4C22 MIX NATURAL - 100% Linen - Heavy (7.1 oz/yd2)

Price: $9.47 per yard
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At a heavier weight of 7.1 ounces this 100% linen is referred to as Rustic due to its more textured look and feel. Durable and perfect for projects that require just a bit more substance.

Fabric specifications:

Article : 4C22 Rustic - Bortovka
Content : 100% Linen
Type : BASIC
Thread size warp : 11.6
Thread size weft : 11.6
Thread count warp : 38
Thread count weft : 32
Weight : 7.1 oz/yd2
Width : 57 inch
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Janet profile image Beautiful fabric!
Reviewer: Janet

This fabric is lovely. It was exactly what I was hoping for. Natural, rough linen...love it!

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Karen profile image Love this fabric
Reviewer: Karen

I love this fabric and keep buying more. I moved into new house and used this fabric for all of my new drapes.

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Barbara profile image Love Love Love!
Reviewer: Barbara

This is my first time buying the heavier linen and I love it. I've pre-shrunk it by laundering in a hot wash and hot dryer four times. I estimate shrinkage to be 10% - 12% which is as expected. The fabric has softened considerably over the launderings and the look has just gotten better with each go-round. The hand is not quite as supple and smooth as the softened version (I also bought the heavier weight in softened Heather) so you may want to opt for pre-softened if this is important to you. Be forewarned that a lot of lint is produced when drying this fabric. You will need to check the dryer lint screen frequently to avoid an unsafe build-up of fluff. The amount of lint does lessen with subsequent launderings however I found that even during the fourth drying there was still a significant amount of it. I bought this fabric to make pants and love it so much I will be buying more to make a duvet cover and several other pieces of clothing.

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Annette profile image Fabulous fabric for the price.
Reviewer: Annette

I've had others of the 4C22 fabrics, and this is by far my favorite. It's the perfect neutral, and the mixed threads give it dimension and interest. Has a wonderful drape, as you would expect. I'll try to post a picture of my bias skirt I just made, as well as a close-up of the fabric.

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Linda profile image I love this linen!
Reviewer: Linda

I bought this to make linen bath sheets, and they are wonderful! I wanted them large so I cut 2 yard lengths, serged the cut ends and washed them to get rid of any shrinkage, I hung the fabric to air dry. When I hemmed the fabric I did a 2" double hem on all sides, and put a large 2" wide loop for hanging in the middle of one side seam. My brother was visiting and gave me a funny look when I handed him one on his way to the shower, now he can't stop raving about them and wants me to make him 4 for his house! I told him to order the linen and have it shipped to me and I would make them. Since I ordered 10 yard I still have plenty for a couple more bath sheets and tea towels, then I will have to order more!

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Angie profile image I took the plunge
Reviewer: Angie

Inspired by another reviewer, Janice, I decided to go for it and reupholster a love seat in the 4C22 Mix Natural. I love it!!! The fabric washed and dried beautifully, and it truly is a joy to work with. What a versatile color this is, too. It goes with everything - from greys to light beige, and every color in the rainbow. Since I wasn't sure how much I would need for my project, I erred on the side of caution and ordered 10 yards. Still have a couple of yards left, so I'm thinking I'll cover a footstool or two.

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Deborah profile image Can't have enough linen!
Reviewer: Deborah

All my linen needs are met with this company, they are fabulous! After receiving my order of mixed natural, I immediately serged both ends and put it through the wash and dry process. It came out gorgeous, as always. Linen is absolutely wonderful to wear in all seasons here in the Great Northwest, but I've decided this batch will be turned into a beautiful whole cloth quilt just as soon as I get done with my current project. I have many different machines in my shop, but if you are into embroidery, these fabrics take the stitches remarkably well, but I always wash and dry first!

