IL073 848 MIX NATURAL - 100% Linen - Canvas (9.1 oz/yd2)

Price: $4.63 per yard
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This linen is a heavier rustic natural that comes in one solid and various colored stripe patterns, narrow in width for specialty projects such as placemats, napkins, table runners, bath towels, bath and kitchen accessories even apparel and so much more. Close up image shows fabric texture and shrinkage after a wash. 

Yarn Dyed 100% linens are made using linen threads that are dyed separately before being woven. This allows for a large variety of patterns and designs that stand out from the base fabric color. This style is currently available only in a narrow width of 19"

Fabric specifications:

Article : IL073 Narrow Width
Content : 100% Linen
Thread size warp : 5.5
Thread size weft : 9.09
Thread count warp : 21
Thread count weft : 34
Color :
Weight : 9.1 oz/yd2
Width : 19 inch
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Michelle profile image best heavy duty kitchen towels in the world.
Reviewer: Michelle

I adore this stuff. I wash and dry it a couple of times and then hem the cut edges. Side edges are already finished with the delightful little ruffle. With use and washing, they will soften. Make some natural medium weight dish towels to pair them with. Makes a great wedding or shower gift.

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Perfectly Painted profile image Very Unique Linen!
Reviewer: Perfectly Painted

A very unique linen! I've purchased many canvas weight linens (even a few from here) and this is the most natural nubby linen I've seen. Its got a gorgeous texture out of thr package but has a strong odor from the flax stripping so it needs to be washed. After a hot wash/dry it wrinkles incredibly but can be smoothed back out with a lot of water, steam, pressure, and patience. I love how unique it is but not sure what I'll use it for the other reviers bag!!!

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Merrideth profile image winkles terribly. not suitable for clothing
Reviewer: Merrideth

this is narrow width for which I was not aware. planned to use it for clothing. not wide enough for any useful clothing. wrinkles terribly and iron will not take out the wrinkles even with steam pressing machine.

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Catina profile image This linen certainly has a unique character!
Reviewer: Catina

Like Deborah, I was not prepared for what to expect after the first washing, and what to make of the ripply selvages... but now I've come to love it! I also enjoy just leaving the selvages on and fringing the other sides. The deep crepe texture is very absorbent and dries quickly. Anticipating the shrinkage, I simply wash a 1 yard cut and it shrinks to just the right size for me. Before washing I sew a few rows of straight stitching about an inch from the raw edges so the fringing does not get out of control

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Ivy profile image Very nice linen
Reviewer: Ivy

Yes, it is narrow, but it's also inexpensive. I ordered a doggie bag piece to play around with. After a hot wash and dry and ironing, I was very pleased with the feel. It has that wonderful linen smooth nubbiness-- textured but not scratchy. I planned to make a tote bag and miscalculated, so I ended up covering a small throw pillow instead. I love touching this stuff! I have enough left to cover a second pillow. I'm very please with it.

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Deborah profile image Update to Heavy Canvas
Reviewer: Deborah

My feelings about this linen have grown from uncertainty to fascination. Yes, it does shrink a lot, yes the selvages pucker, but this fabric has such an immediate visual and tactical impact, I've fallen in love with it. I decided to leave it in its washed, puckered-edge state and just fringe the ends. It's rustic, textured, and draws the eye immediately. LOVE IT! The biggest drawback is the cost of postage because of its weight per yard.

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Sara profile image Not At All What I Was Looking For
Reviewer: Sara

I should have read the description more closely. I hadn't realized it was quite so very narrow. After washing it's 16 inches across. It is very natural, came to me smelling of hay; well, probably flax, but I don't know what that smells like. After a few washes it shrank down considerably to a nice nubby texture, some of it definitely shrank more than others. It will never lie flat. It's still very stretchy. Completely unusable for lining. After washing it is an interesting piece of cloth. I think I'll use it to make napkins. It's very soft with a fun texture.

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Deborah profile image Very heavy canvas
Reviewer: Deborah

I received this today, washed it twice in hot water, then tossed it in the dryer. It shrank at least 10%, but selvedge didn't shrink as much as the fabric, which left the selvedge edges puckered, despite my best effort with a hot iron. Not happy about that. Initially I planned to make dish towels (I did not read the description carefully. It states that it is canvas weight), but it is far too stiff and heavy for that use. Now I'm thinking of table runners or placements. Honestly, I can't decide how I feel about this piece of linen. It is quite beautifully and ruggedly rustic. I think it's like broccoli, you'll either love it or hate it. Once I've figured out what to do with it, I'll update to let you know my decision!

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IL073 848 MIX NATURAL    - 100% Linen

The other reviewers weren't kidding- this has some serious wrinkling after a hot wash/dry cycle (which is necessary due to the natural flax canavas smell & texture). The area underneath has been sprayed with water & then steam ironed with my rowenta - even on high heat it takes some time and pressure to get it flatted out.

Posted by Perfectly Painted
IL073 848 MIX NATURAL    - 100% Linen

Tote bag made with IL073 848 MIX NATURAL.

Posted by Colleen
IL073 848 MIX NATURAL    - 100% Linen

Here is the tote closeup for texture..

Posted by Victoria
IL073 848 MIX NATURAL    - 100% Linen

After being washed twice in hot water and dried on medium heat, there was shrinkage in both length and width.The fabric became soft but sturdy, like cotton bark cloth. I made a tote bag from 2 yards of IL073, using the entire width of the fabric. I lined it with IL019 Vineyard Green. Here are a couple of photos to show the texture. The photos are taken late in the day plus it is overcast, so the color is more grey than the actual fabric. The fabric has a pleasant texture, rugged but not rough.

Posted by Victoria