Classic Linen Bedding — Flat & Fitted Sheets

Classic Linen Bed Collection - Part II - Flat Sheet & Fitted Sheet - These 100% linen sheets have a natural texture that will soothe your skin and improve circulation.

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just one snag
Reviewer: Nancy

I've made 3 sets--one for us, one for our guest bed, another for my son and dtr-in-law. Every guest raves about them as cool in summer and warm in winter. Here's the snag: my husband has very rough feet and my dtr-in-law has restless feet--both wore holes in the bottom sheet. I 'appliqued' a 20" strip of quilting flannel across the holey area and we're in business again. I opted for flannel instead of more linen hoping it will wear better

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Very Nice Sheets/Pattern
Reviewer: Linda

This is a very nice pattern for making sheets. The only thing I have done differently is to use the standard flat fell seam like I use when I make jeans. I think it's the quilter in me coming out that I don't want any pressure on just threads from any tugging. I am sewing the second set now with the 4C22 linen so once those get on the bed we'll see if we like them better than the IL019 (which we love). I want to be able to wash one set without having to wait for it before re-making the bed. I have more linen in a third color, ready to pre wash then cut out for another set. The pattern is very easy to follow & I like that the fitted sheet accommodates a deep mattress.

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We love it!
Reviewer: Terri

The pattern and instructions were very simple and easy to follow. I ended up doing all French seams. I only made the fitted sheet.......that's what we needed replacing immediately! I will say that in my inexperience that I followed the pattern and instructions exactly, not taking in to consideration that we sleep on a Tempurpedic mattress. So, I ended up with a sheet that was very large. I ended up putting elastic all the way around and still have lots to tuck under. The Tempurpedic mattress is only about 8 inches wide, whereas the pattern allows for a much deeper mattress. I have found other sites that explain how to measure for different depths of mattresses. We love the feel and weight of the linen recommended. Can't wait to get the top sheet done!

review star review star review star review star review star
Really Nice Sheets
Reviewer: Cydni

I chose a midweight sale fabric for these sheets, and I actually paid less for the fabric than what I would have paid for linen sheets on Amazon, and I can actually preshrink the fabric, whereas all the linen sheets on Amazon say to wash in cool water and not to iron them. Awesome! The downside is that I had to wash and iron out fifteen yards of extra wide fabric. Also, it's a laborious process to crawl around on the kitchen floor, measuring and remeasuring and measuring again. My knees were bruised afterward. I also worried that the horizontal seams across the bed would be uncomfortable, but I don't even feel them. Instead, the seams make it easy to get the sheet onto the bed because I know which way is up, so to speak. The pockets on the fitted sheet are quite deep, and I love how it fits on the mattress. I love, love, love the finished result. The sheets are so comfy and I love how they feel. Despite what felt like a colossal effort bringing them into being, I'm already thinking of making another set in a different color, as well as a duvet cover. For reference, the fifteen yards of fabric yielded a set of queen size sheets, three pillowcases, and a sham from the remnants. And I'm glad I did it because I am really enjoying these sheets.

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Great fitting sheets
Reviewer: Tracy

I bought the heavy weight linen for these after reading another review, thinking that we're rather hard on our sheets as well. I have to say, that has made for some VERY heavy sheets! I'm a bit nervous to wash them both at the same time! That said, though, I love them, and the cutting/sewing instructions were a breeze. I haven't even put the elastic into the bottom sheet yet, and it's staying put quite well on our pillow top mattress. I made the queen size.

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Heavenly Sleep
Reviewer: Linnea

I made an experimental fitted sheet for our bed from this fabric. I switched the linen one to the 'normal' cotton one for washing and Hubby complained that the cotton was clammy & where was the 'good' sheet we just had on the bed, etc! The bad news: I wore a 12" hole in this fabric (my feet twitch as I sleep). The good news: The rest of the sheet is still in great shape & I'm going to get miles of bias tape out of it or possibly the world's most comfy summer shirt! I'm starting over again with hopefully twitch-proof Jaquard IL002 SCROLLS IVORY-NATURAL.

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so comfy to sleep on
Reviewer: Terri

I used the 4C22 linen for durability (my husband is hard on sheets) and made my seams vertical rather than horizontal. I LOVE sliding into bed each night--these feel so luxurious. The dimensions and shrinkage estimates in the pattern were accurate, although I added extra width on the top sheet to eliminate the 3a.m. 'tug-of-wars'. So, beautiful and durable, custom sized, and in my favorite color--and done in half a day! Now my son wants a set.

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I've been waiting for exactly this!
Reviewer: Terri

I have the perfect piece of your linen on hand for this project! I'm thrilled that you've posted this pattern because I've wanted linen sheets for some time but didn't want to 'waste' my linen on a set that might not turn out well. I can't wait for next weekend to get started on this.

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Thank You, FS!
Reviewer: Sherri

Thank you, FS for posting measurements and instructions for a variety of sizes of linen sheet sets. Makes so much less work for me; measure linen, cut it, sew and I'm done. Another reviewer questioned why anyone would sew linen sheets with seams in them The answers are simple: wide width linen is difficult to find and if one does, it is very expensive. Pre-sewn linen sheets are not only very expensive, but are available in very limited colors. Sewing something wonderful feels great. And, the seams in the linen sheets will never be felt while laying in bed.

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Beautifully Written Pattern
Reviewer: Cindy

This is a beautifully written pattern. You have included all that is needed to work successfully with the fabric and to make a quality product. Thank you for the extra time and effort taken!

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King sized flat sheets; seams don't bother us!
Reviewer: Valerie

Like Sandra, I also have a king sized bed. I've made three flat sheets so far, and used a center seam for ease. For one thing, it helps me to see that the sheet is centered on the bed! Because neither one of us has a seam directly on top of us, we're not bothered by it at all. I used heavyweight linen for two of them, as we use them for lightweight blankets in the summer. Love them!

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Catina profile image Bee Template Included for Hand Embroidery
Reviewer: Catina

Teri: Excited you are treating yourself to some new sheets. The good news is that there IS a hand-embroidery printable template in the PDF for the Bee Design!

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You have saved me work!
Reviewer: Terri sue

I have a set of linen sheets I bought quite a number of years ago that are showing age. At least the bottom sheet is. I love sleeping on them. You can imagine that they cost me a pretty penny and are not easy to find. I've been toying with the idea of replacing the bottom sheet. Math has never been my strong suit and you just took care of that! I will be making a new bottom sheet after the holidays. My only wish is that you had provided a hand sewn bee embroidery pattern. Yes there are some of us who don't have embroidery machines out of principle. We are just crazy enough to hand embroider our sheets, pillowcases and duvets also.

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Seams No Problem
Reviewer: Donna

The seams in these sheets are minimal and located in the right places so they won't interfere with your use as bedsheets. I have antique linen sheets with seams and they are undetectable in use.

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In the midst of sewing linen sheets
Reviewer: Sandra

Because we have a king size bed, and neither of us sleeps in the middle, I am simply using a flat felt seam down the centre. I am also going to simply use flat sheets for both top and bottom as I want these to last the rest of my life! I can add fitted corners later if I need them. I'm very pleased with the results so far.

review star review star review star review star review star
Reviewer: Anonymous

Not sure why you would recommend this linen, actually, any of the linen you carry, for sheets. It is clearly not wide enough and who would want seams in their sheets?

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