IL073 842 BLUE STRIPES - 100% Linen - Canvas (9.1 oz/yd2)

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This is a 19" wide canvas weight cloth.

Woven out of thick, short staple, linen thread - this fabric is made to scrunch up after the wash and dry. It shrinks about 18% on the weft of the fabric ( widthwise) and 16% of the warp of the fabric ( lengthwise). This gives it the needed density for home textiles.

At a canvas weight of 9.1 ounces a square yard this 100% linen is a fabulous utilitarian fabric that you will love for its simple rustic beauty and strength. Items made from this fabric will wear like iron and last decades.

Yarn Dyed fabrics are made using threads that are dyed separately before being woven. This allows for a large variety of patterns and designs that stand out from the base fabric color.

Narrow width cloth is great for:

  • Shopping bags
  • Purses
  • Placemats
  • Runners
  • Decorative pillows
  • Kitchen towels
  • Appliance covers
  • Potholders
  • Cushions

Fabric specifications:

Article : IL073 Narrow Width
Content : 100% Linen
Thread size warp : 5.5
Thread size weft : 9.09
Thread count warp : 21
Thread count weft : 34
Color :
Weight : 9.1 oz/yd2
Width : 19 inch
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Love this heavy linen
Reviewer: Marilyn

For those who find this too wrinkly for towels, you must wash this linen many times, I would say at least 8 times, I throw them in with every wash cycle over a few weeks and then you get the most wonderful, soft and absorbent dish towels ever. It takes time, but it is worth it. I just ordered several pieces from the doggie bag to make dishcloths and placemats and will use some unwashed to make shopping bags.

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Reviewer: Georgia

I'm not happy at all with this it's so hard almost like a plastic the only thing it is good for is making patio cushions or covering outdoor chairs it is not good or fit for inside work.I definitely will not be ordering this again. And the stripe is really a good 2 inches wider so not even what I was wanting or hoping for. Just not pleased at all with this purchase ,will not be doing it again.

FS Team profile image F|S Team

We are sorry to hear that you are not happy with this linen. I will reach out to you via your direct email to see if there is a way for us to turn this purchase around for you.

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Christmas is coming
Reviewer: Mary

Can't wait to try this type of linen fabric out. I have never worked with canvas quality before this purchase. Excited. I am planning to pre wash x 3 and line dry before attempting, as this method has been successful in the past with my linen projects. Grey tone is slightly darker than anticipated but won't effect the project/

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Piece Of Work
Reviewer: Patricia

See my description / photo in the posted work

FS Team profile image F|S Team

I am sorry to hear that the towels are not working out as expected and will email you directly with additional suggestions/solutions that may work in achieving a more satisfactory result.

review star review star review star review star review star
Reviewer: Marlene

I haven't finished what I am doing but, I am making napkins, placemats and a valance for my kitchen. I love this material and I made pillow covers with ties when I bought it last time it's so versatile.

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France profile image Perfect organic texture
Reviewer: France

I'm in love with all of those striped linens. It has the smell of linen, of fields, of the thrue life! Love the touch. I always machine wash and dry my linen before cutting and sewing it. I find that the best thing to do is to dry this one at medium heat for 30 minutes for 20 yards. First, I have machine dried it for too long and it was really hard to iron. Second, I took it out of the dryer while it was still too wet. Third, I think that I understand how to manage it!

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Reviewer: Mary

It is pictured as blue and cream. It is actually blue and brown. I was making placemats as decoration for a wedding rehearsal tables. Now I have to find something else. I would not have ordered many yards if the picture had been correct.

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Durable Beauty!
Reviewer: A

It's Linen so it's Naturally Beautiful! Turned a narrow (1/4 ") hem twice, and stitched. The crispness allowed stitching without pins nor needed pressing. I just smoothed with my fingers. I was short on time, just wrapped, and gave two Dish towels as a gift. I cut a full yard for each. Gave without washing. My friend just Loves them! I I advised she remove from washer and hand straighten. Smooth out a bit. Low partial dryer. I use two at a time in my kitchen. One in use, while the other dries. Then rotate. You always have a dry towel to work with! Thanks again!!!

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Marion profile image Amazing heavy duty, hard working kitchen towels & they’re pretty, too!
Reviewer: Marion

I bought some of this fabric to make a few kitchen towels for myself. The fabric shrinks a lot so I used 2 yards to make three towels. They were quick to make. I washed them in hot water & detergent & dried one on the clothes line, one in the dryer & laid one flat on top of the dryer. They all came out exactly the same size. They shrink in the wash but not at all with drying. They are heavy weight towels and are not "soft" but they feel nice, practical & sturdy & they soak up liquids like crazy. Anyway I bought 12 more yards to make towels for Christmas gifts.

