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The Smoothest, Lightest, Silkiest 100% Linen EVER Stocked by! 

Secret fabric sale on the extra-long staple, super fine thread IL020 Bleached - 38% OFF HERE ONLY 

A Dense Natural Fabric with a Silky Surface

You find a fabric perfect for a blouse. You love the feel of the fabric: it’s light, but opaque hand, silky smooth surface, you look at the content label and poof - there goes the love.

Viscose or silk ( or worse yet - polyester) and you immediately know that it will be a waste of your sewing efforts. Even if you manage to wrestle the sliding and slipping while sewing, it still won’t do to make your go-to blouse. 

Who wants to feel like they are cooking alive accompanied by the lovely sweat stains, or footing the endless dry cleaning bills.

On with the fabric search, but you have a dilemma - is there a natural fiber that:

  • Has a silky smooth surface - suitable for garments for the most sensitive skin
  • Something that has the “body” to be opaque  BUT stay light to wear
  • AND a cloth that can be washed at home and not be dry clean only

Can You Imagine Wearing a Garment that is as Light as a Hanky?!


IL020 Bleached Prepared for Dyeing - Favored by 7741 people!

IL020 Bleached Linen fabric - also known as Handkerchief weight linen - is woven with thread so light and fine that just a teaspoon of this thread would be enough to stretch the entire length of a football field!

Linen thread this fine gives you the silkiest, a virtually no slub, linen surface in the lightest weight + high thread count linen material you will ever work with. 

Forget the rougher linen you may be thinking, forget even the linen shirt material you have seen - I am talking handkerchief fabric fine.

  • Super fine texture - just 1 gram of this thread is 33 meters long. Only the longest staple linen can be utilized and this affords you a virtually slub-free cloth surface to work with. Ideal for print, embroidery, or needlework.
  • Densely woven - this provides an opaque cloth that can be used for blouses, night-gowns, baby clothes. Items that need a cloth to have “body” without being stiff. 101 threads per square inch make this fabric have the “body” it needs.
  • Simple to live with - this is 100% natural wet combed extra-long staple linen (flax). It loves being used and washed which means you have the same simple means of garment care as with other linen fabrics.

Wonderful product

Reviewer: Lisa

I had never ordered from this company before so didn't know what to expect. I trusted the reviews of my fellow reenactors and am glad I did. This linen is fabulous. Way better than any I have bought from my local fabric store. Plus, I can trust that it is 100% linen, unlike my local fabric store who is known for mislabeling linen blends as 100%. I am now an enthusiastic customer who plans to buy from this company again and again!! I've also recommended this store to some others I know who sew reenactment clothing.


Sheets, Pillow Cases, Romantic Elegant Curtains for Bedroom

Reviewer: Lina

I've had my linen now over a year. It gets softer and softer with every wash. It took me a while to settle on this product, as I was torn between 1C64's amazing quality and the softness that this sheer linen had to offer. I'm so glad I chose this! It's super smooth. I'm also getting ready to make this into sheer curtains for my bedroom and it's just truly elegant to look at when the sun is bright shinning into the room (I used my sheets on the curtain rod as a sample). This linen is an off white and has a softer effect than your optic; it's easy on your eyes when your turning in for the night. It's one of many of my favorites and even though I ordered a bolt, 20 yards worth, I'll be ordering again and again I'm sure.

Try 3-15 yards of IL020 Handkerchief Linen Regular Price $11.58/yard for 38% OFF and Pay JUST $7.18/yard + Shipping

You are covered by our 30-day guarantee. 

For any reason, if you don’t absolutely love this fabric - please just send it back and I’ll reimburse you immediately. Take 30 days to decide. No need to rush.

Strict 15 Yards Max per Person

With this deep discount - we are basically selling the cloth at cost and can only allow 15 yards per order.


Add fabric to Cart at 38% OFF

This Sale is NOT Available on Our Regular Website!

That’s right. We’re only sharing this secret sale with our email subscribers. This deal is not available to any of our other customers.

And it won't be available anywhere else except this page...

You Can Personalize this Cloth ANY WAY you Like!

This fabric is intentionally finished to be Prepared for Dyeing or in techie terms - PFD.

This preparation stage of making linen cloth leaves the fabric unfinished, basically as stiff as a piece of paper, making it a perfect blank canvas to:

  • Print
  • Dye
  • Applique
  • Embroider

PLUS - When you order from this page you Earn Reward Points! Each dollar you spend turns into a point and these points can be used to buy anything you want on our site.

Try 3-15 yards of IL020 Handkerchief Linen Regular Price $11.58/yard for 38% OFF and Pay JUST $7.18/yard + Shipping

You are covered by our 30-day guarantee. 

For any reason, if you don’t absolutely love this fabric - please just send it back and I’ll reimburse you immediately. Take 30 days to decide. No need to rush.

Strict 15 Yards Max per Person

With this deep discount - we are basically selling the cloth at cost and can only allow 15 yards per order.


Add fabric to Cart at 38% OFF

You don’t have to take our word for it: Check out the Glowing Customer Reviews

Thousands of sewers have discovered their new favorite in the Handkerchief weight linen IL020.

