4C22 BLEACHED - 100% Linen - Heavy (7.1 oz/yd2)

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At a heavier weight of 7.1 ounces this 100% linen is referred to as Rustic due to its more textured look and feel. Durable and perfect for projects that require just a bit more substance.

Fabric specifications:

Article : 4C22 Rustic - Bortovka
Content : 100% Linen
Type : BASIC
Thread size warp : 11.6
Thread size weft : 11.6
Thread count warp : 38
Thread count weft : 32
Weight : 7.1 oz/yd2
Width : 57 inch
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Reviewer: Anonymous

I hesitate to purchase this linen. I have tried several times to contact this company. Both via email and phone. I have called at least 8 times and every time was unable to reach them. They need to revisit the website and remove their number if they don't want to be contacted. There is enough negative reviews of both their return policy and customer service to make me shop else where. Sad.

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Quick Service
Reviewer: Joan

The linen arrived in about 5 days, which was amazing as this was a Canadian order. I had to pay $20Cd for customs upon receipt. I was expecting a confirmation email to tell me it had been shipped, but I did not receive one, so I returned to the site to check the status and found out it had indeed been shipped soon after ordering. I have not yet made up the fabric, but I used the tips for washing and drying a large piece of fabric - thanks for that! - and I found the shrinkage exactly as predicted on the website. So far, the only thing that could be better was for me to receive the email saying that it had been shipped.

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Gorgeous fabric is white, just not artificially white.
Reviewer: Savannah

I am in love with this fabric. I will be using it to sew my wedding dress, and I am very picky on the color as result, so keep reading. Some people reviewing need a reality check and some just need more knowledge. linen is not white naturally, so there will always be a lovely warm creamy undertone when it is not mixed with other materials. But, linen is also one of the worlds oldest materials and humans have been using it for millennia and we know how to whiten it quite a ways. I received my fabric, and knowing it would be slightly ivory, I preshrunk it and blued it like the Victorians used to do. Now although not as harsh white as staring into an LED lightbulb, it is a beautiful soft white without any yellow undertone. The fabric is not the problem, learn more, whine less.

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Reviewer: Marie

I bought 2 yards of this hoping to make pillows. When I received it, I measured it out and saw that they gave me 5 inches more fabric than what I ordered. How nice I thought, they allowed for shrinkage. I secured the edges, washed and dried the fabric prior to cutting and re measured the goods and found it shrunk 10 inches. I was astounded. I cannot believe it shrunk that much. I will rethink purchasing This product again

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Reviewer: Alexandra

This is the best fabric for curtains, table cloth and pillows. Love this linen. I love the feel, heavy but soft and very easy to sew, like most linen fabrics from Fabric-store. Thank you.

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Medieval garments
Reviewer: Anonymous

Great for making braies, undertunics, and linings to surcoats (among other outergarments). Good buy.

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dose not wash well
Reviewer: Anonymous

This is the second time I bought this weight and color. Both times I washed it on delicate and cold water. Dried it on delicate once and then hung it to finish drying , it comes out spotted. it has big white splotches across the fabric. I use it for SCA garb. I have to use it for a layering piece where it can't be seen. I bought it to make matching party colored garb for my husband and my self . I by lots of your linen it is all I use. I have just had a problem with this one piece twice. thank you

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4C22 rustic bleached
Reviewer: Elsa

I bought this linen to make some French provincial style bath towels & hand towels. At first I was shocked by the colour as it was not a true white. I went ahead anyway. I didn't wash it before making them and just guessed the shrinkage. Absolutely fabulous to sew, press seams etc. behaves so nicely. What I was most impressed with, was, the more I've washed it, the whiter it's become. Perfect linen for what I needed. Will definitely, without a doubt use this linen again for this purpose. It was perfect. I made some dishcloths and tea towels from the spare linen, and they are the best I've ever used.

