, and trousers with a shorts option. Classic tailored elements such as pleating, sleeve plackets, and double welt pockets really elevate these classic wardrobe staples, so I was excited to dive right into the process of sewing these up.

Elise • October 5, 2022
review star review star review star review star review star
Love my Riva linen shirts!

Riva shirt was my first FS pattern purchase as I was drawn to the style of the back pleat. I have made 3 shirts from this pattern out of FS linen so far. The royal purple signature finish is my favorite. I love some things about this pattern and some things not so crazy about. First off, I love the paper weight of the pattern! So much better than tissue. I wish the ink was colorfast as I pressed some of the pieces with my iron and smeared the print. I know the tube was included but I fold my patterns flat for storage and put the smaller pieces in a plastic sheet protector. It sewed up fairly easy. I found that even with the instruction booklet, the sleeve placket instructions were not real clear. I emailed FS customer support and they told me about the help on line for the placket— it helped— and looks very professional. I was pleasantly surprised that the back pattern piece was full size. After my first shirt, I cut the back pattern piece on the fold-line and made one half a regular (pleat-less) back pattern (which I also made shorter), and now I have two versions for versatility! One with pleat and one without. I love how the collar attaches with a bias strip. That was new to me and I love it! So easy —and no neck facing in the way. What I have found out though, as I wear these shirts is that the weight of the back yoke and pleat tend to make the shirt slip to the back. The shorter pleat-less version helps, but it seems like the shoulder seam should be farther forward to the front? Not a deal breaker by any means. The sleeve is super easy to attach. By my third shirt, they were going together very quickly! I haven't made the pants yet. I will make the short sleeve version next. I miss pockets though, so I'm going to add pockets on the front or side seam next time. I wore one on the plane last week and it worked well as a jacket in the cool air. I love my linen shirts!

Debby • September 7, 2022
review star review star review star review star review star
The most beautifully made pattern I have ever seen

The RIVA linen pants are the perfect middle-ground between suit pants and jeans, while still being perfect for getting some boba or cold brew with friends after work. RIVA pants have all the delicate features of suit pants — double welts back pockets, side pockets, covered zipper, waist band. But the double pleats alongside the pockets release all the tension from a pair of formal suit pants into a generously flowing garment. I love the feeling of freedom and relaxation being in wide leg pants. The waistband is definitely the highlight of RIVA pants, the curve and small geometric shapes at the center back give a feel of focus and independence.

Binyue • September 7, 2022
review star review star review star review star review star
A style for the ages

I see the Riva as a sophisticated (if done in the right size) trouser that can be worn in a casual, professional, or glamorous fabric for the occasion. I have not as yet gotten to the stage of cutting and sewing a trouser but I saw the value of having a pattern that would serve me well. I thank your pattern creating team and of course the first trouser would be in linen when I get to it. I do have the 4C22 from a previous order

B. Y. • September 6, 2022
review star review star review star review star review star
Franki profile image Perfection!

My second pair of the pants is currently on my sewing machine. My first pair are made with IL019 Asphalt FS. Size 6 fit like a glove and they are heaven to wear. I will be making the long sleeved shirt out of IL019 Medieval Blue softened next. I LOVE THIS STORE!

Franki • September 19, 2021
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I'm so lucky to have had the chance to review the RIVA set; it's one of my favourite patterns now. I almost missed out on this pattern and dismissed it at first because it's so hard to see the garments in the photos. The cover photo shows a woman gazing off into the distance over terracotta-roofed buildings. I couldn't really tell what she was wearing, but once I perused the photos I realised I was in love with the trousers – they looked like the ultimate vintage shorts. I was also intrigued by the collar shape of the shirt.

Mel • June 14, 2022

I've never been a big fan of summer: I cannot stand the heat, the humidity is unbearable, but most importantly, I can't comfortably wear my favourite clothes for a few months of the year. Much to my great displeasure, one can't really wear layers upon layers of wool in Turkish summers. I also have a complicated history with wearing summery garments, I've never felt at home wearing a pair of shorts... until now!  These black linen RIVA shorts might have just single handedly converted me into a person who can actually enjoy summer dressing. They have that classic, high waisted and pleated silhouette that I so love in bottoms, and their wide legs offer the best ventilation one could ask for. I love how graphic and architectural they look, especially in this black linen. These are truly the perfect blend of classic & tailored with easy and relaxed.

Nisan • May 4, 2022

Here is a photo of the Asphalt pants. I wish that the softness was visible in a photo.

Franki • September 19, 2021

Here is the back view. I love the pleat detail!

Lauren • March 3, 2021

My Riva Short Sleeve Shirt! Very comfortable and a lovely fit. I adjusted the shirt by removing some of the length off the shirt front and back. I am 5'4". Fabric is Fabrics-store's IL019 Middleweight in the Asphalt color with the Signature Finish.

Lauren • March 3, 2021
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