IL019 CRIMSON Softened - 100% Linen - Middle (5.3 oz/yd2)

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Vibrant, seductive and indulgent, crimson linen's entrancing hue brought pulsing lifeblood into Jan Van Eyck's iconic paintings. Red dye was rare and exotic in 15th century Europe, making it a potent symbol of luxury, wealth and prominence. In his real life portraits Van Eyck draped figures and interiors in this decadent red hue to signify their high society status, while his religious commissions tapped into red's ancient significance with spiritual characters bathed in glowing cardinal reds.

At a medium weight of 5.3 ounces, this 100% linen is versatile enough to be referred to as an All Purpose or Do it All linen. With its smooth look and tighter weave, this linen is neither sheer or heavy, but just the right in-between weight you will need for a variety of projects.

The cloth is Softened so we have added a softener to give it a silkier hand. The fabric has not been laundered so shrinkage will still have to be taken into consideration (shrinkage depends on fabric weave and laundering method).

Fabric specifications:

Article : IL019 Multi Purpose
Content : 100% Linen
Type : BASIC
Thread size warp : 17.9
Thread size weft : 17.9
Thread count warp : 46
Thread count weft : 37
Weight : 5.3 oz/yd2
Width : 59 inch
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Susan profile image I love this fabric!
Reviewer: Susan

I make embroidered throw pillows and the only fabric I used is IL019 softened. There are so many colors from which to choose and this Crimson is my favorite. Check out my work at

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Vlinder profile image Summer Set
Reviewer: Vlinder

First time making garment with FS linens. Crimson is an exquisite, rich cool red; the Softened fabric is lovely right from the start. Made a collarless, short sleeve shirt (from Seamwork patterns) and drawstring shorts (adapted from Helen's Closet and the FS blog). Very comfortable; originally meant it for a pyjama set, but love the shirt so much I wear it out instead. Shorts were my first venture with non-skirt bottoms: they're baggy, but so comfortable -- great for sleeping or working about the house. Very pleased with the fabric.

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Lora profile image Christmas crimson!
Reviewer: Lora

I made tons of stockings to sell this year. These are the last 8 I made. For my own family. They are lined in white.

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Grace profile image Riche red
Reviewer: Grace

I was looking for a red linen that would be suitable for the rich red colors depicted in the 15th century Très Riches Heures of Jean, duc de Berry. I found it here, in a linen that has the perfect weight. body, and texture for so many uses. The next time I bought some, I bought a whole bolt.

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Reviewer: Lauren

This is the best linen you will find anywhere. I prewash it and there is no shrinkage after that. It wears like iron.

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Jessica profile image Great!
Reviewer: Jessica

The quality of fabric is good, not too slubby. The color is beautiful and rich, appears the same in person as it does on my computer monitor! Love this fabric!

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Designs From Time
Reviewer: Christine

Simply put, this linen fabric is divine! I use exclusively in my historical costuming business. WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: The biggest faux pas I see my clients committing is in laundering their linen. I highly recommend you ALWAYS hand wash linen, never use hot water, or bleach (on white linens) and never tumble dry. Soak in a mild laundry soap like Woolite for about 45 minutes in a temp no warmer than 70 degrees. Agitate it but don't rub together, lay it on a large towel and roll it up to remove the excess water, unroll it, and dry the linen garment flat. Linen has a natural glue that is created when it is woven. This glue protects the fibers and gives it that lovely sheen you see when it is brand new. When you use an iron that is too hot, or wash it in hot water or wash in a washing machine, or wring out the water by twisting, it can and does remove this natural glue and breaks down the fibers so that they become fuzzy and the linen loses that sheen. Once this happens, you can never, ever, restore it. Iron your linen when it is slightly damp, or spritz it with a water bottle and let it soak in before you apply the iron. If washed properly, linen will last a long, long time.

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Iron medium
Reviewer: Jessica

Normally I would iron linen med/high.. but this shade is sensitive to heat. If you notice a dark spot, spritz the spot with water while it's still warm & it will go back to normal. Then turn your iron down. :) Love love love this color. Would make fantastic bold clothing, and would make great pillows or bedding as well.

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Gorgeous Color, But The Dye Ran
Reviewer: Patti

I absolutely love my linens I've purchased from Fabric-Store and this one is beautiful as well. The color, like so many other reviewers have mentioned, is a rich cardinal red. I purchased this to make Embroidered Scandinavian Designed Tea Towels for my customers, but when I went to wash the stabilizer off, the color ran and it ruined the white threads. I usually pre-wash my linen, but for some reason I didn't this time. I'm happy this one didn't get pre-washed because now I know and I wouldn't want my customer's to get the dye all over their other items in the laundry. I will make sure to add appropriate care instructions.