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Randi profile image All-around wonderful
Reviewer: Randi

I absolutely love Mix Natural. It is the perfect neutral, and I recently "upgraded" to the 4C22 heavyweight after using the ILO19 weight for a long time. It has just a bit more body but is still a fine weave with a lovely finish and soft lustre. Irons beautifully, washes beautifully, just all-around wonderful.

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Claudia profile image wonderful fabric
Reviewer: Claudia

This is a beautiful fabric, the color is perfect and the texture is great. Using for sofa slipcover and pillow covers. I would definitely recommend and order more.

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Gayle profile image Upholstery fabric
Reviewer: Gayle

Love this fabric! It was exactly what I needed to upholster a chair and love the weight and body of this. I will order again soon!

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Janice profile image Club chair slipcover
Reviewer: Janice

I bought two cute club chairs from an estate sale. The chairs were the same brand as my slipcover sofas. So I know they were a great deal at 100.00 each. I hated the two slipcovers that came with the chairs. I searched the Internet and after reading the reviews abt this linen and shopping at local fabric stores, I realized this was a bargain. Well, I ordered 17 yds in the 4C22 softened linen. lWhen it arrived, I was truly amazed how beautiful it was. I washed and dried and washed and dryer (cut the yardage in half). The fabric does shrink and lots of dryer fuzz, but the results were great. I started watching u tube videos on miss mustard seed website and I thought I could tackle this! (The lady that usually makes slipcovers for me was busy until after the holidays). I am happy to show you one of the chairs. The first pic is the \"other\" Chair and the second one is the 4C22 softened fabric. (Not sure of the difference between the softened and unsoftened, especially if it wash it before sewing. Love this fabric.

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Leigh ann profile image Absolutely Gorgeous!
Reviewer: Leigh ann

After looking for linen curtain panels in my town and realizing they would cost me at a minimum...$169 each, I went online and found this wonderful site! After scrolling through many pages of beautiful linens with excellent descriptions, color swatches, and reviews, I settled on 13 yds of this linen. I am thrilled with the finished product! My panels are custom length (101 inches), the perfect color (which wasn't available in any of the stores) and the total bill for my fabric was $132. Boom! I'll be telling everyone about this fabulous resource I've lucked upon. Thinking of opening an Etsy shop with all things linen!

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Janyce profile image Wonderful all around fabric
Reviewer: Janyce

I love this fabric. The weight is perfect, and the mix color is perfect for many different things. I keep a couple of yards on hand as it is such a good basic

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Barbara profile image Linen Bath Towels
Reviewer: Barbara

I (with help from FS Customer Service) chose this fabric to create linen bath towels. I'd seen some in a catalog that got amazing reviews yet they were incredibly expensive. So what's a sewist to do?! Make my own of course! I cut and sewed the cross grain edges leaving the selvedge as is, prior to washing. After two washings they are soft and as lovely as I had hoped they would be! 2 yards netted me 2 bath towels.

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Francine profile image
Reviewer: Francine

I love everything about this fabric, the weight, the color, the drape. I had some small pieces left from my bed skirt and used it to make 6" cocktail napkins. I will order more to make some placemats.

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Beatrice profile image THE BEST
Reviewer: Beatrice


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Elisabeth profile image Today is 5/16/2013.
Reviewer: Elisabeth

On the 14th I ordered Mix Natural 4C22. The order has arrived and I am very happy with the fabric and the wonderful customer service. Thank you. I will be placing more orders with pleasure

Post Your Work
4C22   MIX NATURAL  - 100% Linen

Euro pillow made from the 4C44 100% Linen Mix Natural. I love the texture, colour and organic look of this fabric!