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Love this fabric in this color way!
Reviewer: Maryjo

I purchased this fabric for dish towels, as linen is the best. I did make dish towels. the shrinkage was as expected making a very dense drying cloth! love it. but I also couldn't help but think this would be great for upholstery of a foot stool, or even large floor pillows etc. the fabric seems indestructible! love the look too

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Second order
Reviewer: Margaret

This makes the best kitchen towels ever! They are large and thirsty! I had to buy more material to make more as it seems my friends and family are always going home with one or two.

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Happy Birthday celebration
Reviewer: Marta

I purchased this linen for my daughter's use. She and husband have bought a house and she is decorating all over. She loves table decor and chose to have me sew placemats and table runner for their dining table. It enhances all her blue china for formal and every day meals. Best birthday gift ever !!

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Pillow covers
Reviewer: Marlene

I loved working with this fabric, it is so pretty and soft. I love the blue and white stripes, it made a beautiful cover with white ribbon for ties. I have a little piece left over and want to make a kitchen towel.

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Best dish towels ever!
Reviewer: Emma

I absolutely love this rustic fabric. They are so absorbent and the rough texture is perfect for the kitchen. Shrinks a lot so wash before sewing.

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Much more brown than natural mix
Reviewer: hyun

Love the fabric weight, but it looks far more dingy brown than a natural

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Love This Fabric for My Beachy Kitchen
Reviewer: Jane

I ordered this to make heavy kitchen towels for my "beach vibe" kitchen and I absolutely love it! Got four towels and a couple of dish cloths and pot holders from it and I am craxmzy in love with it. They are still a little rough, but that's okay, they are highly absorbent, work to dry and even exfoliate my hands after gardening, washing my hands and using these to dry them prior to lotion. I wish I'd have ordered more!

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Reviewer: Diana

I was intrigued by the idea of this linen towel project. I bought the Blue Stripes and, within an hour of the fabric's arrival, I had stitched up two towels, laundered them, and pressed them into dinnertime service without ironing. The 18% shrinkage made them "springy" and absorbent; they make great pot holders in a pinch as well. Now wishing I'd bought more than those two yards!

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Fantastic for dishtowels!
Reviewer: Margie

I'm so glad I took a chance on this fabric. I knew it was narrow, and wanted to use for dishtowels. It needs several hot washer-and-dryer sessions to really soften up, but then becomes soft, absorbent, deliciously tactile. I had no trouble ironing it damp on my iron's linen setting. Ironing stretched it out so the selvages weren't noticeably puckered. Really dries dishes and hands well, especially after ironing.

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Lovely after washed
Reviewer: Leone

I ordered one yard of this in June 2029 in a doggie bag as my first purchase from his store and was very pleased with all aspects of the transaction. It shrunk from 38" long, 18" wide to 28" long, 12 1/2" wide. That was not a problem as they had told me the percentage it would shrink. I love the weight for a tea towel but determined it was a bit heavy for another purpose I had in mind. I have since ordered five other things from the store.

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Very disappointing
Reviewer: Carol

The fabric looked lovely when I received it. I cut and serged the edges in preparation for hemming. I then washed and tried the pieces like I would in the future for cleaning. What a disappointment! The pieces were so wrinkled and waded up I will have to press then before hemming to hopefully make the pieces usable. Didn't plan to have to press or iron the finished products each time I washed and dried them

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Wavy Edges
Reviewer: Tammy

The edges (selvage) are very wavy. I laundered the fabric and ironed. Cut into pieces for dish towels and hemmed the raw edges. Wish I had read another reviewers comments and hemmed the selvage too. I am still using them as dish towels and really like the drying properties. They ARE a bit rough but after about 20 washes are softening. My husband doesn't care for the roughness but it doesn't bother me.

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Mary profile image Hemmed Drying Towels
Reviewer: Mary

I am so happy with this canvas linen for drying towels. I had heard so many reviews about excess shrinkage, I washed them in hot and dried my yardage 3x. I like a finished look, so I trimmed the selvidge off and gave a small hem. Look at them! Finished, I washed them again in hot water and dried them. These are not ironed. They are so soft. That are a wedding gift to my daughter. Large: 35" long with 2.5" hem Regular: 28" long with 2" hem Bar towels: 16" long with 1" hem All: 11" wide with 1/2" seam

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More durable than denim
Reviewer: Susan

I made an "envelope" for storing the porcelain grills from the BBQ for the winter. My next project with this fabric will be replacement cloth liners for my laundry hamper. I have a few kitchen towels I made from a previous purchase a few years ago. They are also the ones I use the most. They absorb moisture well and dry on the towel bar quickly enough to be ready for more by the next meal. It took about three weeks of washing and using to get all the stiffness out and now they are my favorites. It's kind of like a new pair of shoes that you need to "break them in", then you'll use them forever. I think if Levi Strauss knew of this fabric, his jeans would be linen not cotton denim.