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Reviewer: Cindy

I am SO pleased with this fabric and SO glad I didn't order the optic white! "Bleached" is always a surprise, but this bolt is just lovely and I'm glad I ordered enough to have a little left over. Anytime you order "bleached" linen, you really must get all that you'll need in one piece, otherwise there is no way to get the color right as there is variation between bolts, just like dyed linen, and can even be some variation between one end of the bolt and the other,depending on how it's bleached - though not often. "Optic" white is nice, but it can sometimes be...somewhat...shall we say, "chemically abused"? This can cause premature breakage at the creases. Was also pleased to see that it was loosely packed and that neither the bleached piece nor the natural piece - though both rough linen - were brutally creased at the folds - as creasing is, perhaps, linen's only true enemy. Thank you so much - I am very pleased!

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Major color variation
Reviewer: Laura

I ordered a few yards of this a couple months ago, and just ordered a couple more. The color is not even remotely the same. The first batch was quite white and exactly what I wanted, the second batch is way more like ivory. The fabric is okay and usable, but not even close to being white. Also, the cut was both poor and stingy - after washing, I've got about 70 inches, not 2 yards, and it's on such a diagonal that once I straighten for grain, I'll have about 67 inches. So my advice: order all you'll need at once, plus some. Double check the cut and color before you wash, as they apparently don't. Plan for a ton of shrinkage.

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French dinning chair slip covers
Reviewer: Suzanne

i have been searching for an affordable beautiful white linen for my custom sewing business. I tried this for a set of french dinning chair slip covers and it was wonderful to work with. Beautiful drape. Easy to sew. I will definitely be ordering more.

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Follow-up Review from Guillermo
Reviewer: Guillermo

After posting my review and several email I finally got an aswer form their customer service, only to enhance my dissapointment. They will not reimmburse shipment cost, any not the original not the one you pay to returned the item, at all. "if you return the fabric because you don't like it, we're still out the cost to ship the fabric"... I did not returned the the fabric because I did not like it, I returned it because the color was NOT anywhere near the color posted here. BE VERY CAREFUL when you place an order unless you are 1000% sure it is just what you want.

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Reviewer: Guillermo

I placed this order on the 11th and as promised it was delivered on the 16th. I was very disappointed to find that the fabric I received was NOT white, not even off-white, nothing at all like the picture here. Before I “review” this I even took several pictures with two cameras and different lighting and the color in all my pictures was very accurate, so I cannot understand why the picture here is so inaccurate. I tried calling the 800 several times to no avail and finally emailed and received a response 3 days later. I sent the fabric back, along with emails requesting the reimbursement, my package was return and delivered to them a few days ago and I am still waiting for an answer to my 3 follow-up emails after that. Today I got an automated email stating they were doing the reimbursement but NOT including the "shipping" charges I was charged with the original ordered shipping charges, not to mention it cost me $13.00 to return the item I was not satisfied with. I've also asked for suggestion as what I was looking for was a "pure white" very white linen fabric, they suggested the "optic" white, I ordered and although is noticeably whiter than the other it is still not Bright White at all. I have to keep as I rather not go again thru this ordeal. Very disappointed, not as much with the products, but with their customer service.

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Wonderful Linen
Reviewer: Jennifer

This linen has such a wonderful weight and beauty to it. I created a custom floor length tablecloth using the 4C22 Bleached to help tie together this wintry seaside look. Just love this linen!

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Spanish Farthingale
Reviewer: Paula

I am using this heavy linen to make a hoop skirt for the Tudor period. The weighty steel used in the hooping required a very strong fabric. This looks like it will work out perfectly.

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Hope to use it for fabric painting
Reviewer: Mary ann

I love the comments on this product and will call my order in the morning. I'm going to use this with fabric painting and dying for original design throw pillows. I've been looking for a suitable fabric for this process to use at the Sunflower Adult Day Service where I facilitate the art program.. After reading the comments, I'm ordering.. Can't wait to make some examples.. Will send photos at end of Sept or October.

