IL002 Textured Jacquard Scrolls Ivory-natural - 100% Linen Fabric - Very Heavy (9.4 oz/yd2) - 20.00 Yards, Width 65"

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Jacquard cloths are created by weaving different color threads to create intricate patterns - or paintings that are woven with thread. These are harder to weave and are considered an "heirloom" fabric due to the craftsmanship involved in their creation.

This fabric is super fun to work with - making every project look like a work of art.  The trick? Just throw it in the wash!

When you receive it  - the cloth will be 65 inches wide, flat, and 2-dimensional. After the wash and dry - the design will "lift up" giving the fabric a 3 dimensional appearance.

In order for the fabric to "lift up" it is woven in a way that when it is washed and dried - it will shrink more than plain weave linen giving it the volume needed to be 3 dimensional. This cloth you can expect 18% shrinkage weft (width of the fabric); and 16% warp (length of the fabric). Shrinkage is based on a warm wash and low-heat dry.

Fabric specifications:

Article IL002 Textured Jacquard
Content 100% Linen
Width 65 inch
Weight 9.4 oz/yd2
Thread size warp 17.9
Thread size weft 17.9+9
Thread count warp 51
Thread count weft 60
20.00 Yard Bolt
$438.48 (You Save $48.72)

Customer Questions and Answers


How many yards for a Queen size bedspread? TY

Kathy • September 18, 2022
Maureen  profile image F|S Team

It depends on the style, drop and measurements of your bed. Please refer to the shrinkage listed in the description, once you have your measurements you will need to figure the shrinkage into your calculations to determine yardage needed.

Maureen • September 18, 2022

Will you ever get the scrolls fabric in purple again? What about another color? Thank you

Ruby • March 13, 2023
Maureen  profile image F|S Team

At this time we are not able to get this item in colors only the natural. It is not likely that we would be able to bring this back in.

Maureen • March 13, 2023

Are you no longer carrying the beautiful heavy Jacquard with the daisy pattern? I waited too long I guess....!

Trish • January 19, 2023
Maureen  profile image F|S Team

We are out of stock at the moment and waiting to see if we are able to re-stock this item. Please check back with us at at the beginning of March to see if we have received any additional updates.

Maureen • January 19, 2023

How would this work for a patio door drape if I preshrunk it?

Mary • August 3, 2023
Lauren profile image F|S Team

This fabric is a think substantial fabric which washed to create a lovely textured fabric. To be sure this is what you have envisioned for your project, we recommend getting 1 yard or a sample to feel and see it in person.

Lauren • August 3, 2023

I would love to make a jacket from this but I don't look good in beige! If I were to try dyeing it, would it likely come out two-toned? I remember the same or very similar blue or purple fabric you had at least 20 years ago, so beautiful.

Chris • April 12, 2023
Maureen  profile image F|S Team

Yes we did have this pattern in purple many years ago, great memory. Yes the darker parts of the pattern would dye darker than the lighter areas but if I remember the purple version had the same look, the pattern was darker than the ground.

Maureen • April 12, 2023

Typically how many yards are people buying for a queen bedspread

Jane • February 14, 2023
Lauren profile image F|S Team

To make a queen bedspread, you will need to piece this fabric together in panels to achieve the width. 6 yards in total is required for King and Queen beds.

Lauren • February 14, 2023
review star review star review star review star review star
Love at first Touch!

I was looking for a heavy linen to make a throw. As soon as I opened this I instantly loved it. As if that wasn't enough, it became even more lovely after the first washing. I pressed one edge to just realize it was perfect crinkled, showing off all the lovely textures in the jacquard weave. Did I use the word love too much? You will not regret this one!

Diane • December 7, 2023
review star review star review star review star review star

My husband and I like sofa throws that cover your feet and your shoulders. I bought 3 yards and fringed the ends. I washed it about 4 times but didn't find it to be coarse at all. My husband loves it and I'm not embarrassed that it's left out, it's so beautiful. When the daisy version goes on sale I'm making one for me.

Nancy • November 11, 2022
review star review star review star review star review star
Surprised — updated

I wanted to update my comments from earlier. I read more reviewers who stated that they washed the fabric 5 times. After additional 2 washes I am seeing considerable more softness and I am so excited this is going to turn out like I imagined! Thankful that you have these helpful reviews for those of us trying new types of fabric.

Lyn • September 3, 2022
review star review star review star review star review star

After reading all the reviews I was pretty surprised at the texture after washing. Yes, it is scratchy. So loofah-like, yes, and that is okay. Some wrote about using this for a bath wrap and that is not at all comfortable. I wear wools that most people cannot wear so I do not think I'm exaggerating. I am going to try my remaining towels as hand towels and see how that goes so for right now my rating is not so high, but I am open to change. In your experience does this soften with multiple washings? Thanks.

Lyn • August 26, 2022
review star review star review star review star review star
Emily profile image A Lovely Gift!

I had made towels in Tetra and loved them so much that I decided to use this fabric to make a gift for my sister-in-law. She absolutely loves them, so I would recommend this fabric to anyone wanting a nice and unusual gift.

Emily • June 29, 2022
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My first fabric from you and I'm totally hooked. This is a snap of my family's historic rocker (1860) passed 1st grandchild to 1st grandchild. I dis a serious refurbishing for mine topped off with Scrolls slipcovers and throw. A joy to work and live with!

Suzanne • June 4, 2023

3 yards fabric throw. I measured out the fringe then pulled about 8 threads, 4 from each side, then hem stitched within the pulled threads. I washed and line dried. Perfect for my farmhouse.

Elestina • March 13, 2022

I sewed three lengths together to get a king size bedspread. Bought some fringe on amazon and finished the edges. I love the print and the weight of the bedspread is perfect! This is a single layer of fabric.

Heather • January 26, 2022

One yard with a simple 1" hem all around. One washing in hot water and a light tumble dry. It makes a very nice bath towel, or wrap!

Paula • December 24, 2021

Made a lovely throw for a friend. Simple 1" hems, hot washed and dried after careful cutting and sewing. She was very pleased to receive this special gift.

Susan • November 2, 2021
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