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Just too harsh even after two washings and ironing for use as towels.
Reviewer: Patricia

I'm thinking I'll do throw pillow covers. I wish they would soften more because I love the look. They just won't work for hand towels.

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Surprisingly useful
Reviewer: Linda

Sewing the dish towels was easy. I threw them in the washer and dryer with other dish towels and crossed my fingers. I was rather discouraged at the towel's appearance when they came out of the dryer. My husband laughed at my project which looked liked a 4 or 5 inch diameter ball of wrinkled fabric. I bravely carried them off to the ironing board and ironed and ironed. They came out looking nice and after the 1st washing and drying, I just stretch the corners and they straighten right out. I like them so much I am making 3 for a present for my daughter.

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Sturdy heavyweight fabric
Reviewer: A

I ordered this fabric to use as kitchen towels. It is a bit stiff and coarse after several washings and I do not think I will continue to use them as such. They will be used as utility towels for scrubbing though. Maybe even as a middle layer between heavy weight fabric and used to make bath rugs. My sweetie thinks they would be good for exfoliating as well. Hmmmm may cut them down to smaller strips and use instead of loofah! They should last forever!

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Nice, Heavy Duty Cloth
Reviewer: Teresa

I bought this to make a quilted case for my computer. I wasn't paying attention and didn't realize that it was only 19 inches wide. Whoops! After washing in hot water and being tossed into the dryer, it feels heftier, but also shrank to 18" in width. It feels very durable. It will be great for my computer bag. This would also be perfect for dishcloths and grocery bags. I will be buying more at some point for those purposes. The color is pretty true to what shows up on my computer screen, except that the natural part is more oatmeal than grey.

These simple beauties won't disappoint. They are a delight!

Posted by Paula

Such a disappointment. I jumped on the bandwagon, pulled in by the romanticized presentation of 'rustic' linen. Yes, linen is a great fabric, however this fabric is a piece of work. I purchased 9 yards - 3 of 3 different patterns, happily thinking I'd home-make some gorgeous linen kitchen towel to give for Christmas. After the making and washing, I can sadly say that will not be happening. Yes, the fabric looks cute and I was so excited about the 'matchy' stripes. And yes, the fabric is rustic and sturdy. HOWEVER, even after 3 washings the towels come out of both washer and dryer with the fabric deeply contracted, tight, balled, bunched, shriveled....just look at the photo. In order to make these both presentable and functional, you have to wrestle with each towel, pulling and yanking them into some sort of rectangle. Then spend several minutes ironing each one. Only then are they somewhat agreeable. I'm not going to do that each time they are washed and I certainly wouldn't impose that on someone else giving them as a gift. Perhaps this fabric should be given the 'softened' treatment that some of the other linen fabrics are given. I don't know. I DO know that this has been an incredible waste of money and time.

Posted by Patricia

Just adore this beautiful striped linen canvas in all colors. Love the texture, the feel, the smell...and as a designer and a photographer, it is so design and photogenic!

Posted by France

Hand towels for the kitchen and some napkins. I love using them. I watched a tutorial on YouTube on how to create the mitered corners, so the backside of the napkins looks very professional. I am going to try and make more napkins and towels with heavy weight linen rather than canvas and see how those turn out.

Posted by Marianne

Hand towel for the kitchen. So easy to make as I just folded over each of the long edges and top stitched.

Posted by Marianne

Combining this blue stripe table runner with fringed edges with the IL073 Mix Natural placemats (with machine embroidered sea life) and IL019 Sapphire linen napkins - also machine embroidered.

Posted by Sarah

Great quality linen. I love this linen because it is beautiful and easy to work with. I bought 3 yards and made 4 kitchen towels. It dries dishes well and also dries quickly.

Posted by Helen

This fabric was woven to be tough as nails and become your daily mealtime helper. Tested on toddlers and even with that messy eater - table clean-up has been slashed in half.

Posted by Lauren

Dish towels. See review above.

Posted by Tammy

Another view -

Posted by Mary

My finished towels.

Posted by Mary

Dish towel from Doggie Bag

Posted by Patti

Rustic linen stripe, unlined triangle sack, roomy and easy to carry. I washed and dried the fabric, then sewed it. A lot of lint came off in the washer, and dryer. I call it "Haysack" from the scent of summer hay in the fabric

Posted by Susan

Perfect Bath set created using all of these wonderful narrow Rustic linen stripes--to see more visit me at

Posted by Marina
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