IS010 Waffle Nine Iron Softened - 54% Linen / 46% Cotton Fabric - Medium (6.2 oz/yd2), Width 84"

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NINE IRON linen's steely, dramatic grey with just a hint of crimson became great swathes of deep shadow in the hands of the painter Thomas Cole, sweeping across America's epic mountain ranges and forming wild, turbulent skies laden with thunderstorms.

His momentous landscapes are a celebration of America's sublime wilderness during the mid-19th century, before industrialization took over, invoking the unstoppable force of this overwhelmingly vast terrain.

Fluffy, dimensional, and simply a joy to live with - you’ll feel like a sewing maestro when you pull this cloth out of its first dry cycle.

The fabric arrives 84 inches wide, flat and with a subtle basket-like weave. This weaving technique comes with a delightful surprise once it goes through its first wash and dry.

The threads that are woven to make the outside of the squares - they “lift up”.
The threads that are used to weave the inside of the squares - those “drop-down”.

You get a cloth that looks like squares of a freshly made waffle deliciousness. It is just that yummy!

This cloth is wider than our usual selection at 84" wide.  Once it is washed - the cloth will shrink to get that dimensional waffle surface.
Approximate shrinkage - the width of cloth shrinks 17% (weft of the fabric) and 28% on the length ( warp of the fabric). Shrinkage is based on a warm wash and low-heat dry.

Waffle weave cloth is great for:
- Bath towels
- Robes
- Throws
- Duvet covers
- Pillow shams
- Lounge garments
- Decorative pillows
- Curtains
- Beach towels
- Picnic blankets
- items that need to have dimension and softness

The cloth is Softened so we have added a softener to give it a silkier hand. The fabric has not been laundered so shrinkage will still have to be taken into consideration (shrinkage depends on fabric weave and laundering method).

Fabric specifications:

Article IS010 Waffle
Content 54% Linen / 46% Cotton
Width 84 inch
Weight 6.2 oz/yd2
Thread size warp 20
Thread size weft 17.9
Thread count warp 52
Thread count weft 49

Customer Questions and Answers


I want to embroider the towels before I wash the fabric. Will the embroidery be visible after the waffling effect happens.

Ann • June 4, 2024
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Yes, the embroidery will be visible after the waffling effect happens, of course, finer designs may get a little most in the texture, but many of our customers have monogrammed or even done small designs like sea horses, and they have come out beautifully.

Lauren • June 4, 2024

I previously bought the white waffle towel deal. Will this fabric be softer in general. While I like the texture of the other I would like something less scratchy

Angela • May 17, 2024
Lauren profile image F|S Team

The fabric is exactly the same, but some people can experience a softer fabric for our range that has been dyed colors. You can also soften up your fabric with a one time wash with our softener which is specially designed for our fabrics and will not impact the absorbency of the fabric either.

Lauren • May 17, 2024

What linen fabric to choose for making an apron and how much yardage for each apron?

Deborah • April 6, 2024
Lauren profile image F|S Team

We recommend our 4C22heavyweight linen for aprons, and yardage will depend on your design, usually one yard will suffice.

Lauren • April 6, 2024

Hello! Is this fabric suitable to sew a ring sling?

Elif • March 23, 2024
Lauren profile image F|S Team

This fabric has some stretch in it which comes from the waffle texture. It may be too bulky for standard ring though, so our customers have used our IL019 medium weight linen for ring slings.

Lauren • March 23, 2024

Hi, would this be sturdy enough for a jacket?

Anny • December 10, 2023
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Hello, Yes this fabric has been used for cozy jackets. Please keep in mind, once washed and waffled up, this fabric has a little stretch due to the waffle weave texture.

Lauren • December 10, 2023

hello, how much yardage is need for a stand bath towel ? Thanks !

• October 25, 2023
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Hello, We have cutting layouts for bath towels (which comes with hand towels and wash cloths) but you can use the listed dimensions for the towels to ascertain how much yardage you need for how ever many towels you would like to make. Here is the link:

Lauren • October 25, 2023

How much yardage do you recommend for a men's bath robe, size medium-large. Thank you!

Gretchen • October 1, 2023
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Yardage depends on the pattern and style you will use, so we cannot give accurate yardage. We recommend anywhere between 4 and 6 yards.

Lauren • October 1, 2023

I want to end up with a waffle blanket for a king size bed. Approximate size is 96 by 112 inches. How many yards will I need?

Margaret • August 16, 2023
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Hello, for Queen and King beds, we recommend a total of 8 yards. This can get cut into 2x 4 yard pieces, and seamed together If you prefer no middle seam, use one of your 4 yard pieces as the middle panel and cut the other remaining 4 yard piece into two size panels. The width of the cover can then be cut down to your desired width.

