IL028 871 CHARCOAL-NATURAL - 100% Linen - Middle (6.6 oz/yd2)

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A sophisticated reversible linen that can be turned down for a contrast or used as one or the other. Endless possibilities as this is like getting two for one.

Linen is great for skin, water absorbency, and ease of garment care.
However, and I will be first to say, plain weave linen is too "flat" and not my first pick for items that need "snuggle volume".
Jacquard linen comes with "snuggle volume" but is just so heavy.

Having access to fabric engineers really helps... Allow me to introduce the newest addition to FS fabric repertoire of fluffy goodness - the double-sided IL028 100% linen fabric!
This cloth is only 6.6 ounces a square yard so just a smidge heavier than the All-Purpose medium weight.  

How does it get the snuggle volume? The trick is in the weaving technique... the cloth is double sided. Not like reversible, but as in woven with two fabrics that are interconnected into one cloth throughout the surface area.

Once the fabric goes in the first wash and dry - if fluffs up everywhere the 2 sides aren't connected. It will shrink about 8% the weft of the fabric ( width-wise) and 8% warp of the fabric ( lengthwise).  You will feel like a creative genius when you pull the fabric out of the drier.

Fabric specifications:

Article : IL028 Double layer
Content : 100% Linen
Thread size warp : 17.9
Thread size weft : 17.9
Thread count warp : 57
Thread count weft : 51
Color :
Weight : 6.6 oz/yd2
Width : 62 inch
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Very impressive stuff
Reviewer: Jennifer

I purchased when this was on sale, very happy with how crinkly it turns after washing I simply hemmed the sides and viola... instant throw! Just couldn't be happier with how soft this fabric is and I know time/use/washes will only soften this more and more

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True doublecloth, very cool!
Reviewer: Christine

What a unique fabric. You can separate the layers to make reversible hems or seams. Individually the layers are gauzy but together they are opaque and cozy. I washed and dried three times, so much lint on the first dry cycle. Then ironed before cutting and sewing. I made a kimono style blazer, see below.

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William profile image So uniquely fantastic
Reviewer: William

I purchased this from doggie bag section to make a tank top for my etsy shop. I was so pleasantly surprised that it was so soft and supple. I washed and dried right away before working with it and it softly rippled up and didn't need ironing, but I did because I wanted to cut out and finish top before I washed and dried again. I think the un-ironed finish is where the magic is at with this fabric. It would be fantastic as a bath robe also.

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Reviewer: Carol

Only washed once so still pretty coarse. Just remembered I bought this for a bathrobe for my husband. Seemed a little too rough. Ended up as curtains for my son´s apt.

This blazer is made using the Wiksten Kimono pattern. Fully reversible due to flat fell seams and separating the fabric layers at the hems and seeing them such that the raw edges were hidden inside the layers. More details and pics on my blog,

Posted by Christine

Forgot what I bought this for, so when my son needed curtains fast for his college apartment, I whipped these up. Squared them, fringed all four sides and used clip rings. Pretty rustic which goes with his first (basement) apartment's "aesthetic". He likes them! Not his best photography effort tho!

Posted by Carol
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