IL042 888 FS Premier Finish - 100% Linen - Middle (5.1 oz/yd2)

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This is a Twill weave linen which creates a pattern of diagonal, parallel lines. The Twill weave will impact the stability of the linen making it "shift" more than other plain weave fabrics in this collection.

Yarn Dyed 100% linens are made using linen threads that are dyed separately before being woven, allowing for a large variety of patterns and designs that stand out from the base fabric color.

Part of our Luxury Linen Collection this group is a finer middle weight linen that showcases a variety of chambray, stripes and plaids that can coordinate with each other.

Completing the luxurious look and feel is our exclusive "Premier Finish" which is smooth, agreeable to the senses and that perfect final touch that enhances the beauty of these exceptional linen yarn dyes.

The Premier Finish undergoes a two-step process to give the cloth a luxurious, supple feel right out of the box. First, we apply a softener to give the fabric a silkier surface. Then, strong blasts of air are blown into the woven cloth. This beats up the fibers to make them softer and mimics the fiber bending process that the fabric undergoes when you've used it a lot ( imagine the cloth being pulled behind you in a convertible going 120 on a freeway for a couple of hours). This finishing process gives the fabric a much softer and more luxurious hand. It will be less prone to deep creases and have less linting. Shrinkage will still have to be taken into consideration based on the fabric type ( thread size, count, weave type).

Fabric specifications:

Article : IL042
Content : 100% Linen
Thread size warp : 20
Thread size weft : 20
Thread count warp : 43
Thread count weft : 42
Color :
Weight : 5.1 oz/yd2
Width : 59 inch
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IL042 in general.
Reviewer: Anne

I have used IL042 once before and loved it for a dress. It very cool to wear and easy to work with. I am looking forward to receiving this fabric and trying it out. It takes about a month to get my orders as I live outside of US so I don't have it yet.

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Leigh profile image Very Hard to Work With
Reviewer: Leigh

This is beautiful fabric, and maybe someone with more talent than me could make it useful, but it was so difficult to work with for an intermediate sewer. I am pretty bummed because it was pretty expensive too. It's a woven fabric and the weave is very loose, much looser than the other middle weight linens from Fabric Store (which I have loved!). It would stretch, even with interfacing and unweave even with a close zigzag stitch. It was just unusable for me. It also moves quite a bit and will not press flat, so you end up having to just pin and pin and pin and it still isn't exact. It was honestly a really frustrating experience. I do not recommend this unless you have experience working with fabrics that stretch and easily unravel.

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Reviewer: Chelsea

Working with this fabric was a dream. It has a loose pattered weave and that made it a little bit shifty when sewing so I knew I wanted to make something that was both simple and would showcase the fabric. The Adrianna is a shift dress and it is perfect for this type of fabric.

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Reviewer: Anonymous

just a lovely feel - have yet to wash it but it slips through the fingers like silk

Adrianna dress from Friday Patterns Co

Posted by Chelsea

The Merchant and Mills Factory Dress Pattern used with this beautiful fabric.

Posted by William
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