Lauren • August 16, 2023

I'm interested in using this to make a light weight throw. Can the edges be frayed into a fringe?

Lisa • April 1, 2023
Maureen  profile image F|S Team

Our in house sewing and pattern consultant has put together an article on how to sew with the waffle and tips for fringing are listed there. You will find this in our help center located here:

Maureen • April 1, 2023

What size should I make, before shrinkage for a standard size finished towel. I don't understand how to figure the shrinkage. I see that it is preferred to hem before washing.

Ann • January 24, 2023
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Hello! We have a tutorial with cutting layouts for this on our blog. Here is the link:

Lauren • January 24, 2023

Can I cut it into different colors large squares for a patchwork effect? Or will the shrinkage be too uneven, making the blanket wonky?

Karen • September 6, 2022

Make sure the warp and weft are the same on each color square you cut. In fact, since the shrinkage differs depending on the warp or weft, you might want to do the math to figure out the finished size after shrinkage and adjust the size of your pieces accordingly. Make sure you keep them oriented in the same direction all the way through the construction process. Don't forget the seams will also bulk up after washing and any unfinished seams will ravel. This might work if you are going for the "fringed" patchwork that was popular a few years ago. It will be a rustic look.

Susan • September 6, 2022
review star review star review star review star review star
Gorgeous Soft Towels!

I made these for my daughter as a birthday gift and was impressed with how easy they were to make as well as how soft they were out of the dryer. They only took an afternoon to put together! The only change I made was to miter the corners. This fabric would make a lovely light summer throw, especially in a beach house!

Jennifer • February 19, 2024
review star review star review star review star review star
This makes a great towel

As a bath towel, this fabric has a lot going for it. 1). Easy to work with. I measured out for each towel, allowing for shrinkage. Cut and sewed a narrow ham all around and then washed. I found it easier to postpone the shrinking until after the hemming was done. 2). The 3 dimensional effect makes this fabric nicely absorbent and it softens up after repeated laundering. 3). It's not overly space-hogging in the cupboard and even my oversized bath sheet fits nicely when put away. 4) I used a 3 yard length of fabric, hemmed the two raw edges and made a twin sized blanket that has been in use now for months. It gets laundered weekly and is very soft. I also made a linen flat sheet with 1C64 and together it's all that's needed for a cozy bed. Back to towel fabric. I ordered the fabric in 5 different colors, 6 yards each, to make bath towel sets for Christmas presents for family members who have seen and used my towels and loved the feel. I can size up or down based on each persons preference. Some like a standard size. Others want to wrap up like a burrito in their towels, so theirs will be super-sized.

Susan • September 10, 2022
review star review star review star review star review star
Love it!

The color is outstanding, classy and deep. I washed first before sewing. It would have been better to sew first, and assume 30% shrinkage with the measurement. We love the look and touch. I made a queen size bedspread, a large and medium size bath towel with the 4 yards I got. It feels so good to sleep bedspread. The Bath towels are a good alternative in the summer.

Carrot • July 30, 2022
review star review star review star review star review star
Solution for scratchy

The novelty of this fabric alone piqued my interest. I had to try it. Upon receiving the fabric, I washed it twice in hot water. It was not soft. Several other reviewers mentioned that the fabric was just too scratchy for them to use as a bath towel and I had to agree with them. The third time I washed with Milsoft, from Dharma Trading. This softened the fibers beautifully. Now this will be my favorite towel for the summer.

Leslie • May 17, 2022
review star review star review star review star review star
Wonderful Waffle!

What a fun fabric! I only purchased one yard in Nine Iron to try it first - love the magic that happens from washing. Great thick thirsty texture. This will make some great kitchen towels.

Patricia • October 7, 2021
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I made lovely, delicious towels that are a dream to dry with out of IS010. The dry my body quickly and the towels dry in a matter of an or or two unlike terry which may take a day to hang dry on a rod. I made a pile of face cloths and fingertip towels so I have plenty. This fabric is the best choice for towels and light blankets.

Lizabeth • July 20, 2023

I bought the Nine Iron waffle weave linen for towels and love it! The instructions were easy to follow. The only thing I changed was to miter the corners. They were quick and easy to make and I love the texture. I did 2 hand towels in about 2 hours total. I have a full time day job, plus I have a stained glass studio business ( SodaLime Glassworks that I do from home part time, so being able to make these in such a short time from was great!!

Sherry • April 27, 2023

Made a set of bath and hand towels for a housewarming gift. Lovely!

Anne • June 16, 2022

Etsy MitchsSister Please check out my waffle towels, best fabric ever!

Marina • April 24, 2022
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