IC023 Faille Jacobean Jewelry Blue / Mlt Softened - 100% Cotton Fabric - Light (4.4 oz/yd2), Width 59"

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IC023 is a 59" wide Plain Weave Faille in 100% Cotton.

Faille has the flattened ribbed pattern of grosgrain and the uninterrupted crispy sheen of the silky-smooth surface of Satin. This combination gives Faille the distinctive hand and appearance it is known for - textured, lustrous, luxurious, and crisp.

This cloth has become the fabric of choice for top interior and fashion designers. You have seen it used for formal dresses and gowns; it is also a popular pick for making skirts, blouses, and summer dresses for ladies and girls. Faille has made its name in home textiles and is used for bedding, decorative pillows, and drapes as well.

This fabric is at the higher end of the lightweight categories and weighs a lavish 4.4 ounces a square yard with its remarkable texture and unforgettable feel.

This Faille fabric can be woven from various fibers, but nature-made fibers are far more pleasant to wear and much easier to work with. That’s why we made this out of 100% cotton.

FS exclusive hand-painted artwork is printed with the best available machinery, using reactive dye ink that gives long-lasting colors and is not harmful to the body, to transfer these paintings onto 100% Cotton fabric.

We also brought three solid colors: white, beige, and black, to accompany your printed cloth.

Our collection received rigorous Oeko-Tex certification and is a part of the BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) - ensuring that these items are biodegradable, recyclable, and free of harmful toxins or irritants (good for your family and good for the planet).

All designs are created and available exclusively at F|S.com.

The cloth is Softened so we have added a softener to give it a silkier hand. The fabric has not been laundered so shrinkage will still have to be taken into consideration (shrinkage depends on fabric weave and laundering method).

Fabric specifications:

Article IC023 Faille
Content 100% Cotton
Color BLUE / MLT
Width 59 inch
Weight 4.4 oz/yd2
Thread size warp 68
Thread size weft 68
Thread count warp 91
Thread count weft 76
V Repeat 20.1 inch
H Repeat 22 inch

Customer Questions and Answers


Would this work very well for curtains, drapes, or cornice?

Priscilla • January 28, 2024
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Yes, this fabric would work for those applications.

Lauren • January 28, 2024

What is the width of the fabric?

Lynn • October 16, 2023
Lauren profile image F|S Team

59" Wide as states in the Fabrics Specifications section above.

Lauren • October 16, 2023

The colors are perfect for my table setting - would this fabric work for dinner napkins? Or is it too lightweight/delicate?

Laima • September 25, 2023
Lauren profile image F|S Team

This fabric would work wonderfully for dinner napkins.

Lauren • September 25, 2023

Love this one! 1) What are the washing instructions? 2) also interested in info for choosing patterns for bias cut (Nico) Thank you!

Fleur! • May 8, 2023
Lauren profile image F|S Team

The washing instructions for this fabric is the same as our linen fabrics. Gentle wash cool/warn, and dry on low in machine or air dry. To help visualise the prints on the body for the Nico dress, be sure to scroll through the photos until you see the one with the fabric draped over a mannequin. This will help you visualise the print on the body.

Lauren • May 8, 2023

What blue linens would this gorgeous fabric blend well with? (I have a wisteria stash)

Dianne • April 15, 2023
Maureen  profile image F|S Team

The only blue shade that I found may work is the IL019 Insignia Blue Signature Finish. Depending on how you are going to use the print some of the natural shades or neutrals work well with this pattern.

Maureen • April 15, 2023

That article sounds very helpful. Can you please publish a link?

Chris • April 12, 2023
Maureen  profile image F|S Team

I can email it to you directly as this is not from our site, but researched and found for the customer to use as a reference point.

Maureen • April 12, 2023

Two questions: First, what is the shrinkage rate for this new line of fabric? Second, would this be appropriate for the bias cut Nico pattern? Thank you.

Christine • April 5, 2023
Maureen  profile image F|S Team

The shrinkage is 4x4 using our recommended wash instructions. Since the cottons are new we do not have feedback on sewing our bias Nico pattern. I will email a helpful article I found on choosing the right fabric for a bias design.

Maureen • April 5, 2023
review star review star review star review star review star
drape is beautiful

i have searched high and low for a fabric with a feel and drape like this cotton. It flows, gives the sense of stretch (but doesn't). It's spectacularly easy to sew with. Just gorgeous.

Janet • May 19, 2024
review star review star review star review star review star

This fabric is simply stunning. I will be making decorative pillows for my guest room with it. I bought IL019 Angora for the back side of the pillow and it coordinates nicely.

Lisa • May 20, 2023

I used the new Nora pattern which is exactly what I've been looking for: a top with a straight unfussy 3/4 length sleeve. Modifications: lowered the front neckline 5/8" (it hit right on my collarbone) & added 4" side slits for ease in pulling off over my head & added front patch pockets borrowed from the Nora jacket. I used IC023 Jacobean Jewelry Blue/Mlt Softened and paired it with my T&T Abbey pants in IL019 Mix Natural. Both are purposely a little sloppy fit-wise because I know they'll shrink a bit more with the next few W&D cycles.

Sandra • May 15, 2024

This fabric worked up like a dream. I made the Isabella McTavish Wedding dress.

Katharine • November 18, 2023
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