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reply to Lisette, re: lint for the birds
Reviewer: Diane louie &

Hi, I have to tell you about what I learned. I thought lint was a great idea too, but unfortunately it can be too fine and cause respiratory problems for small beings. Anyways, I don't want to sound like a know it all, but what you said hit home with me, and when I learned about the facts, it sort of scared ne.

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fabulous stuff!
Reviewer: Lisette

yes, It is more Med-Heavy than a true canvas. To soften it up wash it in hot and dry it Hot with 6 tennis balls (clean obviously!) do that 3 times and it comes out like butter! Yes, it is linty but put the lint out for the birds they will love it for nests. Don't do that with regular drier lint though! Oh and no fabric softener, just makes it gummy!

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Rustic Linen
Reviewer: Michelle

I found this to be a slubby, rustic looking linen. Because of the slubs, I find it difficult to draw threads for hemstitching. However, it makes good rustic tablecloths and table decor items. It takes to large-scale crewel embroidery.

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Reviewer: Jennifer

I agree with the previous review, this is medium-heavy, not heavy weight fabric. This fabric lints a lot, creating mats of fiber that I had to hand-remove. After that - it's gorgeous. Took the reactive dye beautifully & made a beautiful bedcover. Smooth, not scratchy.

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totally pleased
Reviewer: Anonymous

I bought both the white and the natural. I must say i was quite afraid i would't like it...until i got it in the mail. it's beautifull and really heavy. i love it. I use it for crafts, embroidery and crosstitch. It looks fabulous. The price is amazing for the quality of the fabric (even with shipping) :)

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Decent heavy weight
Reviewer: Jennifer

I find this overall to be a nice heavier-weight of linen (although I still think of it as 'medium-heavy', not 'really heavy'). It has a few too many slubs in it for my taste, and although I've laundered the dress I made several times, it's still a bit on the stiff and rough side. For an outer dress, that's fine; but I regret the underdress I made out of it. :) The price, of course, makes up for the few issues I have!

Post Your Work
4C22   BLEACHED  - 100% Linen

Made drapes out of the bleached white heavy linen. I love them. They are exactly the way I wanted them to look. Everyone wants to know where I bought the fabric.

Posted by Karen
4C22   BLEACHED  - 100% Linen

Drawstring backpack made with Heavy weight Linen and faux leather.

Posted by Mari
4C22   BLEACHED  - 100% Linen

This heavy linen is perfect for tea towels. It's my go to fabric for tea towel sets that I like to embellish with fabric and embroidery. So absorbent too--I can't do without it.

Posted by Marta
4C22   BLEACHED  - 100% Linen

Great for curtains. Still lets in plenty of light but offers privacy. Note: the linen texture softens a lot after a wash.

Posted by Mila
4C22   BLEACHED  - 100% Linen

Bedspread made using the bleached linen. Love this fabric...makes a beautiful, textural, and livable bedding!

Posted by Jordana
4C22   BLEACHED  - 100% Linen

I love this fabric. Easy to sew. Look wonderful! Rustic touch on a very elegant fabric. I'm very happy. Thank you.

Posted by Alexandra
4C22   BLEACHED  - 100% Linen

4C22 Bleached linen for winter dining room custom tablecloth

Posted by Jennifer
4C22   BLEACHED  - 100% Linen

My hand stamped turquoise and aquamarine waterlilies pillow (12" x 16") on bleached white linen. I love this linen and also use it for tea towels. giardino.etsy.com

Posted by Patricia
4C22   BLEACHED  - 100% Linen

I used your white heavyweight linen (4C22) for my boyfriend's 14th century padded gambeson, seen here under his armor. I embroidered the outer layer of linen with blue fleur de lis, then placed it over cotton batting and a lining of unembroidered linen and quilted in channels.

Posted by Sharon
4C22   BLEACHED  - 100% Linen

Made out of the 7.1 Bleached and decorated with my exclusive embroidery work. I made the pants also using the same fabric. I love this pattern for the comfortable fit and the fabric just makes it even better.
You too can get one of my custom design embroideries, just visit my web page

Posted by Katherine
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