Fabric IL041 Open Weave 100% Linen Fabric Natural

IL041 Open Weave Natural - 100% Linen Fabric - Medium (5.01 oz/yd2), Width 57"

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Natural is the earth made, not dyed, color of the flax plant once it is made into thread. No dyes, no bleach. The only thing that impacts the color of the cloth from one production to the next ( if it is more beige or grey) is the amount of sunshine and rain that particular flax harvest had.

At 5.1 ounces this Open Weave 57 inch wide linen has a unique slightly sheer look and feel that sets it apart from other medium weight linens. Open weave does not make it less durable or versatile, just loosely woven.

This linen should be laundered in a cold wash-tumble dried on air setting or very low heat--line dry if possible.

Fabric specifications:

Article IL041 Open Weave
Content 100% Linen
Width 57 inch
Weight 5.01 oz/yd2
Thread size warp 9.09
Thread size weft 9.09
Thread count warp 20
Thread count weft 19

Customer Questions and Answers

review star review star review star review star review star
MM profile image Wonderful fabric for shawls and scarves!

This fabric is so easy to work with. It just keeps getting softer with each machine washing (delicate) and drying (low heat). Making the ponytail fringes are simple, too. I do mine a little differently than what is suggested, and I add a stay stitch to prevent further unraveling. Maureen can direct you to my tutorial if you like. Please don't give up on this lovely fabric just because it is a little "scratchy" at first!

MM • February 8, 2021
review star review star review star review star review star
Shawls out of this scratchy

I'm in love with all this linen but I made shawls from this fabric as described in an email. They show them all wrapped arounds necks like scarves so beautifully but mine are too short, too wide and too scratchy, still beautiful to look at. I don't know what fabric to try to make scarves and make them better. All suggestions welcome. I'm going to use these on a table or something.

Nancy • December 16, 2020
review star review star review star review star review star
Probably not meant to be used for this but..It is GREAT!

I made a nightgown, a simple shift, from a pattern for a shirtdress, minus the belt, no collar, short sleeves, added an inch to the width to be sure I could pull it over my head. It is the best fabric I have found for this purpose when you have to sleep through those hot, humid, summer nights. This one is probably better than the more tightly woven lighter linen fabrics that you see in manufactured linen sheets and blouses, since it is so loosely woven. I pre-washed it in hot water 7 times and in Ecos Ultra Free and Clear laundry soap (I NEVER use detergent) only for the last wash, shrinkage was about 9% in length, it dropped from 60" wide to 54" in the first wash (but can be ironed back to about 56"). This heavier linen tends to lose sharp wrinkles, making the fabric just look relaxed. It feels like it should be scratchy to feel (even with softener--it lints a great deal) but is so comfortable when you use a natural fabric softener such as Ecover. Linen is the only thing worth sleeping on. I slept on IL077 bleached white sheets on a single futon and fell in love with linen (the heavier linen) sheets--see my comments on that linen fabric. So I decided to ditch the cotton jersey nightgown for a linen nightgown and will never go back. What they say about linen is correct--warm in winter, cool in summer, so it keeps on working well as the house cools down through the night. I guess it works because it is so loosely woven and not tightly knit as jersey, but cotton woven sheets are just too hot in these summers. Maybe cotton only works well in icy cold refrigerated rooms.

Martha • January 1, 2018

This weight and color of IL041 made beautiful rustic sheer curtains for my front floor and sidelights. Perfect for my 1917 Arts and Crafts bungalow. I hang them while damp. They are stretched between two rods. They are sheer from the inside, but give us privacy from the outside.

Kathleen • September 26, 2020

The open weave linen was perfect for making sheer Roman shades! Love the texture, used the Natural color on greige walls - looks perfect!

Brandi • August 2, 2020

I really enjoyed using this fabric for my criss-cross back pinafore apron! Lots of shabby, rustic fun!

Ava • July 15, 2015

This linen has a more open, looser weave but I liked the texture in this application

Francine • April 4, 2014

After not finding what I wanted in the stores, I found your fabric site online, and made my own. These don't block our view, but add privacy.

Gina • January 10, 2009
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