IL073 840 BLUE THIN STRIPE - 100% Linen - Canvas (9.1 oz/yd2)

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This is a 19" wide canvas weight cloth.

Woven out of thick, short staple, linen thread - this fabric is made to scrunch up after the wash and dry. It shrinks about 18% on the weft of the fabric ( widthwise) and 16% of the warp of the fabric ( lengthwise). This gives it the needed density for home textiles.

At a canvas weight of 9.1 ounces a square yard this 100% linen is a fabulous utalitarian fabric that you will love for its simple rustic beauty and strength. Items made from this fabric will wear like iron and last decades.

Yarn Dyed fabrics are made using threads that are dyed separately before being woven. This allows for a large variety of patterns and designs that stand out from the base fabric color.

Narrow width cloth is great for:

  • Shopping bags
  • Purses
  • Placemats
  • Runners
  • Decorative pillows
  • Kitchen towels
  • Appliance covers
  • Potholders
  • Cushions

Fabric specifications:

Article : IL073 Narrow Width
Content : 100% Linen
Thread size warp : 5.5
Thread size weft : 9.09
Thread count warp : 21
Thread count weft : 34
Color :
Weight : 9.1 oz/yd2
Width : 19 inch
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Nice weave
Reviewer: gayle

I preshrunk the fabric and pressed and pressed and steamed and pressed and steamed and pressed again. I don't like the ruffled look for a runner, and it's impossible to flatten the selvage. After a year in the closet, it's out again and will be used for rectangular pillows or towels. (after pressing and steaming again with no luck). The thick fabric makes side seams/hems too bulky.

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Great for dish towels
Reviewer: Anne

I bought a doggie bag piece of this in another color and made a couple of towels for myself, then 8 yards of this color to make more for a wedding present. It's beautiful and works best if you hem it before washing. It's a lot heavier than huck toweling, and feels really rough the first few washings, but it's nice once it's broken in. I predict at least 20 years of service out of them.

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Great toweling for the kitchen
Reviewer: Marianne

I purchased three yards and made four towels for the kitchen. I loved that the sides didn't need any sewing because of the selvages. I made simple "rolled" hems, then washed them twice in hot water and dried them in the dryer. They were quite wrinkled, so I ironed them with the iron on the steam setting. The towels are quite thick and not soft (yet) but so far they are great at actually soaking up water (something I've discovered is difficult to find in a towel. :0/) The dark color should keep them from showing stains too readily, too! If they keep performing well, I'll be purchasing more to make towels for gifts. :)

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only after many washings ...
Reviewer: Jen

Like many of you I ordered this for kitchen towels. Never having worked with canvas (or much with any linen) before, I was very unhappily surprised by the massive shrinkage. I wish this had been noted in the description -- I still would have ordered it, but would have ordered differently. Now, after initially cutting off inches of ravel and hemming, and washing often, I love this fabric. It's hefty, sturdy, and has the most wonderful hand. It's my workhorse daily towel and I'm ordering more. Hemming FIRST this time, then shrinking. Hoping that will work better!

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Love this linen!
Reviewer: Jo

I can't tell you how many yards of this I have purchased- it's so versatile that I bought extra yardage for my stash! The kitchen towels look classic and launder beautifully, and I never have to waste money on overpriced kitchen towels again! I upholstered an old footstool ( did not prewash), and also found that this fabric is perfect for washing windows ( prewash in hot water several times).

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Very Dissatisfied with This Linen
Reviewer: M.

When this fabric (and with wide stripe) were recently on sale, I happily bought three yards o each fabric. My intention was to make kitchen towels. After running each fabric through hot water and a hot dryer three times, the fabric is now 14 1/2" wide and 2 yards, 19" long. I guess I can make finger tip towels or expensive rags. This is my first--and I hope ONLY--disappointment with my linen purchases here.

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Love this linen
Reviewer: Deborah

I really like this linen. It dries quickly and I can use it to wipe my counter tops and not worry about staining them. I bought several yards, when it was on sale, and made a bunch of dish towels for myself and some to give for a Christmas/wedding present. When other people in my family saw the dish towels, they got upset that they did not get any. I gave all of then away and now I have none! I need to make more for myself. I plan on keeping 3 out and hiding the rest from my family. I know if I don't that they will disappear too. LOL

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Reviewer: Anonymous

Heavier than the old fashion toweling I was looking for, but as close as I could find. I cut and hemmed for dish towels and am quiet satisfied with results. It does crinkle quiet a bit when washed and some of the blue rubbed off the stripes in the dryer but that is of no consequence for dish towels.

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great value
Reviewer: Jo

This narrow, heavy linen is excellent for dishtowels. I washed it in hot water and hot dryer two times for maximum shrinkage and used heavy duty thread to hem the edges. It dries even crystal without streaking or lint. When I ran out of paper towels, I used one dishtowel to clean the windows. Once I saw the excellent results, I bought more in the red stripe just for cleaning windows! It's great to save money on paper towels- even greater that the results are better with linen!

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Terrific Fabric...if you have the right application
Reviewer: Barbara

The width, the finish, the weave are all wonderful (for myriad projects I am certain). Be aware however, this is a tough fabric to wash and iron in anticipation of cutting and sewing. I am going back to the drawing board to rethink the fabric choice for my design and plan to use this in future, for something better suited..

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Perfect heavyweight fabric
Reviewer: Misty

This fabric is only 19 inches wide and very heavy, perfect for the kitchen towels I wanted to make. All I had to do was hem the top and bottom and used the selvedge edges for the sides.

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very heavy and narrow
Reviewer: Barbara

I think this would be good for replacing some in lawn chairs, It is very heavy and I would have a hard time sewing with a regular machine. I had hoped to make a dress out of it and ordered it by mistake as I had purchased some linen with dots on it from you. Great strong fabric just not what I was thinking it waswhen I ordered.

I made these for a wedding present and love the way they look!

Posted by Anne

All the IL073 Blue Stripes working together to make a perfect Bath ensemble see more at

Posted by Marina
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