Posted by Janet
4C22   MIX NATURAL  - 100% Linen

If I could only wear one linen for the rest of my life - it would be this one! etsy.com/shop/shieldsdesignhouse

Posted by Randee
4C22   MIX NATURAL  - 100% Linen

Clutch with silkscreen on 4C22 and vintage wool. Design from detail of original drawing. My screen shows it as a cool neutral while it is more of a cream but it worked perfectly. It took the water-based silkscreen ink very well, which isn't always the case with textured fabrics. sarah-pike.com

Posted by Sarah
4C22   MIX NATURAL  - 100% Linen

Tote bag screen printed with original design on 4C22, mixed natural linen. perfectlynice.com

Posted by Colleen
4C22   MIX NATURAL  - 100% Linen

Close-up of 4C22 Mix Neutral 7.1 ounce linen.

Posted by Annette
4C22   MIX NATURAL  - 100% Linen

Long bias skirt made with the 4C22 Mix Neutral 7.1 ounce linen. Pattern used: Butterick 3654. It's all about the drape.

Posted by Annette
4C22   MIX NATURAL  - 100% Linen

Mixed natural X back apron..another wonderful linen that sews,washes and wears like a dream. I have made 6 of these for my good friends and each one of them loves them as much as I do. Thanks fabric store for quality linens at a great price!

Posted by Lisa
4C22   MIX NATURAL  - 100% Linen

I used Mix Natural for placemats with a hand hem-stitched border. Coordinating napkins have a machine stitched hem (I got lazy!) The set will be a Christmas present for a friend.

Posted by Mary
4C22   MIX NATURAL  - 100% Linen

Not quite done but I thought it would be fun to post this Work in Progress. I bought the fabric without a clear idea of what I'd do with it, it just looked interesting. Then it hit me-- my favorite J.Crew tote bag with leather trim is too old and shabby to use, so I need to make it new again! I decided to swap out all the original cotton fabric for this oatmeal-color heavy linen. Et voila! I'm so excited about having my best tote back in action. BTW, I'm kidding about swapping out all the fabric. I've remade it from scratch, using the leather bits and hardware off the J.Crew bag.

Posted by Ivy
4C22   MIX NATURAL  - 100% Linen

Here's 4C22 Mix Natural combined with ILO95 Natural bottom trim and handles. Love them! etsy.com/listing/267166443/linen-rabbit-tote-slouchy-knitting-bag?ref=shop_home_active_15

Posted by Randi
4C22   MIX NATURAL  - 100% Linen

Sorry, this is the 4C22 softened fabric

Posted by Janice
4C22   MIX NATURAL  - 100% Linen

Looks like I can only post one photo. This is the 4C22 softened fabric

Posted by Janice
4C22   MIX NATURAL  - 100% Linen

IKEA Hemnes sofa table cover with white grosgrain ribbon.

Posted by Bailey
4C22   MIX NATURAL  - 100% Linen

This is the main entrance to my shop, I slipcovered the love seat with the 7.1 oz. NATURAL MIX (softened). I made the curtains using 5.3 oz. TURQUOISE (softened).

Posted by Patricia
4C22   MIX NATURAL  - 100% Linen

I used 9 yards of 4C22 linen, in mix natural color, to make a F/Q duvet cover and two euro shams for my bed. I didn't know if 9 yds would do it, but it seemed to be just right. The fabric handled beautifully! Now I have the bedding I want!

Posted by Debbie
4C22   MIX NATURAL  - 100% Linen

This makes gorgeous placemats! Here I pulled threads for a fringe. I really love the two color fringe you get with the natural mix linen! Wonderful product from a company that really values customer service! LaurelSusanStudio@etsy.com

Posted by Susan
4C22   MIX NATURAL  - 100% Linen

I used 3 yards of this fabric to make this bed skirt

Posted by Francine
4C22   MIX NATURAL  - 100% Linen

Ruffled curtain, just perfect fabric, and the neutral look amazing

Posted by Paul
4C22   MIX NATURAL  - 100% Linen

I have been selling my Market Jumper at flea markets and now on Etsy. Everyone loves the 4C22 natural softened linen. It is substantial yet drapes nicely. It is by far my favorite fabric and the price point at fabric-store.com is amazing! Love it!

Posted by Sheryl
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