IL041 BLEACHED - 100% Linen - Middle (5.01 oz/yd2) - 3.00 Yards

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At 5.1 ounces this Open Weave linen has a unique slightly sheer look and feel that sets it apart from other medium weight linens. Open weave does not make it less durable or versatile, just loosely woven.

This linen should be laundered in a cold wash-tumble dried on air setting or very low heat--line dry if possible.

Fabric specifications:

Article : IL041 Open Weave
Content : 100% Linen
Type : BASIC
Thread size warp : 9.09
Thread size weft : 9.09
Thread count warp : 20
Thread count weft : 19
Weight : 5.01 oz/yd2
Width : 57 inch
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Fabrcis-store buyer profile image fabulous once you understand it.
Reviewer: Anonymous

This is one of my favorite favorite fabrics. It does require some prep and special handling but you will be rewarded. You need to overlock the raw edges before washing. Wash on the hottest cycle for the longest time with your choice of suds and add softner to the rinse cycle and high spin. In the dryer medium heat checking the lint trap often.remove almost dry . Iron the whole piece..The fabric will be very supple. care will need to be taken cutting and handling pieces in sewing . overlock and staystitch as much as possible. topstitching also helps secure the loose weave.

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Candace profile image fabulous once you understand it.
Reviewer: Candace

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Barbara profile image IL041 Excellent fabric
Reviewer: Barbara

I have fallen in love with yet another Fabrics Store linen. This is gorgeous fabric that takes on many looks and uses. Washed hot / dried hot and it came out textured, soft, ready for use on a multitude of projects. Currently being used on a quilted curtain. This (like most linen) takes dyes and inks beautifully!!! Just order more of it!! Pulled thread techniques are made for this fabric!!!

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Carol profile image Great for curtains
Reviewer: Carol

I used this fabric to make sheers to go under the jacquard "Flowering Star"(no longer available) linen scalloped curtains. The color worked well and cuts the heat from my west facing windows. I washed a sample and since it didn't shrink or pucker I didn't wash the fabric I worked with. The raw ends did tend to fray so I finished them with the widest and longest stitch on my 4 thread serger. I hemmed the ends with the default zigzag stitch, catching one side of the serged edge and other other side just off the serged edge. It gave me a sort of hemstitched look which I was pleased with. I used a similar technique on the sides using the selvage edge. The unwashed fabric was stiffer than the sample I washed and possibly that made the threads thicker but I found that if my needle was dull it would stab the thread rather than sliding past it. This cause the fabric to snag and pucker. A new needle fixed the problem. I was so pleased with my bedroom curtains I made more for the bathroom!

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Ivy profile image Beautiful curtains!
Reviewer: Ivy

I made curtains for my bedroom out of this fabric. It was the first time I used an open weave like this and it became so soft and loose (can't think of a better word) that it was a little challenging to make straight, squared-up panels, but the results are lovely. I love watching the way the curtains billow in the breeze and the fabric seems to bounce when I move it. It's bouncy. Delightful!

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Kathy profile image I love this fabric!
Reviewer: Kathy

I bought this for bedroom curtains (9' windows). It looks plain out of the box but once you start working with it, its texture is almost alive. I will send photos of the finished product, but I am sure this fabric will be nothing less than gorgeous, pressed or unpressed. The bleached is the perfect color for summer clothes. Just beautiful high quality fabric.

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Helen profile image
Reviewer: Helen

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Helen profile image open weave leggings
Reviewer: Helen

I got this fabric because it was on sale and I was looking to try different linens for different jobs. I wanted to make some linen long johns for bedtime and for the Healing that linen provides.. Cut on the bias this makes Great under pant leggings, and tight pajama pants. they provide an even warmth, and I think they give me a little more strength in my legs. I like this fabric and I can see it made into very comfortable ( sexy ) lounge around outfits.

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Fabrcis-store buyer profile image Open weave linen
Reviewer: Anonymous

I want to make an underdress that has embroidered sleeves so I wanted a larger weave. It was heavier than I thought, very stiff. washed up softer but shed like a son of a gun. I have to remove a lot of pills now from it. very rustic looking not light and sophisticated. not sure it will work for my project.

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Elizabeth profile image Perfect linen scrim curtains!
Reviewer: Elizabeth

I've looked around for fabric to sew curtains for a craftsman style house, and this fabric inspired me. I was worried the weight would be too flimsy, but it was just right. The open weave made the drawn-work hemstitching by hand a pleasure. Measuring and making straight lines with linen is a breeze. And the width of the fabric was just right to have 1.5'' double-turned side hems and still have close to 1.5x window fullness for a standard window size.

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IL041   BLEACHED  - 100% Linen

Just finished these single panel curtains for my sewing room. I repurposed some crocheted corners from an old table cloth on the bottom of each panel. The bleached white was a perfect match for the crocheted corners and created the look I was trying to achieve.

Posted by Karen
IL041   BLEACHED  - 100% Linen

My mother's Christmas gift - semi-sheer linen kitchen curtains with a hand-crocheted lace insert. IL041 Bleached is a beautiful off-white, with quite a large weave, making it semi-sheer but sufficiently opaque to block outsiders from looking in. Lets in light beautifully, is very easy to sew, and does shed a lot of lint at first.

Posted by Jennifer
IL041   BLEACHED  - 100% Linen

Detail of hemstitching.

Posted by Elizabeth
IL041   BLEACHED  - 100% Linen

Unacceptable color when it's called bleached white. The bottom is the fabric, the top are the white linen sheets its supposed to match

Posted by Cheryl
IL041   BLEACHED  - 100% Linen

Once you have this linen on your windows you will never go back to plain drapes again. I LOVE this look. Thanks

Posted by Patrice
IL041   BLEACHED  - 100% Linen

Another look at the drape in my "beach bedroom" overlooking the pasture!

Posted by Patrice
IL041   BLEACHED  - 100% Linen

Love the transparency of this lovely linen so I can still see the pasture behind my house! Perfect and exactly what I was hoping for.

Posted by Patrice
IL041   BLEACHED  - 100% Linen

Just to say "thank you!" and share this picture with you, of one of the sets of drapes I made from your wonderful linens...... With a peek at NYC's historic West Village, Jefferson Clock Tower!

Posted by Mandi
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