They’ve made flowy dresses, blouses, baby clothes, reenactment garb, bed linens, home decor items, nursery apparel, and so much more.

So, you don’t have to take our word for it when we say that the IL020 Linen is a MUST-HAVE ingredient in a sewing room.

(And it’s exactly what’s missing from your fabric stash!)

Check out what other sewists are saying about the Extra-Long Staple Handkerchief Linen:


Perfect summer top

Reviewer: Karen

Lightweight and cool for the Florida heat and humidity.


Gorgeous linen!

Reviewer: Susi

As a professional seamstress, I regularly make costumes for Renaissance Festival performers and other sorts of historical reinactment. This is the linen that I recommend for shirts, chemises and bloomers for comfort and authentic-looking style. This washes up so beautifully, especially using the trick of washing it in just a teaspoon of Dawn dishwashing liquid, which removes the oils and allows the fabric to wrinkle less. The weave is even and is a dream to cut and stitch. is my go-to for linen.


I'm in love!

Reviewer: Yolanda

This is the first time I have ordered fabric from Fabrics -, and will definitely NOT be the last! I used my IL020 linen to make a simple half- slip, and it is a pleasure to wear. The linen is soft, breathable and just perfect in every way. Super - easy to work with, too. Thank you!


I love this linen!

Reviewer: Anna

I've been using this handkerchief weight linen for years and I absolutely love it. I recently made a dress using my pattern, the Demeter Dress, and it makes me feel like I stepped out of a Jane Austen novel when I wear it!


Keep coming back year after year.

Reviewer: Amy

I've been using linen from for more than 10 years. The quality is hard to beat. Most recently I've started making caps and bonnets that are inspired by the Handmaid's Tale tv show. This tissue weight is perfect in the optic white. It gives the bonnets a translucency that you see in the tv show. I love it. And will keep ordering. Also, they are super helpful. Last night i placed an order with the wrong shipping address. Within minutes Maureen had it fixed! Thank you so much! Love this place!!


Beautiful soft linen

Reviewer: Valarie

This linen was recommended to me by other costume reenactors as an excellent one to use for making my 1700s chemise. It was stiff on arrival but after only washing one time, it was soft enough to wear under my clothes. I will be buying more when needed, and I'm recommending it to others.


Need more already!

Reviewer: Karen

We ordered a bolt, and in going over the "to-do" list, I realized we could use another 10 yards or so. We are members of the SCA, and are always pleased with your quality. The hanky linen works for my cotehardies and my husband's Japanese garments, and we often order in tandem. Keep up the good work!


happy happy customer

Reviewer: Gayle

I wanted to recreate a linen dress that I purchased but could not find any more like it.The fabric in all of the stores in my area in Florida was a joke. One fabric store recommended I go online. I purchased one time and I was so happy I purchased three more times. I am very, very thrilled with the quality, colors and pricing of the fabric.


Love This Linen

Reviewer: Karen

I order the bleached linen for smocks and medieval accessories, such as coifs and hoods. When you are camping for two weeks in the summer, in a medieval style camp, there is NOTHING like putting on a clean, fresh under dress! Many people eschew long sleeves in the heat of summer. I actually prefer linen sleeves to wearing nothing, as the linen works well to wick heat and moisture from the skin, while giving some protection from the glare of the sun. I find this linen to be nice and soft, and it is always a pleasure to work with!


IL020 hankerchief linen

Reviewer: Sue

I have been looking for this fabric for a long time and just can't find it locally. I LOVE it! It was very easy to work with and just gets softer every time I wash it. At 57 inches wide I think it is a great value and I know I will be ordering more.I am using it for a chemise under a costume You just can't go wrong with this.

Try 3-15 yards of IL020 Handkerchief Linen Regular Price $11.58/yard for 38% OFF and Pay JUST $7.18/yard + Shipping

You are covered by our 30-day guarantee. 

For any reason, if you don’t absolutely love this fabric - please just send it back and I’ll reimburse you immediately. Take 30 days to decide. No need to rush.

Strict 15 Yards Max per Person

With this deep discount - we are basically selling the cloth at cost and can only allow 15 yards per order.


Add fabric to Cart at 38% OFF



In 1998, Nikolai Karpushin founded this business as a way to sell affordable fabric online in the United States and introduce people to a natural, timeless textile: 100% linen fabric.

Today, has grown to have one of the largest inventories of European and US linen fabric online. We provide access to the finest linen fabrics at up to half the cost of our competitors because we work directly with our mills. That means no hidden fees and more fabric for you.

Why are we unique? We think that what you buy should help the world, not hurt it. Every one of our fabrics is environmentally friendly and no part of our production causes air, noise or water pollution. We only sell 100% natural fabrics and believe that wholesome fabric is the better alternative to today's synthetic textiles.

Our team is eager to help you and we hope you become a long friend of our creative community. You're awesome!


To inspire creativity and sell products that help the world.

What is's relationship with Creative Work Media Inc.? is a division of Create Work Media Inc., an e-commerce startup incubator that focuses on textile e-commerce companies.

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