IL019 All-purpose Eucalyptus Fs Signature Finish - 100% Linen Fabric - Medium (5.3 oz/yd2) - 20.00 Yards, Width 58"

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American-French Impressionist painter Mary Cassatt had an innate ability to capture the crisp, sparkling freshness of daylight, painted with a bright palette of cool, pastel shades like Eucalyptus .

Women and children were always at the centre of her paintings, often painted with great tenderness, but her real subject was the shimmering light falling all around them, rippling through clothing or bristling across the surface of water, grass and trees. She captured this airy luminescence with a loose, fluid and impressionistic language, creating some of the most important paintings of the late 19th and early 20th century.

At a medium weight of 5.3 ounces this 58 inch wide 100% linen is versatile enough to be referred to as an All Purpose or Do it All linen. With its smooth look and tighter weave, this linen is neither sheer or heavy, but just the right in-between weight you will need for a variety of projects.

Our FS Signature Finish was developed exclusively for us using a special process that makes this linen super soft with a comfy, classic look you'll love at first sight.

As a bonus, this process removes almost all of the initial shrinkage, giving you more fabric to get your projects done.
This finish makes the linen as soft as butter. Yep, 100% linen that feels and drapes and sews as no linen you have ever encountered. Because the fabric has been pre-shrunk for you - it will be less than the base cloth width.

Fabric specifications:

Article IL019 All-Purpose
Content 100% Linen
Width 58 inch
Weight 5.3 oz/yd2
Thread size warp 17.9
Thread size weft 17.9
Thread count warp 46
Thread count weft 37
20.00 Yard Bolt
$315.72 (You Save $35.08)

Customer Questions and Answers


Is this a good linen for pinch pleat drapes? Thanks!

Heidi • March 10, 2023
Maureen  profile image F|S Team

Yes, this linen weight is very popular for drapery including the style you are wanting to make.

Maureen • March 10, 2023

Is this a grey-green or a color that would it look good with one of the greys? I've got a lot of grey linen for a monochromatic wardrobe of basic pants, skirts, and jackets - but now I'm looking for a couple of colors to add interest to the basics... I've got Monument, Graphite, and Asphalt in the medium & heavy weight linens.

Renee • November 15, 2023
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Yes, this color complements greys perfectly due to its soft grey undertones. If you want to be sure this fabric is right for you, you can always order a sample so you can see it in person.

Lauren • November 15, 2023

Hi! Is this weight good for a button up shirt? Or would you recommend the lighter weight? Thank you!

Alyson • March 1, 2024
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Both our medium and lightweight fabrics are great for shirts. The lightweight is lovely for the high temps in summer, and the IL019 is great for mid - and cooler temps.

Lauren • March 1, 2024
Kim profile image

Is this weight good for "beach" style pants? Thank you

Kim • June 16, 2024
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Yes, this fabric and our IL020 lightweight fabric make gorgeous light and airy beach pants.

Lauren • June 16, 2024

Is this weight appropriate to slipcover a sofa? If not, what do you recommend?

Terry • February 3, 2023
Maureen  profile image F|S Team

This middleweight linen has been used for slipcovers for items that are not considered a high traffic area. The most popular linens for slipcovers and upholstery projects are the heavier linens 7.1 ounces or greater such as 4C22, IL090 or IL095.

Maureen • February 3, 2023

Can this material be used for kitchen towels?

Manjri • January 4, 2024
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Yes, you can use this fabric for kitchen towels, but we prefer the 4C22 heavyweight linen, or its twin in the narrow width IL084, which is designed for kitchen towels and runners etc.

Lauren • January 4, 2024

This looks like a close match to the (Lightweight) Hedge Green which I already have. Would love something in that color but heavier weight to make a dress or slacks with the lighter weight Hedge as a jacket. (Or is there a mid-weight in Hedge also?)

Mary • October 29, 2023
Lauren profile image F|S Team

Hello, this is a touch lighter than the hedge green in color. The Hedge green only comes on our IL020 base. You can always get a sample of this color to check if it is what you had in mind.

Lauren • October 29, 2023

Is it possible to get a sample of this

Brandon • November 26, 2022
Maureen  profile image F|S Team

Please email our customer service area directly so we can send this out to you ASAP. Please email us at

Maureen • November 26, 2022
review star review star review star review star review star
Lynda profile image Beautiful Linen

I always order my linen from your store and I am rarely disappointed; however, though the quality of the signature linen is excellent, the color was a little too blue for my project. I realize it is difficult to show the true color on the internet, but this was quite off in my opinion. I will be sending it back.

Lynda • September 17, 2023
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