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Great place for pure linen fabric. Samples, sales and discounts.


What’s The Studio?’s The Studio is a community where you can participate in design contests with other talented designers and gain recognition and exposure.

With thousands of independent designers presenting their work online every day, the world of design is changing rapidly. And so, is changing as well. In this exciting new phase, we’re introducing a new contest software and opening up the judging to our valued customers and hand-picked expert designers from around the world.

We hope to encourage a growing, global network of designers creating beautiful works that stand apart through their creativity, their ability to inspire people and their capacity for craftsmanship.’s The Studio is an online destination for people with a passion for design, sewing and an active commitment to bettering their art. Here, designers of all sorts can acknowledge each other, be stimulated by diverse points of view and thrive through competition.

We believe in the power of self expression through the arts of sewing and design as a way to inspire others.’s The Studio is a celebration of that belief and an invitation to you to share your work with the world. We would be honored to have you take part in our new community. History

In 1998, Nikolai Karpushin founded as a way to sell affordable fabric online in the United States and introduce people to a natural, timeless textile: 100% linen fabric.

Today, has grown to have one of the largest inventories of European and US linen fabric online. We provide access to the finest linen fabrics at up to half the cost of our competitors because we work directly with our mills. That means fewer hidden fees and more fabric for you.

Why are we unique? We think that what you buy should help the world, not hurt it. Every one of our fabrics is environmentally friendly and no part of our production causes air, noise or water pollution. We only sell 100% natural fabrics and believe that wholesome fabric is the better alternative to today's synthetic textiles.

Our team is eager to help you and we hope you become a long friend of our creative community.


To inspire creativity and sell products that help the world.

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