IL019 SILVER BLUE Softened - 100% Linen - Middle (5.3 oz/yd2) - 1.00 Yard

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At a medium weight of 5.3 ounces, this 100% linen is versatile enough to be referred to as an All Purpose or Do it All linen. With its smooth look and tighter weave, this linen is neither sheer or heavy, but just the right in-between weight you will need for a variety of projects.

Fabric specifications:

Article : IL019 Multi Purpose
Content : 100% Linen
Type : BASIC
Thread size warp : 17.9
Thread size weft : 17.9
Thread count warp : 46
Thread count weft : 37
Weight : 5.3 oz/yd2
Width : 59 inch
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Janet profile image This is very nice linen
Reviewer: Janet

I bought some of this and made a really nice casual tablecloth with it...I love how it looks on my table and am planning to make more of various colors. The color of linen I got was a little different than what was shown, but no big deal! If the color is different on my orders, it it not something I fret and moan about, just go with it and sew!

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Rebecca profile image Blue spruce
Reviewer: Rebecca

Is it blue or is it green? Hard to say ... it's the exact color of the new growth on my blue spruce evergreen tree ... and I'd say the swatches on line are dead on, at least on my iPad. Beautiful - can't wait to sew it.

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Raven profile image Light green/blue
Reviewer: Raven

I buy quite a bit of linen from here, and know that sometimes colors are a bit off from the screen, but this one was way off! The fabric itself was lovely as always, but this is definitely green! A minty green/blue instead of the gray blue shown on my screen.

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Christine profile image Gorgeous color
Reviewer: Christine

The color is very much as represented, at least on my computer screen. It reminds me of sea glass. I made two baby ring slings with it, topstitched with decorative white stitching. It was a joy to work with and was loved by the recipients. It washed beautifully and came out soft and lovely and I'm thinking will only get more so with repeated washings.

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Teresa profile image Not Blue, But Very Nice
Reviewer: Teresa

I bought this based on the reviews saying that it is a soft blueish green, not blue. They were right. Luckily, that is exactly what I wanted. I needed cloth for an early 1800s costume modeled after a historical description of a "copperas" colored gown. Historians don't seem to be quite sure what color copperas was, but a soft blueish green was one of the best guesses. The color is lovely, and the quality is up to the standards I have grown to expect from

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Lisa profile image Not silver blue
Reviewer: Lisa

I agree with the other reviewers who said this fabric is more green than blue. However, it is actually more blue than the swatch showing on my computer, which looks like a lovely medium gray/green color. The photo of the little girl in the nightgown is the best representation of the true color of the linen. Although mis-named, It is still a very nice color, weight and quality.

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Linda profile image Not silver; not blue
Reviewer: Linda

This fabric is neither silvery or blue. It's green; a light green. It's the same color as meadow, but a little more saturated in color, but just by a hair. I'm concerned that FS continues to misrepresent color descriptions on this site. I can understand that the screen color can't be replicated accurately, but the description can be accurate (at least in the correct color family, i.e., in the green family). Seriously, neither silver nor blue, but green, but called silver blue. Go figure!

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Naomi profile image color
Reviewer: Naomi

This fabric is a lot more green than appears in the photo. It's a lovely sagey blue-green. Not truly a light blue. :-)

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Melissa profile image A perfect match
Reviewer: Melissa

I wanted to make a striped petticoat for an 18th century polonaise gown with IL044-515 and I wanted the polonaise gown to be a matching blue. Silver blue matches the blue in that fabric almost perfectly. And after making 2 petticoats with linen I can't wait to make the polonaise. Linen is so easy to sew with!

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IL019   SILVER BLUE Softened - 100% Linen

Top to bottom comparison, all 019: Bleached (signature finish); dove; meadow; silver blue. Perfect gradation.

Posted by Christine
IL019   SILVER BLUE Softened - 100% Linen

Pajamas and a robe. I love the fabric and color. Unfortunately, the fabric had a bad flaw that I did not notice until after I had cut it. I had to repair the flaw.

Posted by Ritva
IL019   SILVER BLUE Softened - 100% Linen

This color - a beautiful soft aqua - and weight of fabric is perfect for embroidery! This is an embroidered sand dollar pillow that is available on my shop on Etsy at HollyCreekHome.

Posted by Linda
IL019   SILVER BLUE Softened - 100% Linen

I made this nightgown for my daughter out of silver blue. It is my attempt at copying an American Girl nightgown (Marie-Grace's nightie), that I had admired when I saw my goddaughter wearing it. This picture, however, was taken before I added loose elastic to the sleeve hem casings. Now I want a linen nightgown for myself!

Posted by Jamie
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