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Jennifer GodmanApr 23, 2015
I've been ordering from you for a few years. Never large quantities, just enough for my own wardrobe and my project stash. I have never been disappointed in your products. I received one of my latest orders today, Aluminium, Willow, and Turquoise IL019, and they are Gorgeous. I can't wait to use them. I'm looking forward to another package which should arrive next week. Thank you for being amazing!
Cathy CourtneyApril 9, 2015
You have the coolest website and I really enjoyed your article on the history of linen and was wondering if I could share it on my blog with a link to your website?
Francesca GuidoApr 8, 2015
I am SO about the LINEN! I am amazed and inspired by the contests, the tutorials and customer's submitted photos. Many, many thanks for the daily sales! See you on Pinterest! (Hey, make more things Pinnable - you're already famous and loved.)
Cindy ClarkMar 30, 2015
I don't purchase a lot, but I've never received promotional emails that I actually enjoy, until yours. I love the extra information, relevant links and actual reviews of the specific fabrics. Yours is one of only two promotional emails that I allow! They're awesome. I can't even imagine purchasing new linen from anyone else!
AthenaMar 25, 2015
After buying many linens from FS I'm universally pleased with the quality of product and even more impressed with the quality of the service. All my orders have arrived promptly, well packaged & exactly as ordered. The few times I've contacted customer service I've gotten an immediate, positive, cheerful response. I'm lucky enough to have other options for linen purchasing, but I prefer to buy from Fabrics-Store. Well done, well done indeed!
LinOct 25, 2014
Ordered 3 yards handkerchief linen and got it very quickly. The yardage was exactly 3 yards and after one washing and drying, it shrank to 2 7/8 yards. I guess I should have ordered enough to allow for shrinkage. :-(
LeoraOct 19, 2014
I love your store and look for your emails every day. I have bought linen from you repeatedly and plan to buy much more. I would like to ask for more colors in jewel tones in the light-weight linen. The weight is fantastic for underdresses in the SCA. Thank you! Leo.
LizSep 25, 2014
Thank you for the samples of the fabric. It would be super helpful if you included the names by the samples so I would know which is which. (They are all shades of blue, so it is difficult to know which they belong to.) Thanks!
Julie DreverSep 16, 2014
Thank you for your accuracy, promptness and for offering this wonderful linen! I am sewing up a whole summer wardrobe for easy care and comfort wearing!
Christy PinoAug 28, 2014
I love your linens, have used them for several recent projects and your quality and colors are great.
Julie DreverAug 6, 2014
Thank you for the fast service, accuracy in fulfilling my order and the daily updates. I am enjoying 'playing' with my linen making ladies undergarments, a blouse/tunic top for summer wear and planning my next adventures. The linen is wonderful to sew by hand and by machine! Thanks for your service to the world of sewers.
Margareta NicholasJul 28, 2014
DB IL067 100% Linen NATURAL-IVORY FLOWERING STAR I bought a sample of this to see if it would do for a project I am working on, the embroidery of a large tablecloth. While that is possible, it would be a pity to do that to such a lovely design so I am going to buy enough to make a tablecloth for our dining table without further embellishment. The fabric is much wider than the normal linen offering so will work on very wide tables and the scalloped edge is the same on both sides. The fabric is soft and the design is very subtle. I expect the other three designs in the range are similar. I have not seen these designs available anywhere else so this is a real find. The material would also make nice curtains and cushion covers I expect. The price is very reasonable for such an unusual design even with the expensive postage to Australia.
BetsyJul 24, 2014
I am an avid cross stitcher, and my favorite type of stitching is petit point. (IE, VERY tiny.) I'm using a different color than this one right now, but the IL019 fabrics are entirely PERFECT for petit point. I've been telling all my stitching friends to check out this fabric. LOVE the Doggie bag feature for getting smaller cuts of fabric perfect for my needs. THANK YOU.
Kathleen HaysJul 16, 2014
Superb fabric! Unbelievably fast shipping! Ordered 6 yards Autumn Gold on July 4, shipped July 7, received July 9. Forgot to measure length in my excitement. Washed and dried hot to shrink, measured exact same width. Neither end cut straight, off a couple of inches from one side to the other, making the usable length 5 yards 22 1/2 inches. Ordered 3 yards Silver Blue (gorgeous color!) on July 6, shipped July 8, received July 10. Measured 3 yards 8 inches. Very impressed with customer service, since washed and dried it measured exactly 3 yards. Ordered 4 yards Chocolate on July 8, shipped July 10, received July 14. Measured exactly 3 yards 32 inches. Washing as I am typing this. One end cut exactly straight, the other off inches on one side. Disappointed, anxious to see how much is lost to shrinkage. Overall very pleased with prices (although the daily sales may ruin my budget!), texture, color, shipping speed.
Sheryl PrickettMay 16, 2014
Hi received my order today (Australia) and am thrilled with the quality of the fabric. Thank you so much kind regards Sheryl

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