IL041 FOG Softened - 100% Linen - Middle (5.01 oz/yd2)

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19th century painter Alexei Savrasov portrayed stunning, Romanticized visions of the Russian landscape, capturing the sparkling freshness and icy air of winter when everything was obscured by layers and layers of snow. Sensitively attuned to the natural world at this time of year, he carefully observed how subtle shades of bluish-grey like that of FOG Linen could appear in snowy shadows, or emerge from puffy passages of cloud overhead, capturing the unique, sparkling light of a Russian winter wonderland.
Savrasov's pupil, the artist Isaak Levitan wrote in homage to his teacher, "Savrasov was the father of Russian landscape painting, and this undisputed merit of his will never be forgotten in the field of Russian art."

At 5.1 ounces this Open Weave linen has a unique slightly sheer look and feel that sets it apart from other medium weight linens. Open weave does not make it less durable or versatile, just loosely woven.

This linen should be laundered in a cold wash-tumble dried on air setting or very low heat--line dry if possible.

Fabric specifications:

Article : IL041 Open Weave
Content : 100% Linen
Thread size warp : 9.09
Thread size weft : 9.09
Thread count warp : 20
Thread count weft : 19
Color : FOG
Weight : 5.01 oz/yd2
Width : 57 inch
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Where did it go?
Reviewer: Celine

This is a wonderful linen, Please bring it back!

Agustina is a simple and slightly cropped boxy top with round neckline and cuff sleeves. And sometimes simple is best. An ideal beginner sewing project, this top sews up in just a couple of hours and requires very little fabric. We chose to make this top in our gauzy open weave linen that has a unique slightly sheer look making it ideal for summer. Such a great basic pattern, it's guaranteed to become one of your favorites. Plus, it lends itself to so many simple hacks to make it your very own. You can lengthen the hem and turn it into a dress, or transform cuffs into long sleeves, or add a belt.

Posted by Masha

I made a ring sling baby carrier with this fabric!

Posted by Katherine
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