4C22 EMERALD FS Premier Finish - 100% Linen - Heavy (7.1 oz/yd2)

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Dense networks of green unfurl across Henri Rousseau's tropical paradise, coloring grasses, plants and leaves with the juicy vibrancy of life. But with the richly enigmatic jewel tone of EMERALD Linen he creates mysterious pockets of darkness, where magic and danger lurk in the shadows.

Rousseau never left France, so his mystical jungle scenes are entirely imagined, but he made frequent visits to the Parisian hothouses, the natural history museum and the zoo, places that lit up his imagination with visions of another time and place. Describing the transformative power of the Parisian gardens he wrote, "When I step into the hothouses and see the plants from exotic lands, it seems to me that I am in a dream."

At a heavier weight of 7.1 ounces this 100% linen is referred to as Rustic due to its more textured look and feel. Durable and perfect for projects that require just a bit more substance.

The Premier Finish undergoes a two-step process to give the cloth a luxurious, supple feel right out of the box. First, we apply a softener to give the fabric a silkier surface. Then, strong blasts of air are blown into the woven cloth. This beats up the fibers to make them softer and mimics the fiber bending process that the fabric undergoes when you've used it a lot ( imagine the cloth being pulled behind you in a convertible going 120 on a freeway for a couple of hours). This finishing process gives the fabric a much softer and more luxurious hand. It will be less prone to deep creases and have less linting. Shrinkage will still have to be taken into consideration based on the fabric type ( thread size, count, weave type).

Fabric specifications:

Article : 4C22 Rustic - Bortovka
Content : 100% Linen
Type : BASIC
Thread size warp : 11.6
Thread size weft : 11.6
Thread count warp : 38
Thread count weft : 32
Weight : 7.1 oz/yd2
Width : 57 inch
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Mariann profile image Marvelous Green/ perfect for my intents
Reviewer: Mariann

Just received a considerable yardage, intended for drapes. The color is a little duller than in IL019 and IL020 emerald pieces I have purchased in the past but is still in the same tone--blue undertones as opposed to yellow--and will be excellent for the dusty blue, with green undertone walls in my guest bedroom. Inspiration is the Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana) cedar trees on our property. The dusky blue of the berries and the green of the needles. Will post pictures when complete. I will not prewash as I desire the smoothness of the material as delivered for this project. Using black out lining and so, so not expect to wash.

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Greer profile image Gorgeous Subtle Green
Reviewer: Greer

I absolutely love this green linen. It is butter soft and easy to cut and sew.

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Megumi profile image Dull green...... : (
Reviewer: Megumi

I got only one yard from Doggie Bag and I'm glad I did that. I was looking at the same color in other weights as well and hoped this would have the same, beautiful deep green color, but oh no, the color has grayish shade and it's quite dull, which is my least favorite type of green actually. I am going to make a pair of pants (I'm petite so one yard is more than enough) and I hope I'll like them. Although, the texture was really nice as delivered. It's in the first wash cycle and will see how it'll turn out.

Once I thought I'd made a mistake by getting this color, but the outcome was very nice. My very first button-front garment.

Posted by Megumi
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