IL028 873 ORANGE-NATURAL - 100% Linen - Middle (6.6 oz/yd2)

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A sophisticated reversible linen that can be turned down for a contrast or used as one or the other. Endless possibilities as this is like getting two for one.

Linen is great for skin, water absorbency, and ease of garment care.
However, and I will be first to say, plain weave linen is too "flat" and not my first pick for items that need "snuggle volume".
Jacquard linen comes with "snuggle volume" but is just so heavy.

Having access to fabric engineers really helps... Allow me to introduce the newest addition to FS fabric repertoire of fluffy goodness - the double-sided IL028 100% linen fabric!
This cloth is only 6.6 ounces a square yard so just a smidge heavier than the All-Purpose medium weight.  

How does it get the snuggle volume? The trick is in the weaving technique... the cloth is double sided. Not like reversible, but as in woven with two fabrics that are interconnected into one cloth throughout the surface area.

Once the fabric goes in the first wash and dry - if fluffs up everywhere the 2 sides aren't connected. It will shrink about 8% the weft of the fabric ( width-wise) and 8% warp of the fabric ( lengthwise).  You will feel like a creative genius when you pull the fabric out of the drier.

Fabric specifications:

Article : IL028 Double layer
Content : 100% Linen
Thread size warp : 17.9
Thread size weft : 17.9
Thread count warp : 57
Thread count weft : 51
Color :
Weight : 6.6 oz/yd2
Width : 62 inch
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Wonderful Throw
Reviewer: Christina

Made a wonderful throw by fringing about 1.5" on both cut ends and washing/drying. No need to iron, it puckers up beautifully on both sides. The orange is more neon than persimmon, so order a swatch if you are unsure.

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Reviewer: Linda

I followed the nsteuctuins for making a big throw with this fabric and I love it! The fabric was easy to fringe a nd when washed the fringe curled up just th way I wanted and the fabric became puffy and soft. It's warm and looks wonderful on my couch. Would make a wonderful pashmina type shawl as well.

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Reviewer: Anonymous

I paired this fabric with a medium weight linen and made a reversible dress cut on the bias. I've made similar dresses with F/S linens of different weights without any problems. However this time, even though both sides of the dress are the same length, the side with this fabric is more than an inch longer in the center when it is on a hanger. I don't always iron my linens after washing, but this fabric must be ironed because it comes out of the washer not just wrinkled but lumpy. The orange side of the fabric is quite intense, but the beige side with the bright orange peeking through is lovely.

FS Team profile image F|S Team

Hi - sorry you have to iron this one to get it even. It's doing that because it is a double layered fabric joined together every centimeter by a hooked thread. So the two cloths will dry and "frump up" in between where they are joined once washed. Ironing gets the cloths flattened to where they "un-frump". Some Jacquards and double cloth yarn-dyes will get like that.

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A Fabric of Great Intrigue...
Reviewer: Kathryn

While all the other colors in this IL028 line are more on the neutral side this color is anything but! When I first got it and removed it from the package I was had been folded with the natural side out and my first thought was, "my goodness, it's not nearly as intense as I expected". Then I unfolded it and was blown away by the intensity of the orange color! It is a very strong orange-red and the only 'thing' that I can liken it to is the color of a bougainvillea flower, though not at all 'pink'. The natural side is really lovely with the fiery orange-red peeking through the somewhat open weave of the natural threads...very striking! If you like a linen with presence and power then this is it. Or you may prefer, as I do, the subtlety of the natural side with it's more subdued hint of orange color. The layered effect is really quite intriguing., how to use it? I'm thinking another throw for my Arizona room (that's a sunroom for you Northerners).

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