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"This polonaise, petticoat and stomacher are all hand finished out of cream linen. The handkerchief weight linen cap is fully hand sewn."
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Geri site rating 1 year ago
How is a previous contest entry in this contest also...you got 1689 votes....?

Anna site rating 3 years ago
Hello Christine! Are you taking custom orders? Thank you. Anna

Leslie site rating 3 years ago
Well done! An excellent choice of fabric, elegantly structured, and exquisitely executed. What a beautiful beautiful piece of work. Stunning! Congratulations. Well done!

Christine site rating 3 years ago
Gary: Congrats! No problem. Its been a blast. Lots of great pieces out there. Keep on stitching!

Tiffany site rating 3 years ago
Yay! :) Congratulations on the Judge's Choice win. This is such an amazing outfit. Well done! :)

site rating 3 years ago
Congrats Christine & thank you for being graceful. In business since 2001 we have a nice customer base many who showed up & voted every day. I wish more here were appreciative of the creative process that goes into the sketching to creating our ga

Rose site rating 3 years ago
What? A plain blue shirt won over this? Ridiculous! Anyone can have family, friends and followers vote to gain the win. Judging system MUST BE JURY PANEL ONLY! Not fair to the REAL winner of this beautiful work of art.

Amy site rating 3 years ago
This, with its complex pattern and all the hand-sewing, and the SCA tunics with their heraldic applique' work, are all MUCH more deserving of awards than the simple blue tunic which won. That Gary must have a HUGE mailing list...

Christine site rating 3 years ago
They had a lot of fans. That's totally ok. I'm happy for them and their voters. I asked my friends to vote for me, as I'm sure they did. Networking can work wonders! Don't get me wrong- I'm extremely happy I won as well. :)

Mary J site rating 3 years ago
I voted for you and as far as Im concerned, your creation is head and shoulders above the "winner."

If you werent chosen, there were others who also deserved it. I wont be voting next time because the contest was obviously rigged.

Samuelle site rating 3 years ago
Your dress is absolutely beautiful Christine. I see a lot of accomplished designers here, great workmanship but this contest is a joke and I'm not laughing.

Diane site rating 3 years ago
The detail in this dress is incredible! This one should have won, hands down! :)

Janet site rating 3 years ago
ohh dear I just found this today. I would have voted for you !. Lovely and inspiring. Recount !!

Dee site rating 3 years ago
I'm stunned that a blue, unfitted shirt won over this complex, beautiful, researched work of art. This should have won.

Christine site rating 3 years ago
And thank you all for your wonderful comments! :)

Christine site rating 3 years ago
Elise: This pattern is available through several sources. Although I end up redrafting many patterns for my own use since I'm short but... Endowed. Lol

Christine site rating 3 years ago
Thank you all so much for your support! As a full time seamstress and reenactor, it's been great having my work seen by those who don't get to events. Now that I'm adding block printing to my repertoire I think this piece needs some borders. Thanks all!

Ronda site rating 3 years ago
Can't believe a blue shirt that anyone with a minimal amount of seeing knowledge can put together in less than an hour won this.

winner announced


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