IL019 All-purpose Tawny Port Softened - 100% Linen Fabric - Medium (5.3 oz/yd2), Width 58"

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Blushing crimson reds like that of TAWNY PORT Linen pulsate across Dorothea Tanning's fantastical paintings, lending them the passionate turbulence of erotic dreams and nightmares.

One of only a a handful of female Surrealists to find success in mid-20th century Europe and America, Tanning conjured up brilliantly bizarre scenarios where strange creatures inhabit curious realms beyond our own, filled with mystical, private symbolism and erotic that we can often only guess at. Tanning wrote, "Keep your eye on your inner world."

At a medium weight of 5.3 ounces this 58 inch wide 100% linen is versatile enough to be referred to as an All Purpose or Do it All linen. With its smooth look and tighter weave, this linen is neither sheer or heavy, but just the right in-between weight you will need for a variety of projects.

The cloth is Softened so we have added a softener to give it a silkier hand. The fabric has not been laundered so shrinkage will still have to be taken into consideration (shrinkage depends on fabric weave and laundering method).

Fabric specifications:

Article IL019 All-Purpose
Content 100% Linen
Width 58 inch
Weight 5.3 oz/yd2
Thread size warp 17.9
Thread size weft 17.9
Thread count warp 46
Thread count weft 37

Customer Questions and Answers

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Tawny Port for a kimono! With a lovely vintage chenille rose applique

What you have available for use, can inspire a unique garment. Chenille can offer a unique texture or design option paired with a gorgeous color of linen... Cotton and linen can laundered together and have a similar drape. The kimono to the right has pockets, from cotton to back the exterior lower linen edges.

Judith • February 7, 2023
review star review star review star review star review star
Beautifully rich!

This color is stunning. Such a beautiful wine color. It is perfect for 18th century garments!

Mallory • July 23, 2021
review star review star review star review star review star
Roxy profile image Linen for Tina Givens patterns

I bought several colors of linen for my Tina Givens patterns. They are all in the medium weight, and I love all the colors I got. I would like for Fabrics-Store to say if the color is for a warm or cool skin tone, especially the greens and browns. I washed them all in the machine, machine dried (but not bone dry) and they are all fine, ready to press and cut out my patterns. I also appreciate that they come wrapped in plastic, for the chance that it is raining when the delivery leaves on the front porch.

Roxy • July 10, 2021
review star review star review star review star review star
I absolutely love this fabric

It is rich and dark colored, a warm-toned burgundy without pink unlike some of the photos of other people's projects show. I have purchased it a number of times over several years and the color has been consistent. I am actually printing designs on it with my laser engraver and will have Sinai Bedouin women closely associated with St. Catherine's Monastery in Sinai, Egypt, hand-embroidery over the printed pattern. It is absolutely perfect for my purpose. The photo I am sharing is it printed, before being embroidered (which will hopefully happen next month).

Lizabeth • January 15, 2021
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Period Perfect

I'd never sewn on linen before now and I was missing out! Beautiful and easy to sew on!

Paula • April 30, 2020
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A gift for my younger sister (75) using kimono pattern from this site. We both love vintage chenille flowers, so I appliquéd a lovely rose in coordinating tones on this Tawny Port, garment's left sleeve. She lives in snow country, so this way she always has a lovely one to enjoy, year round. Vintage fabrics can offer a unique feature... The pattern has two pockets, which I adapted so that one pocket is on the outside, lower right, and the other on interior... it includes a hook in eye closure in overlap, so that it can remain closed.

Judith • February 7, 2023

My brother got married two months ago, and I wanted to sew linen dresses for my little sisters. I did not find any quality linen fabrics in my country, and I received a recommendation for fabrics-store. To create something with your hands is to object to the fast culture, and to engage in slow work, which leaves satisfaction, experience, and a product with a memory that remains even after the work has disappeared.

Alumah • May 4, 2021

It has a St. Catherine's Monastery inspired design printed with a laser engraver for Sinai Bedouin women to then hand-embroider over.

Lizabeth • January 15, 2021

Perfect for this 18th century gown!

Paula • April 30, 2020

English Rose with Tawny Port in a simple tunic of my own design

Holly • April 20, 2018
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