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Reviewer: Jessica

I love all the linens from The colors are rich and nuanced, the textures gorgeous. Everything I make turns out elegant and beautiful. (I make a lot of summer bias-cut skirts and hats.) They are easy to make, classier than shorts, and with this linen, I look dressed up kicking around the city with two little kids. I use this tutorial: Beautiful every time. Thank you!

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Athena profile image Pure true RED
Reviewer: Athena

A pure red color without tinges of other tones (not tomato-y or purplish): an absolutely magnificent dye. The photo of the woman holding a baby in the red sling (to the right) is an excellent representation of Crimson. Please, Fabrics-Store, make this color FOREVER, in all the linen weights!

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Reviewer: Marjorie

This linen is, of course, wonderful, and this colour is absolutely gorgeous. It is a very rich, slightly deep red. I love it, as does everyone who sees it.

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crimson linen
Reviewer: Nita

It was perfect- great colour, great texture, I made a dress, and I love wearing it.

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Kathy profile image Beautiful
Reviewer: Kathy

I have to add my accolades for this beautiful fabric. The color is rich and vibrant. Even after washing twice, there is a lovely sheen and the hand is perfect. This is my fourth purchase and I couldn't be happier.

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Donna profile image Beautiful Color
Reviewer: Donna

This is a magnificent red color. It is just amazingly beautiful. I ordered 5 yards to make a gift for my daughter. She is going to love it.

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I just received my 3 yards
Reviewer: Diana

I just received my 3 yards of Crimson Red linen IL019. Color was true to description and the weight was beautiful. I am very pleased and can't wait to make this up. Shipping was prompt.

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Great Gift for New Re-enactor
Reviewer: Karen

I bought this fabric for my niece, who will be wearing it as a Turkish-style vest at an upcoming SCA event: Masque of Courtly Love. So far, she's loved both her gowns made from linen, and I see this vest as falling right into line. It's a gorgeous color, and I wish I'd bought more so I could have a dress!

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Andrea profile image Love this cold red
Reviewer: Andrea

Beautiful. This is the perfect red, deep, strong and vibrant. I bought 0.50 yards in a doggie bag sale, but it was more....enough to make a sleeveless summer top. Very happy.

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Reviewer: Karen

Let me first say that fabric WAS one of the things I never thought I would order online. I want to see the true color and feel the fabric. But your site had many good recommendations from folks I know so I ordered some linen. HOOKED! This is simply the most recent item that I have ordered and I got exactly what I wanted. The weight is excellent, working with the linen is easy and (at least on my monitor) the color is true to what is shown. Sometimes the actual reds are even a tad brighter but never so off as to be misrepresented. Never a problem for me. This piece is set to become a tunic and coat for medieval reenacting. I'll be back for more fabric as projects continue. The tunic will be out grown long before it wears out.

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Great Roman tunic material
Reviewer: Paul w.

Having dyed my previous tunic several times to retain its crimson color, it was a joy to find linen already dyed crimson'and it does not fade with each wash. It's comfortable to wear, easy to sew, and does not fade in the wash (did I say that already). A great fabric for Roman reenacting.

review star review star review star review star review star
Reviewer: Gloria

This was my first time ordering linen from your company. This fabric is wonderful to work with and the drapes are beautiful. I am so pleased with my order. I will be ordering again soon.

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lovely shade of red
Reviewer: Gwendolen

I made a dress from this colour fabric to wear to my convention. I got lots of complement. keep up the good works!

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Beautiful fabric!
Reviewer: Virginia

Saturated color, great to work with. I love this fabric. Makes great handbags. Checkout our bags with this and other linen fabrics at

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Best Red
Reviewer: Nancy

I love this fabric! It is a medium weight and was easy to work with. I have washed the dress I made from it several times and it still looks wonderful. I will be ordering more in other colors

Wonderful red! It is a true red. Very soft after a wash or two. Sturdy and breathable. Love it!

Posted by Elisa

A gorgeous velvety red that's not too bright and not too dark. Perfect at Christmas time. I've made table runners and tea towels for customers in my Etsy shop and here's one with one of my designs handprinted in gray.

Posted by Elizabeth

I have an Etsy store and the only fabric I used for my pillows is Fabrics-Store IL019 Softened linen. Check out the rest of my pillows at

Posted by Susan

IL019 Crimson shirt

Posted by Vlinder

Loose-fit IL019 Crimson culottes

Posted by Vlinder

This was the last set of skinner stockings I made. For my own home. The red really pops and brings out the touches red throughout the room This linen is soft yet sturdy.. It sews up extremely well.

