IL002 SCROLLS IVORY-NATURAL - 100% Linen - Canvas (9.4 oz/yd2) - 2.00 Yards

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Jacquard cloths are created by weaving different color threads to create intricate patterns - or paintings that are woven with thread. These are harder to weave and are considered an "heirloom" fabric due to the craftsmanship involved in their creation.

This fabric is super fun to work with - making every project look like a work of art.  The trick? Just throw it in the wash!

When you receive it  - the cloth will be flat and 2-dimensional. After the wash and dry - the design will "lift up" giving the fabric a 3 dimensional appearance.

In order for the fabric to "lift up" it is woven in a way that when it is washed and dried - it will shrink more than plain weave linen giving it the volume needed to be 3 dimensional. This cloth you can expect 18% shrinkage weft (width of the fabric); and 16% warp (length of the fabric). Shrinkage is based on a warm wash and low-heat dry.

Fabric specifications:

Article : IL002
Content : 100% Linen
Thread size warp : 17.9
Thread size weft : 17.9+9
Thread count warp : 51
Thread count weft : 60
Weight : 9.4 oz/yd2
Width : 65 inch

Customer Questions and Answers

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Emily profile image A Lovely Gift!

I had made towels in Tetra and loved them so much that I decided to use this fabric to make a gift for my sister-in-law. She absolutely loves them, so I would recommend this fabric to anyone wanting a nice and unusual gift.

Emily • June 29, 2022
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Incredibly Absorbent!

Wow! I bought just 1 yard to test it. I cut it in half cross-wise and serged the raw edges - nothing fancy. Then I washed it - what great texture. I used it to dry my hair after washing it - my hair is quite thick and dries slowly, especially in winter. I used this toweling, without pressing on my hair. It absorbed most of the moisture. I will use it regularly and may even make some gift towels.

Sue • March 18, 2022
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Hem stitched throw

The fabric is so beautiful I almost didn't want to wash it. I measured my fringe then pulled 8 threads then did a hem stitch within the pulled threads. Washed and dried on the line. Wonderful texture. I'm sure it will only get more soft and airy the more I use it.

Elestina • March 13, 2022
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jacquard IL002 SCROLLS IVORY-NATURAL - 100% Linen -

This is very nice fabric. I have been making guest towels with it and all of that has gone well. I must say that the fabric did shrink much more than the instructions implied. It just means the hand towels are smaller, but they will work fine.

Judith K • February 27, 2022
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Beginner-friendly instant gratification throw blanket

I bought a 2 yard length of this fabric to make a throw blanket. Leaving the selveges in place as the side hems, my finished dimensions are about 62"x52". I love it. After washing and drying, the fabric fluffs up into a perfect summer throw. I've repurchased another 2 yards and made a second one to give as a gift. Note - don't prewash. Do the math to figure out the shrinkage and allow for it. Biggest challenge for me was folding the end hems in a straight line before ironing. Once I ironed the hem in place, the unwashed fabric was stiff enough to hold the hem and sew without pins, one hem at a time.

Cherie • July 31, 2021
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3 yards fabric throw. I measured out the fringe then pulled about 8 threads, 4 from each side, then hem stitched within the pulled threads. I washed and line dried. Perfect for my farmhouse.

Elestina • March 13, 2022

I sewed three lengths together to get a king size bedspread. Bought some fringe on amazon and finished the edges. I love the print and the weight of the bedspread is perfect! This is a single layer of fabric.

Heather • January 26, 2022

One yard with a simple 1" hem all around. One washing in hot water and a light tumble dry. It makes a very nice bath towel, or wrap!

Paula • December 24, 2021

Made a lovely throw for a friend. Simple 1" hems, hot washed and dried after careful cutting and sewing. She was very pleased to receive this special gift.

Susan • November 2, 2021

Wonderful for bath towels!

Lynden • May 29, 2021
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