IL007 THATCH CHECKER LIGHT TAUPE - 100% Linen - Middle (6.7 oz/yd2)

Price: $14.25 per yard
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Jacquard fabrics are elaborately woven patterns that are harder to weave and considered an "heirloom" fabric due to the intricacy and craftsmanship involved in its creation.

Fabric specifications:

Article : IL007
Content : 100% Linen
Thread size warp : 9
Thread size weft : 9
Thread count warp : 25
Thread count weft : 26
Weight : 6.7 oz/yd2
Width : 59 inch
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Amazing fabric
Reviewer: Susan

I saw this fabric for the first time when it last went on sale. After seeing the way the fabric behaved through others' post, I took a chance - even though I'm not a taupe fan. As others have said, it looks like canvas, feels like burlap, and is generally uninspiring coming out of the box. I pulled one thread from each cut end and straightened the cuts, then ran a small zigzag about 3/4 of an inch from the end. I pulled all the threads up to the stitching to create fringe, and then washed hot/dried hot three times. The lint trap was packed all three times, but oh my, the texture is incredible!! I'm getting more yardage today, with plans to dye it to a darker color. The original yardage is destined to be a cardigan, after one more wash to soften even more. Please stock this in more colors!!

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Some advice please.....
Reviewer: Tamra

I absolutely LOVE the look of this fabric after being washed and I'm wanting to purchase some to make a throw, but I'm sure I'll have more projects after that. I have a couple of questions: I want to make a throw of approx. 50" x 60", would 2 yards be enough taking into account shrinkage? Also, I would love to back the throw with a softened linen (non-textured) and wondered which colour of your medium weight linen would be the closest to the light taupe jacquard? Any advice would be appreciated.

F|S Team

Hi there - this is a great fabric because it becomes 3D once it is washed, but to get that dimension it shrinks about 30%. We just make a blanket for ourselves from it and we used two widths of fabric, sewed it together first and then washed it ( the seamstress insisted to sew it together first because she said it will give the stitch a really nice texture as well). So in order to make a throw 50"x60" you should use at least 3 yards for each panel, sew the panels together, wash/dry. This way once it shrinks it'll leave you the right length and width to work with. I am emailing Maureen with your request to match the natural color of this Jacquard with a basic weave :)

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Made towels
Reviewer: janet

I made three bath towels, and been using for the past couple of years. I machine washed only and line dried. No problems. Became three dimensional, floppy and somewhat like a crocheted item. Soft floppy stretchy and stimulating on the skin. Very nice. The photo of the towel is accurate. So somewhat unusual but great. Very absorbent, dries in a flash. Good for washers, hand towels, great for hair drying. I wish more of the jacquard weaves could be bought in for us to purchase. I have all of them and love them all.

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Suggestions for Janice and Deborah
Reviewer: Heather

Janice, because this fabric becomes highly textured after washing, I would NOT use it for Roman shades. Those work more easily with flat fabrics. The jacquards would give you some visual interest, so maybe take a look at those. Deborah - yes, it's only in neutral, but maybe this is an opportunity to learn dyeing? Dharma Trading has some great quality fabric dyes -- you'll want the ones that are designed to work with plant fibers (like cotton, etc.)

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I love the look and texture of this fabric!
Reviewer: Jeanette

After washing this fabric once with warm water and drying on medium heat, it is so beautiful I don't know what to make with it. I have a natural linen blanket cover and king shams on my bed and have the yardage of this linen spread across the bottom of the bed. It is soft with a wonderful texture. I want to make a skirt or a jacket or both! I will absolutely buy more of this beautiful linen!

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Suitable for Roman Shades?
Reviewer: Janice

Wanting to make a Roman Shade/ WarmWindow quilt for a sliding glass door. Interested in using this linen. What do you people who have sewn with it think of the idea?

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Luscious texture, just right weight, perfect blanket
Reviewer: Janet

I have been in love with the look of this highly textured fabric for a long time. With Maureen's help in ordering the correct amount, I purchased enough to make a queen sized blanket and a throw. It looks awful before being sewn, washed and dried. Then its true beauty come bursting out! It is a unique double woven which justifies its higher cost. I seamed the blanket down the middle with a flat fell seam, overlapping more than usual to take advantage of the selvedges. I also took advantage of the selvedges on the side seams, merely doubling them over. For the top and bottom seams, I chose a two inch hem, overstitching the raw edges before completing the hem. Oh, my, the fuzz! Took it to a laundromat for a hot wash and cool double rinse, with a slightly damp dry. Wow. The flat, stiff, unappealing look vanished! The texture popped, the color darkened and the fabric softened. I am not talking baby soft, but that will come after many future wash/dry cycles. It does shrink, so plan accordingly. Maureen recommended 8 and 1/3 yds for the queen blanket and I rounded that up to include enough for pillow shams or a throw. Husband wants a throw now. Try it. You will be asking Maureen for more color options, too!

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Reviewer: Anonymous

I accidentally washed in hot water and the color faded a lot. It is still scratchy after several washes and shrank about 30% or more. Currently it feels like a loofah and would make good wash clothes. Guess I need to keep washing it. I'm still undecided if I like it or not, hence the neutral rating. BTW shipping costs were almost the same as the fabric :(

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Great texture!
Reviewer: Linda

I've looked at textured throws on Etsy for ages. They seem expensive for what they are and I was thrilled to find this fabric. As another reviewer noted, it is not all that appealing out of the box. But what a fantastic texture it washes into! It's heavy and springy/stretchy...not really soft yet, though it's getting softer with each washing. I bought enough to make two throws but ended up with one double thickness throw having sewn the ends together for the initial wash and never gotten around to unstitching and finishing into two. I really like the weight and texture of the double thickness and will probably just bind the sides together. This would make nice invigorating towels too. Next project!

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Very Pretty
Reviewer: Deborah

When I received this and pulled it out of the box, it looked and felt like burlap. I was so disappointed. I surged the cut ends and threw it in the washer. When I pulled it out, I found it had shrunk a lot. Boy was there a TON of fuzz and lint. I shook it out and pulled on it to get it stretched back out. (I would suggest you do the shaking outside). After washing a few more times, to get more lint and fuzz off, and using some fabric softener, it was great. The more you wash it the softer it gets. It has a lot of texture. My niece's husband grabbed the material thinking it was a throw. My niece loved the feel of it so much I made her some pillows with it. She wants me to some day make her a bedspread out of it. I will be buying more. I just wish it came in different colors.

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A bath towel.

Posted by Ronda

This is the natural color not the taupe. A little different color but similar. I love the checkered jacquard and had enough left for a bath towel.

Posted by Lydia