Posted by Lora

I chose the Dana jumpsuit free pattern from Red is my favorite color and I recently learned jumpsuits are flattering and fun to wear.

Posted by Lilian

A Doggie Bag creation... only the shirred portion of the bodice is made of mid-weight Crimson (IL-019); everything else is heavy-weight Crimson (4C22). I used the F-S tutorial to do the shirring, except I made one-inch wide rows vice the half-inch recommended in the tutorial. The shirring adds stretch where needed, and allows for a more fitted finished look overall. The "base" pattern is Simplicity S0654 (Patty Reed Design) but I've made a few alterations to suit my taste. So sassy with leggings and boots! Love it.

Posted by Peggy

Larger look.

Posted by Janet

First time trying raglan sleeves, it was easy! I don't usually wear such bright colors, but fall is an excuse!

Posted by Janet

Cross-stitch embroidery on Crimson red linen.

Posted by Alona

I made this thermos cover last night with a belt loop. It's made of crimson linen with a liner of fleece. I quilted it for fun. 2.5 hours to make it. One of a kind and full custom baby! I will take it outside while improving my archery.

Posted by C

This was a tunic using a self made pattern. It was a historical design. I really liked the rich red of the crimson and I trimmed it in black.

Posted by C

Hand-stiched, hand emroidered linen skirt in ethnic style.

Posted by Alona

16th Century, "Elizabethan." Kirtle by Designs From Time. I used this gorgeous Crimson linen as the livery for the Queen's household at the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire. I wanted a fabric source that I could depend on and could make future purchases of this color as I add household members to the guild. I use for ALL my client's orders for kirtles and bodices through my Etsy store and orders taken from my website. - Christine Helman

Posted by Christine

Such a vibrant red! Love!

Posted by Jessica

Loved working with this linen. It seemed to have a little less slubs than some of the other IL19 softened linen that I have purchased before in different colors.

Posted by Arianne

Purchased quite a lot of this fabric to create a new Norwegian Side Slit Kirtle out of. The fabric is a beautiful rich red colour, perfect for high status Viking clothing, as well as other applications. The weight is a very nice medium level which makes for a nice warmer weather wear on its own, or it would be a good level for a warm undergarment. Very happy with the product.

Posted by Dirk

Kimono style crimson red jacket made with Amy Butler fabrics. February 2015

Posted by Sharon

My Medieval dress as seen on the trim is the colour Sphinx and the Chemise is made from IL020 in natural.

Posted by Andrea

Tunic made for a Larper (Amtgard). The Red base was wonderful to handle even over hours and hours of Appliqué. Made by Linden

Posted by Kristin

Tablecloth and napkins that I made for my daughters Thanksgiving table this year! Working with IL019 was exceptional.

Posted by Martha Sarosy

Doublet made from optic white and crimson IL090 linen. Hosen made from emerald IL090 linen. 15th century kit.

Posted by Jenny

I made this adapted A-line dress with vertical pintucks and hemstitching for my daughter of out remnants from a top I made for myself. It was the perfect red, no hint of orange at all, and looked great with both of our complexions.

Posted by Jamie

I made this early 15th century dress from six yards of crimson linen and lined it with four yards of white. It washed well, looks wonderful, and was a joy to hand sew. Thanks!

Posted by Jennifer

Blue linen 18th century caraco jacket, red linen petticoat and light blue linen apron. All constructed of fabrics-store middle weight linen. My son's fall-front breeches are made of the same navy blue linen as my jacket. Perfect fabric for reenactment garb, particularly for the summer season. It was 90+ degrees when that pic was taken.

Posted by Tamara

I made this several years ago but I loved this fabric. The color is beautiful and made such a nice 14th century men's coethardie. The tippets are also made in IL019 bleach linen. I love the fabrics from this store and they are wonderful to work with.

Posted by Robin

All linen table quilted table runner made with IL09 linens.

Posted by Mary

This fabric is a rich cardinal red, dramatic for pairing with other colors. Here it is paired with two prints to create a striking and durable ring sling - part of the Li'l Peeper Keepers collection of baby carriers found at

Posted by Rebecca

People comment repeatedly on the beautiful color of this gown! The nearly-invisible-shift is also from your linen, as is the striped petticoat. The gown was cut using Mill Farm Patterns 'Woman's Gown - A Robe Plolnaise', and is worn over stays. Thanks for your wonderful product and service!

Posted by Carmen

This is my red middle class dress made with the crimson linen I purchased from here. The fabric was easy to work with and I love the results!

Posted by Marissa

Kwik Sew 3050

Posted by Nancy
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